Episode:Experiential Deity—The Almighty Supreme (Part 2)

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July 21, 2020 [Paper 116:2, p. 1269]

God the Supreme is not the Paradise Trinity, neither is he any one or all of those superuniverse Creators whose functional activities actually synthesize his evolving almighty power. God the Supreme, while of origin in the Trinity, becomes manifest to evolutionary creatures as a personality of power only through the co-ordinated functions of the first three levels of God the Sevenfold.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Almighty, The Sevenfold, Sevenfold Creators, The Supreme Creators

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

In the summary last week the Universal Father and the Supreme Father were compared in a parallel fashion, with respect to God as transcendent (without) vs. God as immanent (within). To clarify the parallel more precisely, The Universal Father is absolutely without experience and the Supreme Father is without finite experience. The Universal Mother, in contrast with the Supreme Being (Supreme Father) is within finite experience. Thus are we creatures enabled to have finite experience. Further, the Almighty Supreme is likewise within finite experience, being the summation of finite experience.

Throughout this arc on experiential deity we are being asked to view cosmic phenomena in both a time (reality) perspective and an eternal (deity) perspective. And increasingly we are asked to do this simultaneously. Perhaps if we practice persistently we can transcend thinking about the things of time as if time is a reality.

116:2. The Almighty and God the Sevenfold

As we begin this section recall the statement from Part 5 of the previous series (06.23.20), “The Experiential Deity of the Supreme Creators within the power-personality unity of the Sevenfold expressed in Supremacy is the Deity of the Almighty.” Approaching the Deity of the Almighty in connection with the “power-personality unity (deity?) of God the Sevenfold presents abstruse complexities. The number of individuals encompassed within God the Sevenfold is staggering. And when we consider the Universal Father in the context of the Sevenfold we have to keep in mind that you are considering him as functioning within the limitations inherent in the Sevenfold and not in the fullness of his infinite nature. Remember the Father we comprehend on the third circuit of Havona is not as the volitional absolute, but as the Supreme Father.

Mentioned previously the Supreme Creators actually create the Supreme and through their collective acts are actually the source of growing power of God the Supreme as almighty sovereign to and in the seven superuniverses. God the Supreme is a personalization of a facet of Deity, not an individual person. God the Supreme top down is the Universal Mother, and bottom up is the Almighty Supreme.

It is in the perspective of Deity that we can begin to understand the truth of monotheism, notwithstanding the plural manifestations thereof in reality, which on its face could be mistaken for polytheism. Mankind’s earliest inklings of monotheism are the result of encircuitment in the Holy Spirit and the innate functioning of the cosmic intuitions.

The authors remind us of our inability to comprehend the eternity, infinity, levels of deity reality, and the absoluteness of sovereignty of the Paradise Trinity. In concession to these limitations of mortal, time space creatures the Sevenfold functions to provide the temporal elements of origins, relativities, and destinies with which we might find budding cosmic understanding.

The levels of God the Sevenfold are presented as a list in bottom up order, the order in which we encounter them on our pursuit of Paradise perfection. We observed that the specific names in this list differ from other listings of the Sevenfold squad, depending on the level of abstraction intended by the authors, i.e., emphasizing either the deity or the reality perspective. Listen here to the archive for more about the cosmic mothers. We will encounter them further tonight.

The Sevenfold list with the Supreme Being occupying the mid-point illustrates his role as synthesis of the experiential and existential. God the Mother as the experiential spirit personalization of the Paradise Trinity provides the focalizing context for the evolutionary almighty power summation of the acts of the Supreme Creators. Important to remember that the Supreme Being is the maximum revelation of Deity to the seven superuniverses and not the maximum conceptualization of Deity.

The revelators disabuse us of the idea that the summation of the unification of the collective acts of first three levels of the Sevenfold the (Supreme Creators) might somehow redound to the level of Paradise Deity. Rather, such unification leads to the new power potential of experiential Deity and finds union with Universal Mother (originating in the Paradise Trinity) in the Supreme Being.

The final paragraph of our section can be summated in the statement previously mentioned in this summary: “The Experiential Deity of the Supreme Creators within the power-personality unity of the Sevenfold expressed in Supremacy is the Deity of the Almighty.” And as we penetrate further into experiential Deity we should increasingly recognize the authors speaking in reality mode and deity mode simultaneously.

Notes by Brad

  • it's not about piles of marbles
  • "God the ..." means "personalization of that Deity, purposing that Deity".
    • It's not an individual!
    • god the sevnfold is the most inscrutable of them all.

  • truth in monotheism: deity is unity
    • facets of deity, not blobs of deity
    • by grace, the move from polytheism to monotheism began to let us conceive of Deity.

  • two-eyed sentences