Episode:Experiential Deity—The Supreme Being (Part 6)

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June 30, 2020 [Paper 115:6, p. 1265]

The Supreme not only grows as the Creators and creatures of the evolving universes attain to Godlikeness, but this finite Deity also experiences growth as a result of the creature and Creator mastery of the finite possibilities of the grand universe. The motion of the Supreme is twofold: intensively toward Paradise and Deity and extensively toward the limitlessness of the Absolutes of potential.

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Keywords: Urantia, Absoluteness, Supremacy, Stasis, Dual Motion

Notes by Brad

  • Don't water down Deity with loaded language. It's highly rarefied and pure continuumness

  • Paper 115 is very non-linear, non-analytic
    • In contrast to, say, the geology papers which on their face are very linear.
      • The geology papers seem to have a unimodal interpretation.
    • These experiential Deity papers have many ways to look at them.
      • The author talks and writes in reciprocal pairs very often.
    • But fret not: we all have a mode of mind that can consider matters less linearly, less simplistically.

  • Deity is non-thing-ness made stuff
    • Philosophy (until the emergency) long recognized the need for non-thing-ness to pervade all space.
      • Space is not merely thing and no-thing (e.g., atoms and the void)
      • The plenum, the ether, these were philosophic attempts to codify this non-thing-ness
      • The 5th ER (at last!) directly explains the force charge of space. And Deity.

  • Gravity is a centering influence
    • Paradise gravity is a centering influence—the absolute of matter
      • The actuality of individuality
      • It's not about suns attracting planets toward them.
      • It's not about Havona attracting the 7 superuniverses
      • The dark gravity bodies helps cause this by downstepping this absolute gravity through the absonite into a direct spatial influence
      • It's a centering influence that is omnipresent (because the Isle of Paradise is transcendent of the finite)
      • No spatial extent at all. An organizing principle.
      • The ultimaton has a sphere as its radius.
      • Mass is the amount of Paradise gravity manifesting in an object
      • Mass is independent of time and space and is therefore a transcendent property.
    • Spirit gravity is a centering influence relative to values.
      • The actuality of unity.
    • Mind gravity is a centering influence relative to meanings.
      • The actuality of associativity.
    • And all 3 gravities are in association in the three absolutes of actuality
      • i.e.: absolute of matter (Isle of Paradise), spirit (Eternal Son), and mind (Conjoint Actor)
      • These three being associated in this triodity suggests some harmonizing effect. What might that be?
      • The Mother—a facet of deity, and one of those facets realted to The Supreme down in the finite.

  • In the finite domain, The Supreme is twofold.
  • 'Dual motions in the universe. Repeated over and over again in Paper 115. Many ways to look at it.
    • The Mother, sources from the Paradise Trinity.
      • The Mother is harmonizing the actualities. The Mother is the actuality of harmony.
      • It is the end from the beginning. The Mother is not growing (that's what the Almighty is doing)
      • Downwelling.
      • Focalization.
      • Personal-purposive facet of Deity.
    • The Almighty, sources from the triodities
      • upwelling (summing)
      • power-pattern facet
      • We ourselves are upwelling phenomena, just like the Almighty.
      • We are going with the flow of the upwelling summation. "Copies" of our successes go into the Almighty.
      • As we proceed inward, we accumulate this God the Mother nature. In a successive universe age we will reveal this accumulated Mother.
    • In one way The Mother is the way for creator personalities to come downward, extensively.
    • In another way The mother is the way for inward-bound pilgrims to reach that intensive focalization point

  • As one travels outward from Havona, the two triodities (and two aspects of The Supreme) have a reciprocal relationship.
    • The triodity of potentiality becomes more and more important as you proceed into the successive outer space levels.
      • As this Almighty (summation) expands outward, the Supreme Creator personalities (e.g., Creator Sons) are what are enabling it via downwelling.
    • The triodity of actuality shows up lots in the seven superuniverses.
      • As as pilgrims are ascending inward with the Almighty, they are acquiring this downwelling (God the Mother) nature.

  • Paradise is not just an isle you stand on. It's a larger concept.
    • Deities can be of Paradise.
    • Jesus told the theif on the cross he'd see him in Paradise, not on Paradise.