Episode:Last Ministry of the Master—Jesus' Final Tour (Part 5)

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July 6, 2021 [Paper 170:2.12-3.11, p. 1860]

The religion of the kingdom is personal, individual; but the fruits, the results, are familial, social. Hence, Jesus desired to substitute for the idea of the kingdom, king, and subjects, the concept of the heavenly family, the heavenly Father, and the liberated sons of God engaged in joyful and voluntary service for their fellow men and in the sublime and intelligent worship of God the Father.

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Keywords: Urantia, Jesus, Faith, Forgiveness, Righteousness

Notes by Brad

  • Being truly human is about predicating the foundation of your life on the Holy Spirit and insight, not the sensory world.
    • It isn't human experience until you can truly question what is happening in the lower domain of mind via sensory inputs.
    • One must have a vantage point outsider the thing observed to observe it! The observer is not the thing observed.
    • That outside, higher vantage point must be a relatively fixed reference point.
    • Very naturally, you (or a teenage adolescent) will begin to ask questions about that lower domain of mind and all they've been told.
      • That's a child of God. A fine beginning. Not a place to stay forever.
      • Can you mature past "question everything" and "question authority" to a point where you have something more objective and better to follow, in the upper domain of mind?

  • A courageous human never stops asking questions--"an active and questioning self."
    • Don't let exhaustion overtake you. Don't submit to the established authority. Don't give up.

  • False notions of the kingdom of heaven are possibly the biggest old wineskin of them all.
    • It's exceedingly difficult to understand this, as animal-origin beings, and after all this historical baggage.

  • "Who cares if my service is compulsion or convention! At least it's service!"
    • It makes all the different. This is just being a well-programmed automaton. And a first miles.
    • You will "languish and stumble along in moral darkness."
    • You must choose. It might originate from yourself. You have absolute sovereignty in the inner life.
    • You won't really cause the ocean level to rise if you just gulp in ocean water and spit it out again.
      • That isn't true service, it's just rearranging things.
      • It's "righteousness of slavish works." As if God demands this of you.

  • So many expect the kingdom of heaven to be a fiat, sudden, spectacular arrival.
    • Be it an inner conception of it or some false outer conception of it.
    • But for the most part, "the faith of Jesus" is a slow, gradual process.
    • The universe is 300 trillion years old, give or take, after all.
    • You want to inhabit a fiat universe? Sorry! Already been done by Havona natives.

  • The italicized word now can apply to the inner life.
    • But we so often apply it to the outer life.
      • "What do we want? X! When do we want it? Now!"
      • Unless X is "sincere entrance into the kingdom," this is trouble.

  • Can you enter the kingdom humbly, not pridefully?
    • To avoid dragging false ideas into it?
    • Can you awaken to the need for spiritual progress?
    • Can you recognize you've been operating in a sphere of falsehood? In spiritual poverty?
    • Can you recognize you need truth, rather delusionally thinking you have it? That your political and religious ideas are false?
    • You must hunger for a change of mind, not an affirmation of mind.
  • It's never too late to start. But DO start. Recognize your concept of the inner life has been false.

  • Cooperative subordination is better (for us) than subjection.
    • "It IS my will that your will be done" is better (for us) than "not my will, but your will be done."
    • Jesus said the latter, but he was in a different circumstance that us.

  • Your choice to choose the kingdom of heaven can be fiat.
    • But the subsequent spiritual growth is always gradual.

  • Forgiveness is patient love.
    • Throw out all those old wineskins of the definition of it.

  • The fourth level of meaning is the level of kin-like-ness. Brotherly love.
    • It's the level where you can "love your neighbor as yourself."
    • It is the level of the highest ethics.