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Welcome to Symmetry of Soul, a weekly two-hour study of the unifying concepts of The Urantia Book, mindful of the threefold nature of the cosmos: “philosophy, religion, and science are welded into a meaningful unity by the conjoined action of wisdom, faith, and experience.”

We follow a study-group pattern of topical inquiry, moderated discussion, and citations from The Urantia Book.

Past episodes, beginning in 2010, can be reviewed and listened to. Other important pages are found using the navigation menu to the left.

Symmetry of Soul broadcasts are categorized as: Arc, Series, Episode (part). An Arc explores a major topic of study and typically extends for months. Within an Arc there are Series, a group of Episodes exploring a topic and/or Paper relative to the Arc. Series unfold as parts, each 2-hour Episode.

Click here for Archive of past episodes

How to Listen and Participate

LIVE broadcasts are hosted by BlogTalkRadio on Tuesdays at these times:

Time Zone Start Time End Time
Eastern 9:00pm 11:00 pm
Central 8:00pm 10:00 pm
Mountain 7:00pm 9:00 pm
Pacific 6:00pm 8:00pm
other please see World Time Zone

Past episodes are available in the archive.