Levels of meaning

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The levels of meaning are explained in [147:4] and some related thoughts are described here.

Don't just accept or believe these levels of meaning. We each should personally ask why there are levels of meaning. Answering "why" questions reflectively and philosophically is how you can approach truth.

Level 0: (implicit) Fear

Level 1: Flesh

  • This is fear transformed into anguish and dread
  • Sex love 68:2.4

Level 2: Feeling

  • This is fear transformed into awe and reverence

Level 3: Mind

  • The level of human mind

Level 4: Brotherly love

  • aka kindness

Level 5: Moral level

Level 6: Spiritual level

  • Anchored in the inner life, not the external world
  • Reverence still is useful here -- it casts a shadow all the way back down
  • A personal realization of divine fellowship