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The levels of meaning are explained in [147:4] and some related thoughts are described here.

Don't just accept or believe these levels of meaning. We each should personally ask why there are levels of meaning. Answering "why" questions reflectively and philosophically is how you can approach truth.

Also note up front:

  • Your superconscious will be in touch with the higher levels of meaning long before your consciousness is.
  • Meaning is the superadditive consequence of things and values. So, it isn't like the first level of meaning is some primitive "thing-ness". Only humans have meanings; animals have a hierarchy of adjutant mind energy only.
  • Encircuitment in the Holy Spirit reforms your mind into human mind, and opens you up to the levels of meaning. Perhaps only superconsciously for many of them, but still, you're immediately and forever better than an animal.
  • These build upward, yes, but not purely in a "build it from the bottom-up" way. Throughout this, a top-down influence is casting a shadow down, drawing you upward.
  • In-depth study: Jesus in Galilee—Early Public Work (Part 8)
  • Animals don't experience any of the levels of meaning. Because animals cannot relate to value (thus no superadditive meanings)

Level 0: (implicit) Fear

  • Mechanical mind and your basic foundational individuality.

Level 1: Flesh

  • This is fear transformed into anguish and dread
  • Adjutants 1, 2, and 3 (short term).
    • Anguish is individuality like. Dread is unity like.

  • The first three adjutant mind-spirits are coordinated into this level.
    • The in-the-moment adjutants. The ones about the flesh functioning in the moment.
  • That is, meaning that is in the moment.

  • Sex love [68:2.4]. Lust fits in here, as well.
    • But even this isn't purely animal anymore because it is a meaning.
  • Golden rule interpretation: Do unto others what you want to have done that gratifies the flesh, in the moment.
  • You ought to resemble this level and "get it" quite easily.

Level 2: Feeling

  • This is fear transformed into awe and reverence
    • This is as high as fear can take you from the bottom-up.
  • Adjutants 4, 5, and 6 (long term)
    • Awe is individuality like. Reverence is unity like.

  • Here, love is a feeling. At least it's not just an urge on the level of flesh.
  • Sym- + -pathy: with + feelings
  • Golden rule interpretation: Do unto others what you want to have done that gratifies my feelings
  • "If I am feeling pity for someone, I will do something to assuage my feelings. If the result is positive, I will subjectively declare it good."
  • You ought to resemble this level and "get it" quite easily.
    • These are individuality, associativity, and unity, respectively.
    • They are not so in the moment. A tiny measure of existentialization, a little less locked to the sands of time.
    • Feelings would be impossible if you were just in the moment.
  • And as humans, our feelings are inherently different from animals, as we are aware of our feelings.

Level 3: Mind

Be honest. Now we're getting into mysterious, hazy, mostly consciously unknown territory...

  • The level of human mind.
  • It isn't about flesh. It isn't about feelings. So what is this?
  • The key: self-respect (or self-regard). The worthwhileness of your selfhood.
    • "No self respecting person would do that!" some are fond of saying. What did they mean by that?
  • Recognize the innate nobility in yourself, and therefore in all others. And act accordingly.
  • The 7th adjutant (wisdom)

Level 4: Brotherly love

  • aka kindness
  • Scientific consciousness
  • The logical level. The first cosmic intuition
    • The logical acumen, cause and effect, reveals the brotherhood of man following logically from the fatherhood of God.
    • "consequent recognition of the brotherhood of man." con- + -sequent, with + logical sequence.
  • The lowest level of meaning that is in the upper domain of the mind in the hourglass analogy.
    • Having coordinated the adjutants into one effective mode of spiritualized mind, you have a new foundation on which to stand.
    • (Spiritualized mind is not the same as spirit. It's "unity-ized" mind)
  • Golden rule interpretation: Do unto others what that which is kind, kin-like, brotherly.
    • Mutual self-sacrifice.
  • This is much more than mutual self-respect as animal-origin beings. This is grounded in the fatherhood of God.
  • Feelings are not a predicate for this.

Level 5: Moral level

  • Moral consciousness
  • The second cosmic intuition.
  • There is an innate wholeness here on this level already, because the 2nd cosmic intuition already is a superadditive consequence of the 1st and 3rd.
  • This is not just what is kind (Level 4), but what is right.
  • The level of selflessness (imagine an impartial 3rd person), not just "mere unselfishness."
  • The classic stoic aspired to this level with the "I was constantly strive to do what I ought to, regardless of what others think."
    • But they got stuck here. Religion as a glorified moralism.

Level 6: Spiritual level

  • Anchored in the inner life, not the external world
  • Reverence still is useful here -- it casts a shadow all the way back down
  • A personal realization of divine fellowship
  • Spiritual consciousness
  • Genuine love is on this level.
  • The level of fatherly love (not just brotherly love on level 4)
  • This is beyond selflessness. This is God-likeness.
  • Golden rule interpretation: Do unto others what that which is God-like.
  • This is remarkably removed from even the most sublime self-gratification you ever have felt. Four levels above that! Ponder that.
  • Do unto others that which is genuinely loving.
    • Genuine loving service is possible here. Not urge-ful service, self-service service, feeling-ful service...

Practical application suggestions

  • In any circumstance you're approaching, reflect on which level you seem to most resemble
  • Suggest to others that there are levels beyond feelings. Most people are stuck there.