Episode:Jesus—The Reason For the Season

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A God-man was born on earth in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. And such an extraordinary situation can never occur again. Never again, on any world in this entire universe, will a being appear in the likeness of mortal flesh, at the same time embodying all the attributes of creative energy combined with spiritual endowments which transcend time and most other material limitations.

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Note: Special thanks to our co-hosts Ann and James for their Christmas Day study and fellowship with some of our loyal listeners:

  • Martin and Barry Culligan called in from Ireland at 2 AM and shared their Christmas thoughts and hopes
  • Zabriel, our stalwart chat room poster of the text called in from Oregon to share his gratitude for the SoS study programs.
  • Kay Cooper, Ann’s neighbor in Texas and longtime reader also called in to add to the Christmas fellowship.
  • Justin Michael, from Arizona, likewise dropped in with holiday greetings.
  • Several new callers added to the spontaneity of the program.