Episode:Marriage and Family—The Origins (Part 1)

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(Paper 82:0-2)

Marriage has given mankind the home, and the home is the crowning glory of the whole long and arduous evolutionary struggle. While religious, social, and educational institutions are all essential to the survival of cultural civilization, the family is the master civilizer. Today the human races possess a rich social and cultural heritage, and it should be wisely and effectively passed on to succeeding generations. The family as an educational institution must be maintained.

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Note: Brad Garner was present again as a co-host. Ann Garner participated in the interactive chat room during the episode.

Summary by Kermit

Reprise of our Melchizedek Gospel Arc

Members of the SoS team shared some reflections from our long study arc of the legacy of the Melchizedek teachings. A primary focus of our reflections was on the recognition that evolution is a divine process. Over long stretches of time the Supreme coordinates, associates and combines diverse threads of material, intellectual, and spiritual progress to the realization of divine ends. Such a long circuitous outworking requires patience on the part of individual believers. Patience becomes a doorway to supplying favorable conditions for God to grow us. Recognition of evolution as the Father’s way accomplished by God the Mother, leads to the maturing of our faith into trust. Who’s to say but that our planetary tribulations—rebellion and default, rather than prolonging the time for attaining our planetary developmental milestones, may not conceal an accelerated path to our planetary destiny? Going forward into our new study, keep that recognition of evolution firmly in mind as it applies to the relations between men and women as much as it does the development of religion.

Our Author for this new arc

Preparatory to beginning our text, we were introduced to the author of the material for this arc, the Chief of Seraphim on Urantia, a mighty primary supernaphim. On worlds of rebellion where a Paradise son has bestowed himself, a primary supernaphim is assigned as the head of all resident ministering spirits. Our own chief of seraphim is the second so to serve since the times of Michael’s bestowal.

Keep in mind there is an active, individuated hand that ministers in parallel with evolution—the angelic orders. So it’s most appropriate that our author is the Chief of Seraphim of Urantia.

Paper 82 The Evolution of Marriage

Mating grows out of the two-fold reproductive nature of humans (i.e., bisexuality). Marriage results from man’s adaptive adjustment to this reproductive drive. Family life is the aggregate of these adaptive adjustments. Being the basis of all social evolution, it will endure in some form. The home stems from marriage and is the crowning glory of evolution.

Note that our study is entitled Marriage and Family. These two institutions must be understood together in order for us to properly understand either. The family is the fundamental nucleus on which institutions and civilization are built. Thus, if the family as a vibrant institution is in jeopardy, then all of civilization is in jeopardy.

Going forward in our study, notwithstanding the immediacy and poignancy of the personal elements of marriage and the relations between the sexes, it is the “civilizational” consequences of marriage and family that the revelators are emphasizing. The revelation would quicken our duty to civilization via marriage, family and home.

Be reminded that bisexuality refers to our two-fold reproductive nature, not a two-fold sexual attraction. And it is a downstepped expression of the pattern pair of biologically reproducing creatures resident on the capital worlds of each system throughout a local universe, the material sons and daughters.

While religious, social, and educational institutions serve to maintain civilization, the family initiates it, the family is the master civilizer. Humans of olden times faithfully and effectively passed on the succeeding generations such social civilization as they had. And these civilizations evolved with a minimum of other institutional influences because of the effectiveness of the family. We are admonished that the rich social and cultural heritage of today should be wisely and effectively passed on to succeeding generations and the family as an educational institution must be maintained. The revelators use of the word “must”, gives us a clue to the emergency facing civilization today.

82:1. The Mating Instinct

Marriage is the evolutionary social repercussion of the mating instinct. The innate propensity to mate ensures propagation of the species. When referring to the “personality gulf” between men and women the revelators are not suggesting that the personality gift from the Father has qualities of maleness or femaleness, rather it is the personalized self of animal origin that has these qualities. The sex urge of primitive peoples is primarily a mechanical, bioenergetic process, and in primitive peoples did not constitute a dominating passion. With race mixing, particularly involving the stimulation of imagination and beauty appreciation of the Nodites and Adamites, sex passion became all-absorbing. We discussed the actual “physics” of this in regards to the levels of meaning involved (flesh and feelings) in these dynamics, leading to an explanation as to why the red man had the highest sex code. Particularly problematic in our situation is that while receiving enough Andite inheritance to quicken and strengthen the animal sex passion, the evolutionary races did not receive enough of this inheritance to provide sufficient self-control of the mating urge.

Regulation of sex in relation to marriage is an earmark of progressing civilization and indicative of the amount of Andite stock in any people.

The powerful sex urge, through the lure of individual gratification, causes man to put race welfare and perpetuation high above individual ease and personal freedom from responsibility. Thank you Life Carriers! Next to hunger, the sex urge is the most dominant impulse in man. As civilization emerges from the nutrition epoch, social control of the mating instinct becomes important to the end that collective efforts towards providing for group security are effective. Intelligent submission (self-control) of this impulse to the regulations of society is the supreme test of the actuality of any civilization. As was mentioned during the broadcast, the sex urge when allowed unbridled expression had been and continues to be the source of great harm and sorrow for so many people. Self-control and more self-control is the ever increasing demand of advancing mankind. Therefore our challenge is to develop the objective consciousness and recognition of citizenship and our duty to civilization.

82:2. The Restrictive Taboos

The evolution of marriage is simply the history of sex control through the pressure of social, religious, and civil restrictions. We discussed the use of the terms morals and mores, and how the distinction between them. Early man had little of no regulation of the sexes. However, free love has never been acceptable above the levels of rank savagery. Early in man’s tribal development the mores and restrictive taboos were very crude. Sex customs of dress, adornment, and religious practices stemmed from these taboos which defined the range of sex liberties and led to the concepts of vice, crime, and sin. Violations of taboo became vice, violations of primitive law became crime, and religion made transgressions of sex codes sin.

Restrictive taboos have always weighed more heavily on women than men, particularly married women, who have always been required to be faithful to their husbands. Married women have always borne some sign setting them apart, while primitive marriage did not particularly curtail man’s sex liberties.