Episode:Sifting Through Centuries of Confusion, with Dr. Gard Jameson

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Continuing last week's theme, we proceed to study the true meaning and real lessons of Jesus death on the cross. We are thankful to Dr. Gard Jameson for joining us during this broadcast.

Dr. Gard Jameson has a long service history in the Urantia community and has been influential in the growth of the Interfaith movement. He offers Urantia Book inspired insights to his classroom students and religious colleagues while he reminds Urantia Book readers about the pearls of wisdom in all the world's religions. His knowledge of eastern philosophy and ancient mythology, and how these relate to living a contemplative life style, engages people from all walks of life.

Gard is a Urantia Foundation trustee and Urantia Book reader since 1971. He is a professor of Asian philosophy and religion at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He received his Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Comparative Mythology with emphasis in Depth Psychology. He is married to Dr. Florence Jameson with two children, Michael and Julia.

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