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Jesus in Galilee

  • Jesus in the wake of early religion: Preaching About Galilee: Jesus Public Ministry
    • i.e. The Fourth Epochal Presentation of The Father
    • Preaching tour papers
    • Block of public ministry in Galilee
      • Paper 146: "The first preaching tour began..." is a fine beginning, not jumping into the middle.
      • Paper 155 ends: "and when Jesus had finished, let us be on our way" is a fine ending
      • We studied [146:2] back in Prayer in 2014, but it's worth studying again.
    • Theme: An encapsulation of the public ministry (to contrast with our most recent arc on Jesus the Tutor)
    • Theme: Juxtaposing the 4th and 5th ER's presentations of the Father
    • Theme: Levels of meaning, the definitive ones from Jesus
    • Why does the Heathen rage
    • Rule for living
    • We like this better than the later life block and its focus on Christianity.

  • Arc title:
    • Jesus in Galilee
    • Jesus the teacher
    • Jesus the preacher
    • Jesus the minister

  • Series 1: Early public work
    • as opposed to ministry. focus on the simpler "work"
    • The formal preaching tour and its appendix of touching-base with Jerusalem (a common pattern)
    • <no predicate>
    • Papers 146: tour
    • Paper 147: appendix
  • Series 2: Advancing ministry
    • Papers 148 (predicate)
    • Paper 149 (tour)
    • <no appendix>
  • Series 3: Building to the climax (of the ministry)
    • Third tour and things tied to it
    • Papers 150 through 152
    • Modifying methods a bit... introduction of parables in Paper 151.
    • Building up to the crisis.....
    • It's the high-water mark of the ministry. Then everything goes downhill and they have to run away
  • (...which leads to) Series 4: Crisis and Consequences
    • aka The crisis
    • Paper 153 through 155
    • That is, once the ministry is fully out there and seen in its full effectiveness, his enemies make their move. And it all explodes.

  • Phases apparent in the series above
    • 1: Levels of meaning
    • 2: from fear to love
    • 3: feeding the 5000
    • 4: why does the heathen rage? 8-fold path to progress

  • Other patterns
    • Begin things in January (and often run through April)
      • Paper 141: Jan AD 27 (public ministry)
      • Paper 146: Jan AD 28 (first preaching tour)
    • Is this because of the climate? "Travel season?" Perhaps
    • Was he beginning in the Roman calendar's January for a reason? Jesus tipping his has hat to the Romans advance?
      • The Roman civil authority was trying to put forth this idea.
      • The more "natural" tendency was to start a new year in spring (March 25th or so)
    • And notices how times compresses through part IV. Just like the Geology papers.
  • Definition clarity?
    • Preaching
    • Ministry
    • Public work
    • Teaching

A review of key concepts and teaching aids?

  • Words that are 180-degrees flipped (visionary, etc)
  • Hourglass analogy.

Getting Started with the Urantia Book

And now, having covered evolutionary religion and the public ministry of the 4th ER, here's the 5th ER.

Papers 1 through 5 take on the Father

    • Theme: Juxtaposing the 4th and 5th ER's presentations of the Father
    • Other arc title ideas:
      • God!
      • Getting Started Guide to God
      • God 101
    • Homework: review these episodes to see how we covered this before as selected excerpts:
      • March 29, 2011: Understanding TRUE Religion [Paper 5, p. 62]
      • March 22, 2011: Ongoing Quest of Unraveling the Mysteries of God
      • March 15, 2011: Unraveling the Mysteries of God
      • March 8, 2011: The Perfection of God: Is It Worth Our Efforts?
      • March 1, 2011: Why is Our Planet Unique? (Part 3)
      • February 22, 2011: Why is Our Planet Unique? (Part 2)
      • February 15, 2011: Why is Our Planet Unique? (Part 1)

Other ideas for arcs

  • The Supreme
  • The Cosmos
  • God the Mother (where is the handle to grab ahold of text-wide? Is there one?)
  • Why the authors of papers are the authors that they are (could be exhausting, dry, exhaustive, etc)
  • A block of Jesus life that is especially thematic
    • Jesus' Later Life 181 to 189
    • Plenty to reflect on