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May 2018 Analytics Summary

Our top series over time are, roughly:

3. The Central Universe and Eternal Isle. Beginning with our series The Central Universe, this subset of our arc on The Paradise Ascent shows considerable interest over time.

2. The Life of Jesus. With special mention of our series Jesus—His Living Faith, our four-month arc on the life of Jesus has over 1,000 listens for most episodes.

1. The Betrayal and Default. Our extensive exploration of these pivotal moments for our home among the stars tops the list. Beginning with The Betrayal Begins on High, each episode related to the Lucifer Rebellion and the Adamic Default has been listened to over 500 times, with the most-listened-to episode at more than 2,700 times.

A special mention is made of our special standalone 2012 Thanksgiving episode, with over 1,400 listens to date.

The first episode chronologically to now have over 1,000 listens is our July 2012 Ascending Sons of God (Part 1). It appears people are interested in what the Cosmos has in store for their eternal careers. Episodes from 2013 are the most popular year for listens to date.

From 2014 through 2017, listens have been consistently in the 100 to 500 range. The start of our Thought Adjuster arc (Thought Adjusters—Origin and Nature (Part 1)) shows a spike in interest levels to the 500-listen realm--understandable, suggest the topic of consideration matters for listeners.

Data from 2018 indicate that episodes generally reach 100 listens within a month of their original airdate. Growth from 100 to 200 listens generally occurs over the following several months, depending on the topic.

2017 End of Year

We deeply appreciate your support.

We believe SoS is a successful enterprise and ministry. Our new Evolutionary Religion arc's 3 new episodes already each have been listened to at least 107 times. Of our over 360 episodes, 3 of them have been listened to over 2,000 times! This year we celebrated our 7-year anniversary. Please listen to our anniversary episode to hear our reflections. To our minds and souls, The Urantia Book is exactly what it purports to be.

SoS's costs $50 per month to operate between netcasting and web hosting expenses. We have 4 co-hosts; a temporary 5th sometimes is added as needed.

We evaluated our use of the BlogTalkRadio platform, and for 2018 we intend to remain with it. It provides: (1) unlimited storage for past episodes, (2) uniform analytics for 7+ years, (3) easy & stable platform for hosting, and (4) quality live technical support. A 10-year anniversary goal (in 2020) is to be capable of being independent of BTR and evaluating where to take the show next.

Do you have ideas for improvement? We'd like to hear from you!

Sincerely, Brad Garner Co-Host and Technical Lead