12 properties of a religionist

From Symmetry of Soul

From [101:3.4].

In trying social situations, this is what a religionist does, restated in this author's own words and groupings:

  • Is poised even in the face of "baffling" disease and suffering.
  • Possesses courage and confidence in the face of adversity and calamity.
  • Maintains trust in reality despite the apparent cruelty and indifference of the natural world.

  • They are poised and composed even when faced with maltreatment and injustice.
  • Contributes to altruism despite the existence in the world of selfishness, greed, political corruption.
  • Has unshakeable faith in eternal life despite poor science and philosophy teachings all around.
  • Doesn't let the complexity of today's civilizations crush them; still lives successfully.

  • Believes in God despite intellectual sophistry.
  • Maintains trust in God despite disappointment and defeat.
  • Believes in universal unity despite existence of evil and sin.
  • Worships God even though God designed death; "Even though he slay me, yet will I serve him."

  • Progresses despite their animal-origin nature.