Concept frame

From Symmetry of Soul

Or, a worldview. Or, metaphorically, ones wineskins. The underlying (and often unstated or even obscure) assumptions that set the borders within which the mind arena does its thinking. Referenced directly in [115:1]

  • "The facts speak for themselves." FALSE.
    • You give voice to facts. That voice is shaped by your worldview.
    • If your worldview is false, then you will think of the facts falsely, as well.
    • The Urantia Book offers better initial assumptions for a worldview. A true worldview that makes holistic sense.
    • Start with yourself... look in the mirror and acknowledge you have absorbed false concept frames that are causing you to voice the facts in The Urantia Book in a false way.
  • Some parts of The Urantia Book are a direct and bold assault on preexisting concept frames (aka old wineskins).
    • Think about [Paper 82] and its taking on of sex mores that have long been regarded as issues of morality and sin!
    • Sincere, serious students confess this is a difficult, slow process.
    • Want help from the Thought Adjuster? Great! But it cannot adjust concepts that are founded on a false worldview.
      • That's why it's a Thought Changer up to about age 20.
      • Many of us still need thought changing well after the age of 20, if we've absorbed a worldview from society at large.
      • That's why we ought to take delight in cultivating...
  • Source: March 3, 2015 episode