Conditions of effective prayer

From Symmetry of Soul

Remember: prayer is not a material technique. At times, it can be an effective psychologic procedure.

  1. You must possess cosmic stamina as evidenced by your sincerely and courageously facing the problems of universe reality.
  2. You must exhibit industry by exhausting your human capacity for human adjustment to your situation.
  3. You must surrender the wishes and cravings of your self and soul to the transforming embrace of spiritual growth.
  4. You must wholeheartedly choose the divine will. This cannot be about YOU.
  5. You must not only recognize the Father’s will and choose to do it, but you must have effected an unqualified consecration, and dynamic dedication to actually doing the Father’s will.
  6. Such prevailing petitions will be directed exclusively for divine wisdom to solve specific human problems encountered in the Paradise ascension—the attainment of divine perfection.
  7. And you must posses soul trust—living faith.

In Paper 144, Jesus taught that effective prayer must be

  • unselfish,
  • believing,
  • sincere,
  • intelligent, and
  • trustful.