Episode:A Life's Journey with The Urantia Book, with Charles Montgomery

From Symmetry of Soul

Charles Montgomery was introduced to The Urantia Book in 1969 by SoS cohost, Kermit Anderson. He is a past member of the Fellowship's General Council. He has created several Urantia-inspired posters and a YouTube video "Ascent to Paradise." At the 2011 conference in Salt Lake City, he coordinated a "Happening," where musicians, dancers, painters, and readers worked on a 16-foot canvas that was torn into 64 numbered paintings and given away.

Charles has a BA from Harvard in Architectural Sciences and an MPA from USC. He has been a City Planner (33 years in Los Angeles), College Instructor ("The Growth and Development of Cities"), Renaissance Fair Gamesman ("Come hither, my lord, and slay this dragon!"), and Property Investor (47 units near Sedona). He and his wife are currently managing a retreat center in Taos, New Mexico. They have built a large stone labyrinth and a three-acre prayer path. Charles enjoys studying the superlatives in the Urantia Book.

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Keywords: Urantia, Paradise, Labyrinth, Prayer

Note: Chris was away this week, so there were only 3 co-hosts on the episode. Charles Montgomery joines as a guest.

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  • Pop quiz: What is our first duty, our highest privilege, and potentially our most exquisite pleasure?
    • Hint: The answer starts with W.

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