Episode:Ancient and Permanent Citizens of Our World (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Please join our detailed study of the Urantia midwayers, our intriguing spiritual cousins previously introduced in the ministering spirits series (“Angels Revealed”).

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Keywords: God, Ancient Civilization, Midwayers, Angels, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

i.e., The Midway Creatures

M. appear to be accidents of time, but (Archangels accept them as essential in planetary ministry)

Planetary Prince 500,000 years ago, and times of Adam 37,000 years ago. Dating milestones.

Come into existence out of the whole of the finite (Supreme), rather than the “downreaching phenomena of ministry”. Part of the plan, but don’t know exactly how it will happen.

Earmark of the Supreme-coincidences and surprises. It knows the whole and embraces the whole throughout all of finite time.

Objective reality independent of our perception of it. Take “top down” viewpoint and add it to your “bottom up” viewpoint in appreciating reality.


Genesis in the unique interassociation of the material and spiritual.

Parents of the midwayers: Caligastia One Hundred-corporeal staff to the Planetary Prince-material mortals lived and died, ascended to become Jerusem citizens (while not having fused with their TAs). Corporeal staff are disconnected from TAs. They are infused with high degree of morontia substance/nature associated with material body. Again, the influence and effects of Supremacy are in play with these transactions.

Giving birth to beings who aren’t “babies”. Analogy of egg-sperm uniting in womb, with the mindal womb of the UMS. Offspring are commensurate with conditions and antecedants.

Cross reference-P.37:9 (Permanent Citizens of Local Universe) Ms are permanent citizens of the evolutionary worlds.

Corporeal staff are sex creatures for the purpose of procreating their successors.

Nonsexual liaison produced 50,000 primary midwayers over a period of 500 years.

They became indispensible in carrying on the affairs of the Prince’s administration.

Ms are the intelligence corps invaluable in work of influencing human society remote from planetary headquarters. continued for 300,000 years until the rebellion.

(Planetary Prince 500,000 years ago, rebellion 200,000 years ago, Adam and Eve 38,000 ago)

4/5ths of primary Midwayers followed Lucifer. why? no TA?, Lucifer’s brilliance?

the higher the spiritual being the greater the losses during the rebellion.


half of the ancestry of the secondary midwayers came from the descendants of the rebel members of the Prince’s staff.

heavy duty morontia energy in a fabricated physical mechanism with a dose of Andonic life plasm and circuitry to take advantage of the local system energy currents via their access to the “tree of life”.

Andonic stock preliminary to the Sangik racial divergence thus “pre-blended” and harmonized.

Plan (which didn’t happen) was for the corporeal staff to mate with the first generation of Adam’s offspring to produce the civil leadership of the planet going forward.

Post-rebellion: As the Dalamatian culture declined, the descendants of Nod (the leader of the rebel staff) mated with surrounding Andonite and Sangiks

These transactions persist in the mythologies of many planetary cultures-“well nigh universal folk tales”

The followers of Nod did reproduce and rather than producing merely Andonic strains, actually produced offspring superior in almost every way to both Andonite and Sangik peoples.

Changes were the result of the system currents changing the genetic material. These changes were then transmissible to subsequent generations. This same investment enabled the Andonite germ plasm contributors to produce superior offspring.

Nodite race produced from the Prince’s staff and the Andonic germ plasm contributors.

Reference made to clay tablet records of Sumerians and lengthening of kings reigns the further back one goes. So, human records reflect the events with an effort to extend dynasties back to Dalamatia.

Additional Reading 66:2 THE PRINCE’S STAFF which nicely summarizes the details of the Caligastia One Hundred.