Episode:Ancient and Permanent Citizens of Our World (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Journey with the SoS team back into the deep planetary history in search of the circumstances surrounding the origins of the secondary midwayers.

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Keywords: Garden of Eden, Ancient Civilization, Midwayers, Tower of Babel, Good Reads

Summary by Kermit

77:3 The Tower of Babel

We continued the narration of the origins of the secondary midwayers, looking at the half of the Secondary Midwayer inheritance attributable to the rebel staff from the times of the planetary rebellion (200,000 years ago) to the times of Adam (38,000 years ago)

Ann offered a Bible reading on the Tower of Babel. (pronunciation note)

150,000 years ago the Nodites decided that something should be done to preserve their racial unity. Whereupon they endorsed a plan of Bablod to erect a pretentious temple of racial glorification.

The boundary lines of current day archeology/anthropology correspond to these events in TUB.

Neolithic, Mesolithic Paleolithic Upper Middle and Lower

150,000 years ago beginning of middle Paleolithic, ends at the time of Adam and Eve

then 38,000 to about 12,000 Upper Paleolithic. mark boundary lines in our history.

The more we know of our planetary history the more we can see the correspondence of human source and revelation.

The cultural conflict among the groups of Nodites and their differential motivation for building the Tower manifested in the emergence of three groups, two of which battled each other to death and the so called religious group left for home.

Second attempt at building the tower dates to 12,000 years ago (138,000 year after first attempt).

Discussion of the convergence of planetary history in the form of the legends and stories of “mighty men of old”, “men of renown” with the revelation.

Nodite Centers of Civilization

Tower of Babel wars greatly reduced the purer Nodite numbers and led to failure of Nodites to establish a great pre-Adamic civilization. This conflict led to the dispersion of the Nodites.

Three of the four great Nodite centers were established immediately following the Bablot conflict.

Western or Syrian Nodites-largest group contributing much to the later appearing Assyrians.

Eastern or Elamite group-“the land of Nod”-Genesis 4:16 Cain and Abel story how do Bible scholars explain the Nodite wife, if Adam and Eve are the first two humans.

Central or pre-Sumerian-mouth of Tigris and Euphrates where Nodite ancestry blended with the Adamites to found Sumerians. 6,000-5,000 B.C.

This Nodite dispersion explains the mysterious appearance of the full fledged Sumerian culture, whose elaborate records describe a remarkable located near the Persian gulf, near the earlier city of Dilmun.

The fourth center predated the later three centers. the northern Nodites and Amadonites or Vanites

Explanation of Amadonites or Vanites shortly after the submergence of Dalamatia, Van and Amadon along with a group of Andonites who were prince’s staff assistants and the corporeal staff, established their headquarters around lake Van.

They thus bring us to approximately 35,000 years ago when Adamson founded his center of civilization.

Adamson and Ratta

Adamic half of the SMs. Adamson and Ratta were the grandparents of SMs.

Following the default, Adamson elected to remain with his parents as they journeyed to the second garden, (more than three fourths of his siblings left for Edentia.)

We read of Adamson departure from the second garden, on his quest to the north where Van and Amadon held forth for so long.

He met and married Ratta eventhough she was 20 years old while Adamson was 120 years old.

Ratta claimed that she was the last pure line Nodite.

The offspring of Adamson and Ratta ¼ were “invisible” and when mated produced the secondary midwayers (1984 total midwayers).

The Ms proved most helpful in the propogation of “higher standards of spiritual, intellectual and physical living”

Adamsonite culture lasted 7,000 years some persisted into the cultural potential later to become European.

Adamson’s center east of the southern end of the Caspian Sea gave rise to four diverse cultures which entered Europe and were among the Andite-Aryan invaders of India.

The Secrets of these curious advanced cultures explained by the existence of Andites, not astronauts etc. or other visitations. (Andite designates those with one sixth to one eighth Adamic inheritance)