Episode:Ancient and Permanent Citizens of Our World (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Continuing our study of the midwayers, the SoS team further explores the nature of the secondary midwayers, how they were affected by the planetary rebellion and this historical significance of their actions over the recent millennia.

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Keywords: Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Midwayers, Angels, Ancient Civilizations

Summary by Kermit

Chris took us through a quote we had encountered the previous week (concerning an inscription on a clay tablet of Sumerian origin) and located the human source The Cambridge Ancient History v. 1 chapter 10 Early Babylonia and it’s cities, illustrating the techniques of the revelators in citing works of a general overview nature more accessible to the non-expert. Comparing the human source and the UB we see how the authors tweak the source material to more clearly represent truth.

Chris shared with us a delightful tale from Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales –the genesis of Elves. this story with a few character substitutions contains amazing specificity and parallels to the origin of the secondary midwayers.

This should give us cause to regard curious and remarkable details from scripture as possibly referring to actual factual occurrences rather than just fabrication. Amazing how bits of specificity have made it through all the oral traditions.


Narration of the midwayers parents and their production of the SMs.

Interesting discussion about what would constitute a sex and non-sex liaison. How the SMs are energized “electrically”. Speculation of the information we are given v what we are not told. This description of SMs “production” has clues to why they can engage directly with matter. Discussion concerning the revelators “pushing up against their mandate in what they can tell us.” How they say something without directly saying it.

illustrate differences between primary and secondary midwayers. SMs described as electrically energized. physically energized by the Adamic techniques suggesting that what we consider electromagneti phenomena not different from mechanical mind. the energy form of their bodies is electromagnetic/mechanical mind like and thus can engage matter.

Naming convention of the SMs was discussed and explained-three letters A-B-C interestingly the language of Van and Amadon had an alphabet with 24 letters (8 sets of three) for the naming system. Commentary on the production suddenly ceases after a particular point. The telltale number of 67 offspring of Adamson and Ratta i.e.16 “special” children, plus three more “normal” before the process stops. Comments on the visible-invisible SM progenitors, act of will on their part?

We referred to the fourth creatures of Havona Servitals and the apparent Mendelian hereditary patterns to be found transcending human biology. Illustrates the combination of energy spectrum of spirit on one hand and matter on the other that transcends our material plane

Description of the SMs early days and their relationship with the Melchizadek receivers, some aligning with them (33 and the remainders going on their own). strange, unorganized and unattached influence on Urantia down to the times of Christ Michael. All of this time and many opportunities to have their actions known, gives rise to the mythology of these strange creatures.


Reckoning of the losses due to the immediate rebellion and later failing to align with Michael, among the primary and secondary Ms 4/5ths primary and over 2/5ths of the secondary were lost.

Following Michael’s bestowal, two events of importance occurred:

Planetary adjudication aside from the dispenstional resurrection. All rebel “spirits” incarcerated. They are no longer here and thus can no longer perform mischievous acts.

Historical context (snipets from Bible) concerning Beelzebub (etymology of his name “Lord of the Flies”). This ties SMs to facts of history. Revelators illuminate some of the dark details of scripture.

SMs must not be confused with rebel cherubim and seraphim.

Reassurrance that evil spirits can not possess mortals subsequent to the life of a Paradise Son. But they did prior to coming of Christ Michael.

Discussion about what qualities of mind would be vulnerable to demon possession?

How would one know they were encountering a rebel midwayers?

What do they mean by “impersonate”?

They often operate invisible to mortals.

Discussion about “detached” thought adjusters associated usually with destiny reservists and why they might need to be detached.

Jesus knew the difference between demon possession and mental aberration even if these states were confused in the minds of that day. Also, when J. cast out the evil spirit, he was interpreted as being “chief” of the demons, they being subject to him.

Spirit of Truth is in reality a force field preventing entry to the mind. But remember, the rebellious midwayers have all been removed. But even today there are those who still believe that these things can happen. The explanations of present day such phenomena to be found in the complexity of the human mind, which is not individualized but fills all of Nebadon and as such can produce very puzzling phenomena.

What about Caligastia, he’s still here but who else is with him and what can he really do?

Discussion of iniquitous humans who might connect with Caligastia in some manner.

Does this confer enhanced abilities to influence others?

Emphatic statement that eventhough the rebellious midwayers have all been removed, the presence of the Spirit of Truth makes it impossible for disloyal spirits of any sort or description ever again to invade even the most feeble human minds.

Spiritual gifts (Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth and Thought Adjusters) are spiritual armor, no real harm can befall us Fear Not!