Episode:Angels Revealed (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

We resume our endeavor to address the concept of angels as it is revealed in the fifth epochal revelation—getting to know the ministering spirits.

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Keywords: Urantia, Angels, Ministering Spirits, Jesus, Great Books

Summary by Kermit


Interesting discussion of unrevealed orders….we are clued into the “six other orders of related beings” we are reminded that we aren’t the only game in town, that the are “seven prime purposes”, six of which do not pertain to us ascendant mortals! enticing and encouraging our speculation on the enormity of the cosmos.

“Secrets of Seraphington” involve the threefold mystery, two of which pertain to the personal experiences of types of spirit servers as yet not revealed to mortals. And we refrain from discussing the secrets of such closely related beings because you can almost comprehend such near orders of existence, and it would be akin to betrayal of trust to present even our partial knowledge of such phenomena.

other clues-cast of characters hierarchical lists of beings list these as unrevealed.

some possible explanation of the numerous related personal experiences involving “mysterious strangers” who would seem to be giving physical support to the work of seraphim.

dichotomy of the levels of revealed domains until this revelation. experimental revelation on an experimental


Setting the scene for Salvington circuits, in positioning the cosmology of the architectural spheres.

Notion of reunions related to the names of worlds suffix “ton” meaning town, familiarity, home town. Seraphington, the home town of angels. Appreciating the nomenclature used by the revelators.

not male and female, but positive and negative pairing, complement of being is the negative one. transcendant duality comes down from above the idea of polarity which gives rise to a motion of relationship.

yin-yang aspect of eastern philosophy

Extensive discussion on the nature of the physical forms and their differences between humans, midwayers, and angels. Not to be recounted here, but suffice it to say, the terms like “vibrational or “dimensional” differences to account for the visibility/invisibility/solidity of our seldom seen friends is not particularly helpful in understanding the phenomena. Perhaps more helpful would be the think of hierarchical energy levels.

seraphic abode/domiciles- not different in a way we understand, vertically rather than horizontally.

also leading us to a lengthy adventure into things like God’s transcendance of time and space and a discussion of the speed of light from a top downframe of reference.


Discussion of time frames…..considerable training before they are commissioned as ministering spirits of time. Training consists in observation on Salvington, then seraphic worlds on the Salvington circuit, then on to the constellations. Next comes observation on the evolutionary worlds, then back to the assigned constellation for advanced studies in preparation for service in a local system. Then on to service of a specific local system and their being commissioned as ministering spirits of time. Following commissioning, they range the entire local universe, even superuniverse on assignment, being closely associated with material creatures and in service of lower orders of spiritual personalities, making contact between these beings of the spirit world and material mortals.

synchronization between TAs and angels and also tied in with midway creatures on our behalf.….the unity that is spirit enables the synchronicity of very divergent levels of universe reality.

reference to mythologies of gnomes, spirits, sprites etc.


Bible quotes

Numeric organization and grouping.

Tempt not the angels of your supervision to lead you in troublous paths.....

To accept the leading of a seraphim, rarely leads to a life of ease....

Why the military model? First large scale grouping of people in heirachical structure in olden times, were armys. The angels are highly regimented, evocative of a more interventionairy