Episode:Ascending Sons of God (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Mortal creatures of animal origin are not the only beings privileged to enjoy sonship. To climb to the supernal heights of finaliter sonship with God is a masterly achievement for all ascenders—mortals, angels, and other Paradise pilgrims.

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Keywords: Urantia, Melchizedek of Salem, Seraphim, Adam and Eve, Midwayers

Summary by Kermit

We began our study of Paper 40: The Ascending Sons of God noting that the paper’s author is a Mighty Messenger, one time mortal ascender, rebellion tested, and Trinity embraced. One who truly knows our path.

We are introduced to seven classes of ascending sons. We studied the evolutionary seraphim, ascending Material Sons and Daughters, translated midwayers, personalized Adjusters, and two of the three varieties (excepting the unnumbered series ) of mortals of time and space.

Before getting into the different types of “sons”. We had a commentary on the meaning and use of the term “sonship”. The Universal Father is a transcendent fact. He is no respecter of persons or gender. The word son is used to indicate our direct lineage-connection to the Father. This direct lineage-connection expression comes down from the Father, to the Eternal Son, to the Creator Son (grandson), to us. We are sons of the Father and children of the Creator Son and Divine Minister.

The name Father is not used because of our male dominated culture, because that is the type of relationship He has with us. The Universal Mother has a mother-like relationship with us. To blur these important designations through a “gender-neutral” reference for these two types of deity has the effect of obscuring the recognition of mother type of deity.

40:1. Evolutionary Seraphim

Angelic ascension and inclusion into the Corps of Mortal Finality represents an experience far transcending our eternal survival.

There are many paths to Seraphington and Paradise for seraphim. Only some of these paths lead to the Corps of MORTAL Finality. Not being mortal, how can a seraphim be thus inducted? The Mortal Corps of Finality consists of beings who span the entire “distance” from lowly animal-origin all the way to Paradise with full experience. If portions of any level of experience are missing one can’t attain this Mortal Corps. So for an angel to achieve “full experience” requires masterly, transcendent achievement! They don’t have a Thought Adjuster! They do receive a different type of Father fragment, but only just before muster. Note: serving as a destiny guardian is key to their ascension.

2. Ascending Material Sons

Upon the successful mission of biological uplifters, the Adams and Eves are released from the descending and become ascending sons and in the company with mortals and other ascending sons climb to Paradise and membership in the Corps of Mortal Finality.

Further details available in Paper 55 Spheres of Light and Life. 55:4 p. 629, they do need to obtain a Thought Adjuster to ascend. They must “humanize” to receive a Thought Adjuster, and must be Father indwelt to be eligible for the Corps of Mortal Finality.

4. Personalized Adjusters

Sometimes Thought Adjusters who have repeatedly indwelt mortals who fail to achieve eternal survival are personalized by the Universal Father. Upon this personalization, they are classified as ascending Sons of God, the highest of all such orders of sonship.

These adjusters have achieved the fullness of an ascendant career through their intense engagement with mortals. A supreme adjuster has indwelt a mortal who chose iniquity and oblivion. The adjuster acquires finite experiential nature through this relationship that embodies Supremacy, hence “supreme” adjuster. Experiential nature added to existential core and then personality is added. They thereby embrace the whole of the finite.

For more details on these fascinating beings, [Paper 109:7, p.1201].

5. Mortals of time and Space

Mortals are the last link in the chain of beings called sons of God.

The Father cannot down step Himself in the same manner as the Eternal Son or the Infinite Spirit, but through the TA presence draws closest to us in the inner communion with our very souls as well as through the personality circuit.

Spirit identification constitutes the secret of personal survival. The evolutionary mortals are thus classified in accordance with their relation to their Adjusters.

The first type or series consists of mortals of transient or experimental Adjuster sojourn.

This is a temporary designation during the early stages of an inhabited world.

Advanced Adjusters are those who acquire such temporary experience with primitive men.

Adjusters are able to accomplish much to the advancement of their primitive subjects. Adjusters are able to gain much valuable experience with the evolutionary intellect, and they contribute much toward preparing their subjects for possible Spirit fusion—the spiritual embrace of the Mother Spirit. They thus become ascending mortals of the local universe regime.

The second group of mortals are mortals of the non-Adjuster-fusion types. These beings are a wholly different and markedly modified order of will creature including many of the non-breathers.

These humans enjoy the same service of the Sons of God and seraphic ministry thus enabling the human subjects to be Spirit fused.

As to why these humans are unable to fuse with their Adjusters, some of the authors believe it is because the Life Carriers were confronted with having to make such radical modifications to enable these beings to survive in such unusual planetary environment