Episode:Bridging the Gulf (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Morontia life—attaining the threshold of the spirit world. The SoS team explores the long transition between our mortal estate and subsequent spirit status.

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Keywords: Death, Resurrection, Heaven, Paradise, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

As an antidote to perhaps an overemphasis on “spiritual” consciousness, the preface of this paper explains why/how a creature of gross animal nature is transformed into a perfected spirit via the realms of the morontia levels of existence.

Paper 48. The Morontia Life

Clarification of the morontia life extends from mansion worlds through the constellations and local universe spheres.

Morontia realms differ markedly in different local creations, e.g. we are told about a nearby local universe that consists of almost half of the mortals being spirit fusers, rather than father-fusers. (reminder) that spirit-fusers make up the permanent ascendant citizens of a local universe.

The literalness of the afterlife as described in this paper is a challenge to our current notions of the after life, many of which include magical thinking.

Discussion concerning our relationship to spirit and how immature we still are 2000 years after Michael’s bestowal as our spiritual uplifter to the planet. Note the phrase “ignorant superstitions (material consciousness confusion) and pleasing fables (spiritual consciousness confusion).” Our scientific efforts have made considerable progress in eliminating “ignorant superstitions”, we are still highly susceptible to the spiritual enchantment of “pleasing fables”, which of course include “magic”. We are encouraged to make our spiritual consciousness one of literalness as well. Reminder of the threefold nature of reality as revealed and the importance of striving for enhanced cosmic consciousness rather than just spiritual consciousness.

48:1. Morontia Materials

This level has found a place in present-day religions, albeit in distorted form. The transition domains represented in various religions, like “purgatory” harken to these realities.

The morontia material must be held together through the presence and action of the Master Physical Controllers and Morontia Power Supervisors. Without their continual engagement the morontia material will unravel. Remember, we are told this morontia life is the only possible approach whereby we can attain the threshold of the spirit world.

These morontial materials are wholly artificial and sustained only by continual consciousness by untold numbers of these beings.

Discussion of the term used “artificial”. Used in the sense of artifice, artificial, a structure that could not be inferred to be arrived at via unaided natural processes.

On a material world we have 100 elements (stability of these varies), Bismuth element #83 is the largest element on our world that doesn’t decay. On architectural worlds all 100 elements are stable. Each element is “loosened” or modified in such a way that spirit substance is “woven” into it, creating a combined energy system of matter and spirit. One hundred material elements and “in parallel” one hundred morontia elements. So there are one hundred morontia homologs of material elements, e.g. morontia hydrogen, morontia uranium etc. All of this is so radically different from any other of our previous notions of life after death.

[16:4.5]: "…hither to nonexistent phase of universe reality-morontia substance and morontia mind."

Morontia a mind-like substance. The relationship between the spiritual activities of the 7 Master Spirits and the physical activities of the 7 Supreme Power Directors, is Cosmic Mind. Association between spirit and physical, that association made substance.

The seven absolutes of infinity do not express morontia realities. They have a direct expression of matter, mind and spirit, but not morontia. So morontia not natural in that it ties back to one of the absolutes, like matter, mind or spirit.

MPS’s provide us with 570 morontia bodies during our morontia career. The first 8 are on the mansion worlds and are so different that we must go to sleep while they have a new morontia form built for us. The remainder of the forms we have are “reformed” while we are still conscious. As far as the numbers of bodies, we have the same number of bodies as spheres we ascend, through the mansion worlds (7 + 1 for Jerusem).

On the constellations, we have 1 body for each of the primary satellite and its 10 sub-satellites (70 + 1 for Edentia). The number seventy is derived from a combination of the 10 fold nature of matter and the 7 fold nature of spirit.

At the local universe level, there are 70 primary satellites, each having 6 sub-satellites. Here we have a new body for each sphere of the local universe.(491)

Incredibly complex and orderly. The authors want to challenge us to reform our simplistic ideas of creation. References to morontia materials to be found in our the Bible, yet how fortunate are we to have this revelation to bring great clarity to the fragmentary information of the olden records.

Paul and John were shown views of the heavenly realms

Led to a discussion of the word “visionary”. Visionary is a negative word, now beginning to be used as a positive word. Revelators use the word in original negative sense. “Visionary peace planning”. With a relationship to spirit energy, we are able to create powerful images and illusions in our minds. A better term is “far-seeing” instead of visionary.

48:2. Morontia Power Supervisors

Rarely serve on evolutionary worlds, but sometimes do. Comment on Michael’s bestowal mission when the Master’s morontia career was enabled “on location” requiring the personnel to sustain morontia activities “down here” to be here.

Description of Circuit Regulators trying to get us to appreciate how necessary beings are to sustaining these realities. A very “hands on” operation.

System Coordinators who among other things are responsible for making the changes to our morontia forms necessary for us to progress upward from one mansion world to the next. (these take about 7 standard days). Note the appearance of the numbers 7 and 10 (70 radial wings of transition chambers).

Planetary Custodians 70 guardians for each world from mansion spheres to the local universe authorizes the changes to creature form. No more surrendering consciousness. Only unconscious from one universe to another and from Havona to Paradise. You need to be unplugged.

Combined Controllers These beings (highly mechanical) with an ensemble of their fellows. Stationed at the center of each administrative unit.

Liaison Stabilizers and Selective Assorters. The Stabilizers essentially make possible the conversion of morontia energy into morontia material. The Assorters do the re-keying and advance tuning as we progress from one world to another. They also certify as to our readiness to go to the next level. In addition the Assorters help in the grouping of morontia personalities as they naturally indicate those who will best function in temporary association.

Associate Registrars the morontia record keepers of the realms. We stay in full contact with material realities and increasingly engage spirit phenomena. We think of morontia substance as a heterogeneous weave of matter and spirit, but as we leave the morontia realm as a first stage spirit, we are more homogeneous nature, transition from heterogeneous to homogeneous blend of matter and spirit.