Episode:Bridging the Gulf (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

Imagine a life with constant companions and friends who cultivate joy. Such is life on morontia worlds!

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Keywords: Companionship, Humor, Leisure, Heaven, Urantia

Summary by Kermit

Note from last week on the terms artificial v. natural. Looking at the authors’ use of the words “energy” and “power”.

Energy-specific sense actualization level of things, whereas “power” pertains to the realization level. When energy is purposed it becomes power. Morontia Power-a type of purposed energy. This purposed energy needs to be “supervised” in direct relationship to how it was purposed. Ex. a carbon atom doesn’t need to be “supervised” or sustained, whereas a morontia carbon atom does require supervision, thus a carbon atom is natural while a morontia carbon atom is artificial, formed and maintained by supervisors of morontia power.

Natural matter rests on the foundation of Paradise, while morontia material rests on/in the “hands” of the Morontia Power Supervisors.

48:3. Morontia Companions

Created by a Local Universe Mother Spirit in groups of one hundred thousand. Thousands were lost in the Lucifer Rebellion, our system quota having been recently made up. 70 billion in Nebadon, which means only about 7 million of these beings per system. (comparatively small number given the number of ascenders)

Aggressive and retiring types of MCs. These designations are seen also among other heavenly beings, like primary midwayers, morontia cherubim, seraphim etc. Not male and female. From p.938 mortals, Material Sons and midsoniters are described as male and female, while among cherubim, seraphim and MCs they are denominated positive or aggressive and negative or retiring. These dual associations greatly multiply versatility and overcome inherent limitations even as they do certain triune associations in the Paradise Havona system.

Classification of MCs

Pilgrim Guardians. Parallel designation with Destiny Guardians-the coordinators of the work of all morontia and transition ministers.

Pilgrim Receivers and Free Associators. Welcome us upon resurrection awakening, and always helping us, not assigned permanently to individuals.

Hosts to Celestial Visitors. They entertain student visitors and other celestials. We could go as student visitors to other inhabited planets. Intriguing speculations about whether or not we are included in the grouping of superhumans.   Coordinators and Liaison Directors. They facilitate “morontia intercourse” and prevent confusion. They maintain extensive venues for programs assisted by the reversion directors and celestial artisians. Commentary: liaison, suggesting very direct engagement on the morontia level, (interesting use of term “liaison”, “intercourse” and intimate). They help in overlapping our energy systems with others in the morontia realms.

Interpreters and Translators. These are the linguists who teach us the language Satania, Nebadon and while we learn, they will translate and interpret for us. Speculation about communication, is the language like talking as opposed to purely mindal? Even with mindal conversation, and articulating faculty like a “tongue” is necessary to initiate and project language. Our morontia capacities, 70 senses some of which should be akin to speaking/hearing for communication. Probably transcendant, like what we are used to and much faster.

Excursion and Reversion Supervisors. They are our tour guides on individual and group visits.

Area and Building Custodians. They maintain the structures and enable us to modify and embellish our abodes.

They will function as MCs until the factualization of the Supreme Being. As light and life comes to the systems and universes the finaliters will institute a new training regime and the MCs will assist them. They are not technically essential to the survival experience, but they are a personality luxury in our career.

48:4. Reversion Directors

These beings are a composite group who provide us with humor, relaxation. Likened to our higher type of humorists. What about the smile equivalent? mouths?, tongues?

What spirit humor is not-never tinged with the accentuation of the misfortunes of the weak and erring, nor blasphemous. Three levels of appreciation:

  • Reminiscent jests draw upon the past for memory material to lighten our load.
  • Current humor. The joy at discovering the unimportance of much of our serious personal anxiety.
  • Prophetic joy. Satisfaction from the assurance that all things work together for good.

Joy is a spiritual experience and these humorists are about cultivating the spiritual experience of joy. Remedy for our serious anxiety.

These volunteers assist us in the achievement of thought change and mind rest to restore depleted energies.

Diversion v. reversion, diversion-turning apart, getting separation from the intensity of our struggle to promote objective cosmic consciousness as opposed to overly subjective consciousness in distinction to reversion. i.e. turning to the past.

Everywhere, short of Paradise the native creatures require rejuvenation. In the spirit realm, exertion and depletion take place and must be reckoned with.

Looking back over previous times of struggle from the vantage point of “things already mastered and achieved” is restful and promotes relaxation. While on Urantia we have allowed vulgarity and rudeness into our humor, the authors give us moderate praise for a relatively keen sense of humor. (The archangels have a proclivity for reminding us of our crude, and grotesque manifestations of heavenly counterparts of humor and art and music.)

Some of the reversion directors, in Satania hail from Urantia. When were they here and what was going on then? Perhaps, the Andonic race represents a novelty on other worlds.

It’s implied that we “have fun” when in recess from serious assignment.

“Humor is the divine antidote for the exaltation of ego”. When we contemplate the infinity of greatness and grandeur of our Makers. God needs to be the nucleus of everything to be true and real. Archangels take this opportunity to challenge us at a higher level, choose to move up.

Reminder that the need for relaxation and diversion is greatest in those exposed to the sustained stress of upward struggle. Two extremes have no need. Primitive men with no capacity and beings of Paradise perfection have no need. If you are moving up, tension increases and need for diversion is greater. If you are in a stress free situation, you are not progressing. With beginning of spiritual consciousness, the tension resulting from the spirit energy, requires the aid of these helpful beings. Spirit substance is self animating and always “on”. Must be managed.

The higher we ascend the less we need diversions and relaxation. Those most in need are the mid range beings, higher humans, morontians, angels, Material Sons etc. Lower types don’t experience the stress and strain, higher types are trying to harmonize widely diverse phenomena. With the bestowal of SoT and TAs, the opportunity for increased tension on a universal basis, thus greater need for these balancing techniques. On the system we will also encounter individuals representing a wide range of spiritual and intellectual status.

Our Urantian humor does serve, as a safety valve and also lessens the shock of the unexpected impact of fact or truth. “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall go with the flow”.

Humor serves as health insurance. The tension of trying to grow ourselves, we are reminded that we can only provide the conditions for growth. Growth is unconscious and accomplished by God.

The principles of Urantian play life are sound and apply all the way to the shores of Paradise. As a morontia being, i.e. a composite weave of matter and spirit, it’s easy to think of the literal tensions that we will encounter, yet, when we become spirit beings, there is still the contrast between individuality and unity. Matter expresses individuality and spirit expresses unity. In the early stages of spirit status, the two natures require substantial effort and struggle to harmonize these tensions.