Episode:Bridging the Gulf (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

In the next life, we will have mota. In this life, we are encouraged to develop a higher philosophy of living. Join us as we study an inspiring coordination of human wisdom.

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Keywords: Destiny, Philosophy, Heaven, Urantia, Good Reads

Summary by Kermit

SERAPHIC TRANSITION MINISTERS--Ministering Reserves-wrap up

Many an ascending mortal has been kindled by the divine fire of the will to service through the friendship with these reserves. (Illustrates how lacking in the will-to-serve mortals might be, that we need this instruction in heaven). Helps distinguish between first and second milers, Service, not compelled, dutiful, or conventional, to willfully embrace service, free service and liberty loving devotion. Earmark of a “personalized self”.

Work is important but the self is not. Lesson on the “personalized self”, harmonized self, master the ego enticements of self. Entry level of development of ascenders can begin to be inferred from these teachings.

They teach us how we might suffer less through sorrow and disappointment by making fewer personal plans concerning other personalities and accepting our lot when we have faithfully performed our duty. Here is a secret of avoiding co-dependence, control issues.

They teach us how to develop stability and certainty under pressure, and how to be faithful and earnest, even cheerful, in accepting challenges without complaint

Their section ends with addressing the relationship between work and the self, the work being important while the self is not. Variety is restful, monotony exhausts. Here’s an appeal to seek the higher domains of mind and creativity as opposed to succumbing to gravity and sink into monotony, boredom and depression, life without vitality.

How do we challenge ourselves to transition from facts (the words which can be read) in TUB to truth which can be lived? Truth which transforms life, words do not, can’t obey facts, but we can obey truth.

48:7. Morontia Mota

Many of our readers know that Matthew Block has spent many years researching the human sources referred to in TUB. Among his various writings, are two papers on the human works which parallel the mortal philosophy portion of the morontia mota lessons. His article, Morontia Mota: A New Perspective, contains parallels used in last week’s broadcast. Readers will find these articles of value and interest in their study of the book. Our apologies for not acknowledging Matthew last week.

Preface to the 28 mota items

Many of these items were constructed from parallel passages in a collection of quotations from The New Dictionary of Thoughts. First published, in 1852,under a different title, and in 1927 as The New Dictionary of Thoughts. This source is organized by category of content. A sequence in the early part of this collection is used by the authors.

Why do some have difficulty with the idea of human sources?

For some it has undermined the authority and credibility of TUB as a revelation. (Not a problem when you challenge yourself to distinguish facts from truth) Faith, part of the truth realm. Also, revelators let us know they will be using human sourced concepts.

FEF is like the preceeding four-epochal revelations-an epochal revelation of truth through an evolutional use of facts. A collection of words tied to evolutionary facts of human thought. the soil in which FEF begins with. They coordinate, tweak, adjust in a masterful way such that if you can recognize truth you can go beyond our predecessors and their limitations. We can build on what others have achieved in the realms of truth. Just be willing to follow truth and not just identify pre-existent fact in the light of the current day rationalizations, thus getting nothing from all these words.

Two references one at end of forward p. 17. acknowledging the use of over 1000 human concepts, representing highest and most advance planetary knowledge, spiritual values and universe meanings. Another on p. 1343 refers to “thought gems” of more than 2000 human beings.

Again like the previous ERs, If you view J’s life from the evolutional fact constructs that J. utilized, rather than the truth contained therin, then you don’t get the Fourth ER. Constructed to synchronize with evolutionary fact.

When the use of the human source material and changes and adjustments is examined, the genius of the authors becomes most illuminating. They take human source material, enhance and upstep it. Their ability to use source material in the negative, and refute it testifies to their genius.

What you seek in TUB be it error or truth you will find, it is up to you.

7.3-7.6 Mota #s 1-4

All four emphasize the idea of capacity.

#2. Capacity for faith. Have you mastered fear, is it a fundamental focusing mechanism of your higher reasoning process? Living faith must be given a place to live. Significant aspect of what FEF is trying to teach relative to the fourth. Michael came to awaken that faith and the FEF coming to foster its growth. #3 a pint can’t hold a quart, these are to be used in reflection on our own growth and development, not as “thought gems” with which to convict our fellows in immature behaviors. We are challenged to obey the truth we have recognized

#4-“combined ministries of nature and grace”? “nature” biology? we all start with an individual capacity to be able to express a personal character, to have a personal relationship with the cosmos, with truth. Some biological component. Grace is to the fullness of our nature.

7.7-7.10 Mota #s 5-8

#8. On the parallel, and how the authors tweak these statements so that truth can flow thorugh it. Human parallel: “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” Important to distinguish between joy and happiness. Joy a spiritual experience, happiness results from choice indicating intelligent effort. Because of your effort, even if your fail, you may still experience happiness. “Happiness” being up-stepped to the full personal level, above the spiritual level. Truth begins to flow, not just a sentiment. Michael McQueen-in important ministries when people begin to become self important, the “ministry” begins to fail. Gifts in service ministries are not for the server, but for those being served.

7.11-7.14 Mota #s 9-12

#12. Can we learn wisdom without tribulation? Revelators attempt to refocus language so it can be used as a means to truth recognition. Failure to experience consequences of wrong behavior, leads to lessons unlearned. One can learn through insight, but it’s not wisdom that one learns. What is the root of tribulation? Press or oppress.

Wisdom derived from the contrast between expectations of an act before and results after. Choices which follow good or bad, then foster wisdom.

How do we respond to trials, tribulation and afflictions in life? The animal ego tends to respond in a ways that do not develop wisdom. e.g. seriousness, pride, fear, anger sadness, resentment. All of which are counterproductive. We are challenged to find spirit motivation within to reach for higher responses as courage, love, mercy, forgiveness in the face of every affliction. So facing affliction and tribulation now can be seen as challenges, for our growth and higher degrees of the virtues listed above.

Welcome affliction which causes us to make choices and decisions that help forge our cosmic character. (welcome but don’t go looking for them-life provides ample opportunity) See those who “bring” affliction as you spiritual teachers.

7.15-7.18 Mota #s 13-16

Similar message in these as those above, that of using the so called negative experiences of life to promote growth of character. Attempt to consciousize these together, not as isolated bullet points.

7.19-7.22 Mota #s 17-20

#20. addresses capacity to discern? The Poet has a consciousness of harmony. Harmony can be found in the day to day facts of daily life. Current moment is a divine dispensation. Sacred is not disconnected for us or on a plane that is unreachable, but available to us all.

#18. Hornet’s nest, you don’t know where the anger will go. Begins with impatience. The inner temple is entered through the third level of meaning, PATIENCE. Impatience pulls you from the inner temple.

7.23-7.26 Mota #s 21-24

#23. No direct parallel. Death added nothing… Could this be addressing the prevailing doctrines concerning “instant perfection” attained upon resurrection? Could parallel human thought through contrast.

7.27-7.30 Mota #s 25-28

#26. Knowledge is only possessed by sharing-definition-knowingness that can be given, shared.  

48:8.1-8.2. The Morontia Progressors

From graduation from Mansion Worlds to attainment of spirit status, ascending mortals are called morontia progressors. This is the evolutionary portal to the spirit life.

Harkens back to #s 27-development of individuality, and #26-knowledge shared and safeguarded by revelatory wisdom.

Gradual, graudated, progress with patience.


The practical goal of ascender training is to produce beings for transcendent service in the next universe age. Ascenders actually live the life of every possible phase and stage of perfected creature existence. Here as they so often do, the authors leave us with a sign post directing us onward and upward on our Paradise ascent.