Episode:Contemplative Life Equals A Balanced Life, with Tamara Strumfeld

From Symmetry of Soul

Our special guest, Tamara Strumfeld, provided insights which she applies in her daily life as we wrap up this month of changing seasons with more about different models of Contemplative Prayer.

Tamara found The Urantia Book eight years ago and finds its teachings profound and transforming. She was so inspired by them that she moved to Chicago to work for Urantia Foundation. She has been practicing Contemplative Prayer for several years and finds it to be a cornerstone in her spiritual life.

Join us as we investigate further what The Urantia Book teaches about communion, prayer, meditation and worship, and how these disciplines intersect with our quest for personal and social evolution.

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Keywords: Contemplative Life, Successful Prayer Life, The Urantia Book, Jesus, True Success