Episode:Cosmic Gathering in Salt Lake City

From Symmetry of Soul

The SoS team broadcasts from The Urantia Fellowship International Conference. Join us to hear from conference participants followed by an in-depth study of cosmic consciousnesses as we seek to partake of the experience of the cosmic mind.

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Keywords: Urantia, Cosmic Mind, Universe, Kindred Minds, Great Books

Summary by Kermit

[16:6] The Cosmic Mind (CM) is extremely important part of the FER, tucked away in The Seven Master Spirits (7MS) paper.

These sections are the portal through which we pass from evolutionary development and previous epochal revelations into the new domain that FER wants to lead us.

We spent considerable time setting the “cosmological context” of this section.

We discussed the hierarchical aspects of mind beginning with the Absolute Mind of Third Source and Center, The Infinite Spirit, its downstepping to the CM via the 7MS in the superuniverse, further downstepped into the local universes via the Creative Mother Spirit to the Holy Spirit and the morontia mind, thence to the seven adjutant mind-spirits which constitute the basis of mind circuitry used by all living things including material mortals on evolutionary planets.

Infinite Spirit (Absolute Mind) down (mind links individual of material energy to unity of spirit energy) domain of our consciousness-mindal energy system. Supreme Being and Supreme Mind expression of finite mind expanded to level of total finite.

We discussed the 7MS womb like nature containing the CM one per SU. Down stepped to local mind Creative Mother Spirit local mind womb.

Kindred Spirits hold the potential for universal brotherhood and Kindred Minds- with their fraternal nature hold the secret of the actual realization of the Brotherhood of Man.

Important aspect of the CM is the “reality response” which allows for objective, self-evident recognition of three domains of reality. Causation, Duty, Worship.

Interesting discussion of the causality domain and the state of so-called science, in discriminating between fact and figment as well as coincidence v causality.

The Duty or moral domain wherein morality and reason are connected.

Interesting discussion how each domain is under attack by secular and materialistic trends that are reflective of the legacy of the Lucifer Rebellion.

Worship domain wherein with personality we are able to recognize the fact of God i.e. the “faith we have not of ourselves”

And here we find the oft repeated phrase

“But it is sad to record that so few persons on Urantia take delight in cultivating these qualities of courageous and independent cosmic thinking.”

And concluding with the directive on the purpose of education to develop and sharpen these innate endowments of our minds of civilization to express them, religion to ennoble them and personality to unify them