Episode:Evolutionary Religion—Later Evolution (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

Evolutionary religion makes no provision for change or revision. The cult resists development because real progress is certain to modify or destroy the cult itself; therefore must revision always be forced upon it. But only two influences can modify and uplift the dogmas of natural religion: the pressure of the slowly advancing mores and the periodic illumination of epochal revelation.

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Keywords: Urantia, Religion, Squandered Capital, Social Coherence, Revelation

Summary by Kermit

Commentary on the Review

Much of our post review discussion centered on the problematic proclivity for humans to existentialize temporal ideas into timeless and enduring ideals. With the quickening of the spiritual consciousness of 20th century man, this tendency is applied to institutions in both the religious and non-religious domains. It’s understandable that man thus regards religious issues in an enduring light because of the superconscious influence of the HS encircuitment which itself has connection to existential origins. However, without the full function or recognition of the 7th adjutant (the philosophic impulse), falsely existentializing non-religious temporal matters into man’s philosophical view of the cosmos bodes ill for continuing civilization. As to what an individual’s response to this recognition might consist, consider asking why. Such an inquiry leads up to the philosophic consideration of the difference between inner life concerns and outer life situations.

Concerning the oft mentioned mixed blessings of the evolutionary process with its advances and retreats, SoS observed how the Master Seraphim in charge of the seraphic planetary government have address this dynamic with two corps of angels, one dedicated to progress, and another assigned to religious guardianship. It is interesting to note that of the two, the religious guardians have the upper hand being checkmates to the progress angels.

92:3.4. The Nature of Evolutionary (cont.)

Unlike genuine science, evolutionary religion makes no provision for change or revision. Staunch devotees of evolved religion compellingly evince a certainty that the tenets of their systems of belief are The Truth. This certitude finds appeal in onlookers due to everyone’s superconscious connection to the cosmos. It requires reflective thought to reach the insights necessary to discern genuine truth from its counterfeit. Listen to our discussion of the relatedness of kindred spirits and the superconscious influence of truth compared to kindred minds and the conscious possession of truth, and how this all relates to the realization of the brotherhood of man.

The dogmas of natural religion are uplifted by two influences, the slowly advancing mores and periodic epochal revelation. Emphasis is on the slow aspect of advancing mores inasmuch as progressive and inventive individuals were early regarded with great suspicion such that they were often killed as sorcerers. Ironically it is the belief in ghosts that laid the foundation of revealed religion which in turn eventually destroys the superstition of its origin. Again we see how evolution moves mankind forward in spite of himself, but not indefinitely. Progress must eventually become a product of man’s conscious free will acts.

This section continues to present the trade-offs that come with evolutionary religion. With all its detrimental aspects this religion was essential to the development and preservation of civilization. In this context note that we attempt to conserve the elements of civilization which have value going forward and preserve civilization itself.

The revelators concede that only in the light of man’s animal-origin and evolutionary nature are the costs of religion justifiable. And it must continue to be refined and ennobled by the censorship of revealed religion and genuine science.

92:4. The Gift of Revelation

As has been mentioned before, genuine revelation is always evolutional i.e., presented in a manner and method compatible and consistent with the stage and status of man’s evolutionary development. While revelation is also evolutionary in that it is an integral component of the grand scheme of universe evolution, it remains ever progressive. Two consistent characteristics of revelation are a belief in some Deity of final value and in some concept of personality survival identity after death.

Revelatory religion IS the very truth mankind has sought since being launched on the evolutionary quest through the human belief reflex excited by the realization and fear of the unknown.

Notes by Brad

  • Since we're talking outer-life religion, I've noticed the evolutionary nature of secular organizations.
    • I read ahead and see that primitive religion originated a lot of stuff.
    • Religion tends to bring in false existentialization of things.
      • But these days we see this in decidedly secular matters.
      • Now more than ever we witness religious tendencies in our workplaces. Wherever we turn.
      • An institution for sure.
      • This is part of the emergency. Recognizing this is valuable.
      • Try to back them down a bit in your workplace? Be subtle. Await the right time. Otherwise the 6th adjustant will notice and "double down."
    • If an institution has a sound philosophical foundation, you can try to keep ahold of that proper founding.
    • False existential thinking in the secular worst invites disaster

  • But concerning religion, don't flush all exisentialization out. Recognize there is some true inner life there that might be accessed.

  • In the upper domain of the hourglass analogy of mind, the 7 adjutant operate as one. A fine foundation to stand on in that upper domain.

  • Did you say "settled science?" You basically said it's evolutionary religion.
    • You also might be debasing what true science is.
    • "What is science?"
    • And you're also likely lowering the bar on "truth." An equation is not The Truth.
      • Unconscious we all know there is The Truth. But don't listen when someone all to easily says: "this is The Truth."

  • Truth exists above us, and we all are reach up to try to synchronize with it. It is the essence of the whole.
    • Kindred minds are consciously synchronized with the truth. (Kindred spirits are superconsciously synchronized with truth)
    • Don't say "he has his truth, I have mine." This is nonsense.
  • Wouldn't it be something if truth was a conscious possession, not just a superconscious one?
  • A revelation of truth is NOT a disclosure of correct understanding. If you think it is you'll misunderstand the entire 5th ER.
    • And many readers do...

  • Do you want to think the truth? What do you gain?
    • Thinking truth is worship. Genuine worship.

  • Another paradox: that in a universe of "truth in the center," there are binaries--eternity and iniquity--the tendency to be 180 degrees wrong.

  • Mistakes, errors, and blunders: in decreasing order of severity.
    • Try using the word blunder more. It's anachronistic, but more precise to explain when you overfilled the coffee maker last week.

  • Conserve the elements of civilization, but PREserve civilization itself. Civilization has an existential flavor.
    • But don't overplay it.
    • Conservative is not a negative word about people obsessed with the past.
      • Do to you think the religious guardians are evil? They are conservative.
    • People flip these words around all the time: progressive and retrogresssive, conservative and preservative. Don't let them corrupt the language.
      • Insight allow you to see the "arrow pointer" on these things that on the surface appear the same.

  • God is the author of the evolutionary process. Do you still love God, knowing this?
    • If not, find a better idea of God and a better idea of love.

  • Reason and wisdom are transcendent of feelings. Get above feelings. Don't be indolent.
    • Reason is higher even than wisdom.
    • Can you know the truth? Can it set you free? Move beyond selecting one sad side of a dichotomy or another?
    • If so, how sublime is that?

  • Shout out to genuine science in the end of Section 3. So-called science with its false exisentialized things... it's making conditions worse.

  • Genuine revelation is evolutionary.
    • How can something evolutional also "exalt and upstep?" Call on us to reject old wineskins? A bit paradoxical.