Episode:Existential Deity—God the Son (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

As the upholder of spirit realities, the Second Source and Center is the eternal counterpoise of the Paradise Source and Center, which so magnificently upholds all things material. Thus is the First Source and Center forever revealed in the material beauty of the exquisite patterns of the central Isle of Paradise and in the spiritual values of the supernal personality of the Eternal Son.

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Keywords: Urantia, Center and Source, Spirit Gravity, Kindred Spirits, The Deity Absolute

Opening thought: When you make a vow to God, do not delay to fulfill it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow. It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it...Do not protest to the temple messenger, “My vow was a mistake” Ecclesiastes 5:4

Closing thought: Don't dismiss the poetic in The Urantia Book. Be inspired by it. But open both eyes more and more, so the drive to look... has something to look at. And soon, you won't be thinking like you originally were.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We reiterated the notion that the study of existential deity with its abstract complexities which defy deep and compete understanding serve to prepare and condition our minds to be grown for the sometime more complete grasp of these recondite truths. Or to help make scrutable at some future time something which is at present inscrutable. Such study and logical framing of our minds may even act to prevent a reversion to earlier forms of erroneous thinking. This represents progress from religious thinking to philosophically sound religious thinking. The mansion worlds promise to deliver us from our dependence on adjutant mind for the logical framing of a philosophically valid concept of the cosmos. But stop to think, the biologically enhanced adjutant minds of a significant segment of peoples living on normal worlds in advanced stages of civilization are capable of progressing to adjuster fusion. Listen to the brief discussion on the horizontal and vertical dimensions of mind activity.

Also listen to the commentary on the thinking behind our new series title God the Son. We previously mentioned the structure of Papers 6 and 7 and their parallel with Papers 1-5. Parallels also exist between Papers 6 and 7 and Papers 115, 116, and 117. The parallel relation: as the Eternal Son is to the Supreme Being, so is God the Son to God the Supreme, is arrived at through considerations of the manner by which existential Deity relates to the experiential domain, not as a reality individual, but a Deity shadow influence cast down upon reality. In the case of the Eternal Son, his influence upon the experiential domain is in the functioning of the facet of Deity, God the Son. Add to these considerations the functioning of Mother-Son Deity and throw in the spirit-gravity circuit and you have a pretty complex set of cosmic facts to try to comprehend.

(Now go back and read the first sentence of this summary about "preparing our minds"!)

Paper 7 Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe

Only through the agency of Mother Deity can the Original Son (existential Deity) have any relation with phenomena of the evolving universes. The Son shares the Father’s self-distributive nature. Reading below the surface and between the lines and bringing into consideration issues of Deity reveals a far more complex and rich writing than is apparent on first exposure.

The Father being purely existential depends on the Second Source and Center for expression of his spiritual values and supernal personality to the universes. In like manner, he depends on the Third Source and Center to reveal the material beauty of the patterns of the central Isle. Stop to consider that in your moments of appreciating beauty you are having a recognition of the reflection of the Isle in the material creation.

The Eternal Mother Son, the coabsolute upholder brings spirit into reality at the coabsolute level. It is at this high level of reality that the “body” of the Eternal Son is considered the Absolute Spirit and as such all spirit realities are subject to the will and purpose of the Absolute Son. Notwithstanding the freewill of spirit beings the Son’s eternal grasp of spirit gravity is absolute.

7:1 The Spirit Gravity Circuit

The Second Source and Center is the anchor point of the pure and universal spirit-gravity circuit of all creation. The Father’s omnipresence is suggested to be a “shadow cast down” immanence rather than direct. The spirit-gravity circuit of the Son is direct and by virtue of the Eternal Mother Son at the coabsolute level. The Son’s control of universal spiritual gravity is his universal spiritual sovereignty.

The absoluteness of the Son accounts for the complete independence of spirit from matter and therefore it is completely uninfluenced by matter-energy, and subject in no way to the laws of things physical.

Listen to the discussion of the two reciprocal means of viewing matter and spirit and try to grasp the idea of spirit substance in terms of a quality of value, as opposed to any quantity. From the vantage point of pattern, matter is the soul of creation and spirit a shadowy fact. Spiritual values and spirit forces are real. They are just as responsive to spirit gravity as physical matter is responsive to physical gravity. From the viewpoint of personality, spirit is the soul of creation; matter is the shadowy physical body.

The foundation of spirit is literally the substance ubiquity of the Eternal Mother Son in coabsoluteness. Again more listening for you: catch the discussion of the author’s reference to the Son as the center and source of spirit gravity.

Not only does spirit gravity work to draw spirit realities Paradiseward, but it works to draw individuals and groups together, giving rise to the term kindred spirits. As mentioned, kindred spirits potentialize the brotherhood of man; kindred minds are necessary for its realization.

In keeping with spirit being the soul of creation and matter the shadowy body, the behavior and reactions of spirit are measurable and predictable in accordance with well known laws. However, there are phenomena which are not so predictable and are conjectured to be happenings in the realms of emerging spiritual potentials, the domain of the Deity Absolute. All actual value of spirit nature belong to the Eternal Son’s gravity grasp. All potential spirit realities belong to the domain of the Deity Absolute.

The final paragraph of the section traces the cycle of experiential spirit from the potentials of the Deity Absolute through experiential and incomplete grasps of the Supreme and the Ultimate attaining finality of destiny in the coabsolute upholder. Existentially, spirit is inherent in the infinity of the Second Source and Center (a superabsolute level?)

Notes by Brad

  • Why reveal all this? We aren't ready clearly!
    • And yet we something can happen here.
    • Just try to get your natural mind up to a higher level, to avoid those naturally low thoughts.
    • Challenge yourself to take delight in cultivating.... Push as much as you can. Let go as much as possible. Supply favorable conditions to be grown.