Episode:Existential Deity—God the Son (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Eternal Son not only has at all times perfect knowledge concerning the status, thoughts, and manifold activities of all orders of Paradise sonship, but he also has perfection of knowledge at all times regarding everything of spiritual value which exists in the hearts of all creatures in the primary central creation of eternity and in the secondary time creations of the co-ordinate Creator Sons.

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Keywords: Urantia, Paradise Sons, Creator Sons, Magisterial Sons, Trinity Teacher Sons

Opening thought: Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10

Closing thought: Humbly meditate on the revelation of these divine attributes (of the Eternal Son, as revealed in Jesus of Nazareth)

Note: This might be a top episode because half the broadcast discussed how the 5th ER calls us to be religionists, even as there are fewer and fewer.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

For a moment consider [Paper 196] an epilogue to the 5th ER. Then [Paper 195] is the concluding paper of the revelation and its concluding sentence[1] states the hope of modern Christianity lies in returning to its religious mission by bowing before the cross it so valiantly extols to learn anew from Jesus of Nazareth his original and living gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. The 5th ER is clear and emphatic in its warning that enduring civilization is only attainable if founded upon faith in God and obedience to the divine law. The very existence of the 5th ER on our world at this time testifies to the emergency conditions currently facing civilization. We comment frequently on the ever more rapid secularization of society and consequent threat to advancing civilization. When the religious institutions place greater emphasis on social, political, and economic reforms to the neglect of the spiritual regeneration of individuals, their utility as stabilizers of civilization is all but nullified.

Immanuel’s bestowal commission instructs Michael to technically terminate the Lucifer rebellion as the Son of Man, a mortal creature, in weakness made powerful by faith-submission to the will of the Father. In like manner are we to meet the residual malignant sophistries of the Lucifer rebellion as individuals in faith-submission to the concept of the divine law.

A caller expressed hope for the future in the signs of religious revival found on social media platforms. To be truly effective in rehabilitating modern civilization, any new religious revival will need to be undertaken by religionists who are appreciative of the cosmic harmony of science, philosophy, and religion, such as is found in the 5th ER.

7:6 Paradise Sons of God

Listen to the explanation of the revelators’ references to sector standard time.

The idea of multiple subordinate Sons of God is not new with the arrival of the 5th ER. Old testament scriptures show that as early as the Book of Job (see Job 38.4-7), references to plural Sons of God are found along with terminology precisely defined in the revelation (for example, Morning Stars). Might our authors be suggesting that the old records contain teachings and truths relevant today? With the help of the 5th ER we are now able to sort through these old scriptures to find truth. We find at least fifteen occurrences in the revelation where Jesus, referring to the Hebrew Scriptures, queries his followers, “Have you not read?”

The descending Sons of God derive their adorable attributes of mercy and service from the Eternal Son. Thus do these descending Sons of God embody spiritual and personal expressions of the Father, via the Eternal Son enabled through the function of Mother Deity.

The descending Paradise Sons known to us are the Creator Sons, Magisterial Sons, and the Trinity Teacher Sons albeit there are numerous other orders unknown to us. The Creator Sons are personalized through the creative liaison of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. The functioning of Mother Deity via the Paradise Trinity is signaled through the characterization of these Sons as being potentially equal with God the Father and God the Son in spirit nature, divine wisdom, and co-ordinate creative power. Note the concept of divine wisdom requires an engagement of the experiential with the existential, aka a function of the Paradise Trinity.

Offspring of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, Magisterial Sons act as judges of survival in the creations of time and space and as such would be expected to be representative of the Paradise Trinity (justice administration). The Paradise Trinity has other functions in addition to justice administration. As their name implies the Trinity Teacher Sons, are personalized by the Father, Son, and Spirit, and they are not involved with justice administration but with teaching at all universe levels.

Apart from the previously mentioned spirit gravity circuit of the Son, these Paradise Sons are connected in an exclusive channel of communication, an intersonship circuit centered in the person of the second Source and Center (Original Mother Son). Beyond even that the Eternal Son maintains all perfect knowledge regarding all orders of Paradise Sonship as well as perfection of knowledge of everything of spiritual value in all creatures in the central creation plus creatures of time in the domains of the Creator Sons!

7:7 Supreme Revelation of the Father

In summation, the spirit and personality of the Universal Father is in all ways revealed in the Eternal Son. In the Son, the character and personality of the Father are amplified through divestment of all of the Father which is not personal and not spiritual.

The primal Son and his Sons effectively reveal the spiritual and personal nature of the Father to all creation from the central universe to the inhabited planets. They are the revelation of the avenue of creature approach (the way) up through the hierarchy of the experiential to the Universal Father.

The author of our paper concludes with instructions to meditate on the bestowal mission of our own Creator Son for an enhanced comprehension of the character and merciful nature of the Eternal Son. And be reminded that today, qualities of mind above and beyond those of the ancients will be required for success. Fundamentals of a scientific consciousness are required for the attainment of a genuine religious objective.

Notes by Brad

  • This was a key episode expounding on the emergency and seek first the kingdom of heaven.
    • This author mentioned a itinerant preacher he saw over the weekend, one of the biggest evangelical preachers in the world. She was impressive and spoke much truth.