Episode:Existential Deity—God the Spirit (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Spirit is supremely competent to minister love and to overshadow justice with mercy. God the Spirit possesses all the supernal kindness and merciful affection of the Original and Eternal Son. The universe of our origin is being forged out between the anvil of justice and the hammer of suffering; but those who wield the hammer are the children of mercy, the spirit offspring of the Infinite Spirit.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Universal Manipulator, The Absolute Mind, The Omnipresent Spirit, The Universal Integrator

Opening thought: I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. I will glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. —Psalms 34

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes this week.