Episode:Existential Deity—God the Spirit (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Spirit is supremely competent to minister love and to overshadow justice with mercy. God the Spirit possesses all the supernal kindness and merciful affection of the Original and Eternal Son. The universe of our origin is being forged out between the anvil of justice and the hammer of suffering; but those who wield the hammer are the children of mercy, the spirit offspring of the Infinite Spirit.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Universal Manipulator, The Absolute Mind, The Omnipresent Spirit, The Universal Integrator

Opening thought: I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. I will glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. —Psalms 34

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Our intimacy with the downstepped expression of the 3rd Source and Center in the Divine Minister’s adjutant mind spirits and Holy Spirit encircuitment might well distract us from appreciating his function as ancestor to the power beings who keep the lights on and the physical universe progressing toward eventual equilibrium. But think of this: Before eternity, the bifurcation of the non-will by the will produces the differential between the Unqualified Absolute and the Deity Absolute—the infinite separation between matter and spirit. But in an existential synthesis these two energies come back together in the 3rd Source and Center (controller-creator, power-personality). Note, the Supreme is equally given to the power side (the Almighty) and the personal-purposive side (Mother), the power-personality synthesis, the existential predicate for which is resident within the 3rd Source and Center. Listen to the archive for a deeper discussion of the complexities of the 3rd Source and Center’s functions which give rise to the manifold designations for him.

Notwithstanding the many names for the 3rd Source and Center, hold fast to the central fact that he is one person, one person with many faces and functions. Also, the many designations are all presented with purpose by the authors. And leave room in your thinking for these purposes to become apparent at some future time when a more advanced understanding of the revelation is realized by greater numbers of Urantians.

Paper 9 Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the Universe

The (theoretical) personalization of the Conjoint-Actor, completes the Father’s liberation from unqualified infinity to become pure existential fact and freeing up the non-Father aspects of Deity and Reality for expression down to us material creatures.

The “strange” occurrence referred to by the author has to do with the Conjoint Actor’s superabsolute attributes which are expressed in the Mother Deity nature of the Infinite Mother Spirit. Listen to the broadcast for further details involving some of the deeper intricacies of Deity, and such terms referring to the three Persons and their Deity designations e.g.:

  • the Infinite Mother Spirit as the coinfinite upholder,
  • the Eternal Mother Son as the coabsolute upholder, and
  • the Paradise Trinity as the coinfinite one.

For reference the ascending levels of universe existence are:

  • finite>Supreme,
  • absonite>Ultimate,
  • coabsolute>absolute,
  • coinfinite>Infinite.

Note: reality tops out at absolute.

Our author gives the absolutes of the Father, Son, Paradise Isle and the Conjoint Actor labels, universal upholder, universal revealer, universal stabilizer and universal unifier respectively.

A unifier of absolutes must be above them, thus superabsolute. The term given to God the Spirit in the Foreword is the Universal Integrator, a superabsolute Mother fact. Another example of superabsolute function of the 3rd Source and Center is to be found in the logic underlying the designation the Infinite Mind, a reservoir of mind activity, which in order to be superimposed upon the mind energy coming from the Universal Absolute and anchored by the Conjoint Actor as absolute Mind requires the superabsolute source, the infinite mind of the Infinite Mother Spirit.

The Infinite Spirit (impersonal) ministers the Father’s love and the Son’s mercy in harmony with the Paradise Trinity in the righteousness of justice administration. We note that the Mother term is as yet unused in the text, yet logic demands Mother Deity involvement with the Paradise Trinity in these transactions to obviate the invocation of magic.

As mentioned above the 1st Source and Center, pre-bifurcation of energy and spirit is responsive to both. Post bifurcation the 3rd Source is responsive to both. The 3rd Source and Center discloses in reality that which is hidden in the 1st Source and Center.

We are being urged to recognize the need for transcending absoluteness in our considerations about the 3rd Source and Center and its functions across absolute boundaries. Coherent logic suggest that we begin our study of the universe with consideration of the whole, proceed to recognition of an interface mechanism with parts, all at various levels (individuality of the whole) in a hierarchy of cosmic mothers.

9:1 Attributes of the Third Source and Center

The author now presents designations for the 3rd Source and Center in title case each reflecting specific relationships and function and keeping in mind that he is one with many roles and functions.

Again, we are encouraged to appreciate equally the personal-creator aspect and the impersonal functions of the 3rd Source and Center. Further we see continued reference to the 3rd Source and Center in terms of correlating and coordinating functioning with the other two Persons, Paradise and in concert with the Paradise Trinity. Such terms as we have learned are red flags for a presence and action in the mode of Mother Deity.

The 3rd Source and Center shares the omnipresence of the 1st Source and Center, and as the God of mind shares the omniscience of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son with in a more intimate way. His omnipotence is constrained to the domain of mind wherein he is absolute, exercising unqualified sovereignty.

More evidence of the superabsolute function of the 3rd Source and Center is part of the infinite mystery wherein he is provisionally subordinate in many ways to the other two Persons, yet is the most versatile in action, even superior to physical gravity.

Finally, listen to the illuminating explanation of the three places in the revelation [9:1.8], [23:2.12], and [66:5.13] where the authors use the anvil and hammers metaphor to illustrate the mercy ministry of the hammer wielding children of the Infinite Spirit conforming the evolutionary children of time to the divine justice requirements of the anvil that is the Paradise Trinity.