Episode:Existential Deity—God the Spirit (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Conjoint Creator is not energy nor the source of energy nor the destiny of energy; he is the manipulator of energy. The Conjoint Creator is action—motion, change, modification, co-ordination, stabilization, and equilibrium. The energies subject to the direct or indirect control of Paradise are by nature responsive to the acts of the Third Source and Center and his manifold agencies.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Omnipresent Spirit, Spirit Ministry, The Universal Manipulator, Energy Ministry

Opening thought: With what shall I come before the Lord and bow down before the exalted God? Shall I come before him with burnt offerings?... Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams?... Shall I offer my firstborn?... [No! indeed no!] He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The hammer and anvil metaphor utilized by the revelators three times in the revelation serves to emphasize the necessity of conforming to the justice requirements of the whole, the Paradise Trinity. Notwithstanding our freewill gift, we are not the authors of reality. Recognition of and submission to the authority of whole is part and parcel of the personal realization of divine fellowship—acceptance of sonship with God and securing our connection with eternity. In a bottom-up mode at all levels of universe organization we find systematic coordination and unification happening. Adjutant mind displays this with the engagement of adjutant #7 to coordinate the function of the lower six. Personality likewise demonstrates the unifying function on the various constituents of selfhood in universe ascension. And so at all levels of the cosmos we discern parts within a dynamic wholeness, a logical universe maintained by a hierarchy of parts within a series of encompassing individualities of wholeness.

Regarding the existential synthesis of matter and spirit in the 3rd Source and Center post unpacking of the I AM, the He, She, and It designations attributed to the Supreme Being, Universal Mother, and Almighty Supreme respectively all find expression in one being, the 3rd Source and Center as, Conjoint Actor (He), Infinite Mother Spirit (She), and Infinite Spirit (It).

9:2 The Omnipresent Spirit

Each of the three Persons presents a quality of spirit presence. But the 3rd Source and Center is the most direct experiential omnipresent spirit such that it is given the designation of “THE Omnipresent Spirit”. Additionally, the author names other levels of experiential spirit phenomena in the spirits of the Supreme Being, Ultimate Deity, and Deity Absolute. The phenomena designated Deity Absolute should not be confused with The Deity Absolute of the seven absolutes of infinity fame, or a bottom-up experiential culmination of God the Absole. In the rarified realm of absoluteness, the mapping of reality avatars to facets of Deity becomes very challenging.

Attention is called to the verbal reciprocations employed throughout the revelation, do not disregard them as they have significance. The current example of the Eternal Son being the spiritualized personalization of the Father and the Infinite Spirit being a personalized spiritualization of the Eternal Son and the Universal Father should suggest that the Son is first personal, and the Spirit is first spirit.

Our author briefly summaries the lines of spiritual force and supermaterial power linking us down here directly with the Deities of Paradise, carefully noting the spirit of the Spirit may function as mind plus spirit. In addition to the lines of force and power, we mortals are graced by the influence and activities of countless beings whose job it is to lead the true of purpose and honest of heart in their ascension to perfection. Note the qualifying characteristics for receiving their loving ministry. And for those who may find themselves short on such virtues there’s always the hammers and anvil sessions.

The spirit presence of each of the three Persons is of course different, but they are as one as they apply to the plans for our ascension. The Son’s spirit gravity urge is probably the most difficult of discernment by mortals. The presence of the 3rd Person is probably the easiest of recognition in the function of mind as distributed to us by the downstepped local universe manifestation of the Infinite Spirit. The Father’s indwelling presence is variously discernable as:

  • a Thought Adjuster, adjusting thoughts to the spiritual, or as
  • a Mystery Monitor, a divine secret providing corrective warning to those who happen to find themselves on the wrong path.

9:3 The Universal Manipulator

As the Universal Manipulator, the 3rd Source and Center has been intrusted by the Father and the Son with the forces and energies necessary to modify or annul physical gravity which itself is sourced and anchored in the Paradise Isle. Among the powers wielded by the third Person, unique and amazing is the power of antigravity. This antigravity power is also transmissible to higher personalities of the Infinite Spirit, the mechanical controllers of the family of Master Physical Controllers, themselves part of the larger family of the Infinite Spirit being the most powerful. We infer their antigravity function is attributable to their ability to adjust the motion that is matter to change its mass hence its gravitational influence.

Important to note the Conjoint Creator is the manipulator of energy, not energy itself, not its source, nor its destiny. All energies subject to the direct or indirect control of Paradise are responsive to the acts of the 3rd Source and Center and his manifold agencies.

Power beings of all stripes permeate all of creation. Their presence and action are undetectable through scientific observation as they in a sense “stand behind” and uphold the phenomena observed.

In all the Conjoint Actor’s activities relating to the Isle, he acts personally, volitionally for the other two Persons and not as a derivation, repercussion, of anything or anybody.

Think of the Isle as an absolute off of which the power beings leverage their activities. And as the Absolute Mind the Infinite Spirit exerts his influence and activities and those of his agencies, giving literal significance to the statement that the universe is mind made and personality managed.