Episode:Existential Deity—God the Spirit (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The absolute mind is the mind of the infinite Third Person of Deity; it is inseparable from the personality of God the Spirit. Mind, in functioning beings, is not separated from energy or spirit, or both. Mind is not inherent in energy; energy is receptive and responsive to mind; mind can be superimposed upon energy, but consciousness is not inherent in the purely material level.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Absolute Mind, The Infinite Spirit, The Mind Bestower, Mind Ministry

Opening thought: Blessed are the men who fear God, they ever walk in the way of peace. Through darkness riseth light, light to the upright. He is gracious, compassionate; He is righteous. —The People, speaking in Mendelssohn’s Elijah

Summary by Andrea

Commentary after Review

After Kermit’s lovely review we got more involved with talking about anti-gravity. Why do the Revelators hold it up as such an important ability? Is it just a force that beings can use to keep the universe in balance and all the wheels turning and, if so, why do they make a big deal about it?

One reason they could be making a big deal is because of the section in the book about the non-breathers and their implication that they have electromagnetically generated anti-gravity technology. So perhaps that is why they remark about this physical phenomenon that we call anti-gravity. However, the Revelators are befuddled by the ability of a living being who is able to use this counter-influence. There are many beings that have this ability and it comes all the way down to secondary midwayers. They have the ability to manipulate matter as a down-stepped expression of the Universal Manipulator. It’s fascinating to think that this would be a being that looks a bit like us. Listen back to the archives for this fascinating conversation.

As the program ensued we came to a point of recognition about this revelation and its ability to move us up out of the fuzz of a confused era and define in sharp relief not only reality but Deity. These crisp sharp lines of light are what Descartes and every other truth-hungry soul have yearned for, for thousands of years. And now for the first time in human history we can get this clarity about everything, including God. Getting our minds to focus sharply and precisely is what gets us to God. It gives us spiritual strength and infuses us with rays of light.

9:4 The Absolute Mind

After reading the first paragraph, we looked up a section in [30:1] stating, "We may however state that there are no personalities of 'pure mind'; no entity has personality unless he is endowed with it by God who is spirit. Any mind entity that is not associated with either spiritual or physical energy is not a personality." Again, they remind us here in section 4 that when it comes to contactability with another mind it will not happen without that being having a body, either material or spiritual. Mind is of a superadditive consequence origin and is not the foundation of any being. And the cosmic mind co-ordinates matter and spirit.

The various levels of mind range from being entirely free of conditioning from time and space; from the Infinite mind which transcends time and space to the seven adjutant mindal systems which must reckon with both. Everything about our minds is under observation, control and loved. We never need to feel like an orphan in a loveless universe. This is definitely not the case. Everything is very precisely and intimately managed. Every molecule, every blade of grass, not to mention our precious minds is accounted for in every moment of every day. For more detail listen back to the archive on this interesting topic.

We also learned that energy is thing, mind is meaning, spirit is value. Chris mentioned there is a study aid in the Perfecting Horizons Library called Three-Fold Actuality with Unity which the earnest student may find helpful in their study.

9:5 The Ministry of Mind

They tell us that if the universe should grow to infinity, still the mind potential would be adequate to endow limitless numbers of creatures with suitable minds and other prerequisites of intellect. The third source and center is behind laying out all of those prerequisites. As humans, we worry that somehow the universe will run out of steam, but we are disabused of that idea over and over again.

We read in section 5 that “Even the Father fragments find it impossible to indwell the minds of men until the way has been properly prepared for them by the mind action and spiritual function of the Infinite Spirit.” And we can see the downstepped version of that in a local universe. We turned to [34:4] and read: “The Creator Father-Son and the Creative Mother Spirit both contribute variously to the mind endowment of their local universe children. But the Creative Spirit does not bestow mind until she is endowed with personal prerogatives.”

The bestowal of mind from the Third Person of Deity is impersonal. Our minds are an individualized circuit, an impersonal portion, of that cosmic mind as it is bestowed in a local universe by a Creative Daughter of the Third Source and Center. Notice that they say “an impersonal portion”. If it were a personal portion it would be like our minds were possessed. But because we have an impersonal portion of mind from above, our minds are in our personal hands.

They also pointed out that just because the Third Person is the source of mind we should not imagine that all phenomena of mind are divine. Just as perfection is in nature, but nature is not perfect, so too it goes with our minds. Our minds are an individualized circuit that we use for good or ill. As the revelators point out “Mind is truly of divine origin, and it does have a divine destiny, but your mortal minds are not yet of divine dignity.” However, we are encircuited in the Holy Spirit which gives us a supreme thread to work with. They are warning us that if we imagine our minds are of divine dignity we are playing with the third principle of the Lucifer rebellion. We should not become confused as he did.

And from the last paragraph of section 5 we read: “Too often, all too often, you mar your minds by insincerity and sear them with unrighteousness; you subject them to animal fear and distort them by useless anxiety. Therefore, though the source of mind is divine, mind as you know it on your world of ascension can hardly become the object of great admiration, much less of adoration or worship. The contemplation of the immature and inactive human intellect should lead only to reactions of humility.”

They say we are immature and inactive – most of us are just fancy animals. And when it comes to fear we should remember that we can truly fear not. Our hands may tremble a bit here in time and space but our feet are anchored in eternity.

Notes by Brad

  • Clear and distinct ideas are what a religionist of philosophic attainment should be interested in.
    • Seek the God of light—crisp rays of light—not the warm diffuse fuzzball of heat.
    • This author confesses he was unfortunately educated, and has a lot of old habits (reinforced through earlier life) that think seeking God is seeking "The Diffuse." He hopes by the grace of God he can be grown out of this foolish, natural pattern of thinking.