Episode:Existential Deity—The Eternal Son (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Eternal Son is the spiritual personalization of the Paradise Father’s universal and infinite concept of divine reality, unqualified spirit, and absolute personality. He is the living and divine Word. And this Eternal Son is residential at the center of all things, in association with, and immediately enshrouding the personal presence of, the Eternal and Universal Father.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Original Son, The Cocreator, The Personality Absolute, Spiritual Administrator

Opening thought: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning...In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

A major objective of SoS is to facilitate the application of revelatory truth to present personal circumstances. As the apostles struggled to grasp the spiritual meanings of the Master’s teachings even in his very presence, students of the 5th ER likewise with even greater difficulty strive to correctly interpret it. Notwithstanding the downside risk of stifling man’s imagination with overrevelation the 5th ER has been “poured out” on humanity without accompanying authoritative chaperons to mitigate inevitable misinterpretations. The friendliness of the universe and resources devoted to promoting the advancement of pilgrims on the Paradise ascent do not relieve each individual from making the required freewill choices of devotion and loyalty to progress and be grown. Cosmic advancement is not automatic. Taking salvation for granted is vouchsafed for those who hunger for truth and thirst for righteousness.

SoS drew an interesting parallel between:

  1. the Universal Father’s choice to sequester himself, preventing his embodying the actualization of everything in the IAM within himself thereby becoming God the Infinite, thus allowing the existence and experience of the countless things and beings in the Master universe; and
  2. the downstepped finite domain where all potential thingness and beingness is absorbed into the making of God the Supreme, save for the creature’s freewill choice to achieve the individuality of personality realization. Similar parallels and patterns apply to the absonite and absolute domains.

The last arc ended with Jesus sending the apostles on their first really public and open preaching tour of the cities of Galilee. This is reflected in the New Testament scripture of Mark. Mark described the tour as preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons. 5th ER version describes them as preaching the good tidings. So it is that revelation’s job is the authoritative elimination of error and the coordination of essential knowledge.

Paper 6:0 The Eternal Son

Regarding the question of monotheism, the Universal Father (the nuclear fact of monotheism) divested himself of everything possible and yet still remain the necessary nucleus for the cosmos infinite. SoS has frequently pointed out that the Universal Father is purely existential, having no outer life. This fact makes the Eternal Son necessary as the agent of the Father’s personal and absolute expression. The Eternal Son is thus the divine Word as expression of the Universal Father as the divine Thought. It is the experiential nature of Mother Deity found in the second and third persons of Deity which compensate for the Father’s lack of experiential nature. Regarding the Father’s relationships, they are existential. The Father’s initiating and directionizing point of relationship with us material mortals is in the mystery gift of personality. As the Father chose to free himself from the fetters of unqualified infinity so must we choose to free ourselves from the fetters of unqualified Supremacy through personality realization. Such is salvation.

The revelators describe and explain existential Deity in terms of time origin as a concession to our time limited minds. Can we approach these sequential relationships thinking of them in their essence as a trans-temporal logical order existing in eternity? Holy Spirit encircuitment liberates our minds from being strictly time bound.

Because the universal Father divested himself of unqualified spirit, it is left to the Eternal Son as the Absolute Spirit and Absolute Personality to be the divine revelation of the creator identity of the Universal Father.

The careful reader who has some familiarity with the Deity and Reality perspectives in the revelation will note the weaving together of both perspectives in these papers on existential Deity. A further note of the precision of language necessary for proper interpretation of the revelation, note the first sentence of [6:0.4] the correct interpretation of the constitution of the Paradise Trinity depends on selecting the correct meaning of the several possible meanings of the word “of”.

6:1 Identity of the Eternal Son

Here we find a fundamental and critical disclosure concerning the absolute natures of the First and Second Sources and Centers. The First Source and Center is the Volitional Absolute as the anchor of the personality circuit, the circuit of will in action. The Second Source and Center is the Personality Absolute.

The Universal Father is first a creator and then a controller, the Eternal Son is first a cocreator and then a spiritual administrator, signaling the presence of Mother type Deity as part of the Eternal Son thus allowing for his experiential aspect.

Our author makes clear while using scriptural material attributed to John what must be a serious challenge to Christians encountering the revelation that Jesus is not the Eternal Son, Second Source and Center, but a coordinate Creator Son.

Finally, a comment on the truth of monotheism to be ascertained in the revelation’s disclosure of what appears to be a polytheistic cosmos. The truth of monotheism is discovered in the pure unity of Deity. The Deity perspective gives us The Father while the Reality perspective gives us the Universal Father, and so with The Son and The Eternal Son etc. These Deity and Reality designations find associative union in the terms God the Father and God the Son, and so on with many other designations as God the Spirit, God the Sevenfold, God the Supreme etc. The personalizations of these divine being as God can be interpreted as a monotheistic signature.

As encouragement to the 5th ER student who may be feeling out of their depth, do not forget that the spirit ministries impinging on our minds are ever active, above our awareness in preparing and conditioning our mind for the someday recognition of these higher meanings contained in the precision of language of the revelators. So keep reading in sincerity, humility, and faith that what may seem to be hidden from view and understanding will one day emerge as insight and a more correct understanding of the truths of the 5th ER.