Episode:Existential Deity—The Eternal Son (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

The Eternal Son is a grand and glorious personality. Concerning identity, nature, and other attributes of personality, the Eternal Son is the full equal, the perfect complement, and the eternal counterpart of the Universal Father. In the same sense that God is the Universal Father, the Son is the Universal Mother. And all of us, high and low, constitute their universal family.

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Keywords: Urantia, Trinitization, Unqualified Personality, Absolute Personality, Father Personality

Opening thought: Do we fully appreciate what has been done for us? Do we comprehend the grandeur of the heights of eternal achievement which are spread out before us? adapted from [40:7.5]

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The limitations of the Eternal Sons have been described in terms of self-limiting choice rather than being externally imposed. Consider, the limitations are existential, truly abstract. The "free will" of the Eternal Son must be understood in its existential context. Further, with respect to existential wisdom we are asked to try observing the experiential process of garnering experiential wisdom through reflection upon tribulation. Then, shifting the focus of one's reflection to the wisdom itself thus gained. This in turn may lead to a recognition that the wisdom thus achieved was already existent awaiting your experiential discovery. This faculty is enabled through the function of personality, itself the secret of engaging the insights of the Holy Spirit encircuitment. Remember personality is an individuated Deity influence superimposed on reality and therefore bears a kinship with existential Deity. That which personality realizes has a core existential aspect.

So it is that wisdom appears to be temporal, yet requires personality to manifest, and is hence tinged with the existential.

Listen to the discussion on the significant problem of secularized education which increasingly [[aims to separate individuals from their inner life, thus their connection with the Holy Spirit’s gift of the reality response and in turn personal religion.

Our study of existential Deity is essential to establishing the rock-solid attachment to the eternal foundation of our being, the citadel of the spirit, absolutely required for being grown cosmically. We are no longer content to be religionists, but strive to be religionists of philosophic attainment. The entirety of this existential foundation goes beyond the fact of the love of the Universal Father to include the justice of the Paradise Trinity.

6:7 Personality of the Eternal Son

Expatiating some on the term trinitization, inasmuch as the revelation utilizes this term in so many places referring to so many different applications, we are encouraged to consider it beyond just the Paradise Trinity.

Listen to the rather dense discussion of the personality of the Eternal Son beginning with the theoretical unpacking of the I AM, wherein total will was liberated from the singular personalization as God the Infinite through applying the unqualified personalization to the Son and not the Father. This was only possible due to the pure Deity nature of the Son unencumbered by any embedded relationship of the Son to Reality. The Son thereby becomes the absolute personality, resulting in the Universal Father’s father personality, no longer an unqualified personality.

There’s more, listen: In a sense think of the personality of the Eternal Son as the personality which would have resulted God the Infinite had not these inscrutable transactions taken place in eternity. It is in this way trinitization liberated the Universal Father from the fetters of unqualified personality.

Further and deeper discussion highlighted the precision and significance of the authors' use and ordering of the words of the revelation. As the absolute personality, the Eternal Son is also the divine and eternal pattern of first the Father’s bestowal of personality upon the Conjoint Actor and subsequently upon the personalities of the far-flung universe.

In our lowly estate the best we can do is potentialize understanding of these abstruse truths, and await their realization upon our attainment of the Isle.

6:8 Realization of the Eternal Son

Listen to the explication of the statement: “In the same sense that God is the Universal Father, the Son is the Universal Mother.” This designation for the Son is only in the existential sense. More often the Universal Mother designation is in reference to God the Supreme (experiential)—the Universal Mother of all finite evolutionary creatures. Further discussion explores the lofty Deity domain where the Eternal-Mother Son (experiential-existential Deity as one) functions as the co-absolute upholder in parallel with God the Supreme as the Universal Mother, the finite upholder.

The character of the Son is forever and inseparably one with the Father. Beings of origin in Havona and Paradise are able to recognize their personal unity of universal control but also their distinct personalities functioning in their respective administrative domains. Lower orders of universe creatures are incapable of such distinctions. No surprise here inasmuch as the inseparability of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son is personalized as Father-Son Deity together as one in the person of the local universe Creator Sons. As ascenders our transcendence of our origins is necessary before we too can differentiate them.

Interestingly we ascenders will be able more easily to grasp the reality of the Father and the Spirit, than the Son because the Father is the source of our personality and the Spirit is the absolute source of our mind. To be clear the Universal Absolute is the source of mind energy, the Spirit is the source of mind activity, the Infinite Mind—technically the Infinite Mother Spirit.

Realization of the Eternal Son must wait for the ascender’s attainment of spirit status. However, even here and now we can lay the ground work for such a realization beginning with a potentializing step, the logical recognition of him as a reality. To aid in this potentializing we have the comprehensible person of our Creator Son to compensate for our inherent inability to grasp the full significance the exclusively spiritual person, Eternal Son.

Notes by Brad

  • Wisdom is borne of reflection. But can you reflect on the gaining of wisdom itself? Can you find out it was really already there; I didn't bring it into existence.