Episode:Existential Deity—The Infinite Spirit (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Through the supreme desire of both the Thought-God and the Word-God for a universal and infinite agent of mutual expression and combined action, one is face to face with the eternity origin of the Infinite Spirit, the Third Person of Deity. In their oneness, God the Father and God the Son conjointly conceive an identical and infinite action, personalizing this absolute thought-plan as the God of Action.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Conjoint Actor, The Conjoint Creator, The Third Source and Center, God the Spirit

Opening thought: Lead me, Lord, in your righteousness, because my enemies...there is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness...Declare them guilty, O God! Let their intrigues be their downfall...But let all who put their trust in you rejoice; let them ever sing for joy. Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous. Psalms 5.8-12

Closing thought: Have both eyes open as you read. One that sees the science. One that sees the poetry.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Starting with the statement, “Fundamentals of a scientific consciousness are required for the attainment of a genuine religious objective”, we discussed enlarging the idea of scientific consciousness beyond the consideration of scientific disciplines as physics, chemistry or geology etc. The supreme religious objective of knowing God demands the wholehearted engagement of an individual’s encircuitment in the Holy Spirit and cultivation of its gifts of scientific, moral, and spiritual insight. Recognition and appreciation of fact and causation are required to move a religionist from God-believing to God-knowing, and thus to being a religionist of philosophic attainment. And the revelation is here in hopes of fostering such religionists as a necessary element for progressing civilization.

Science demands fact. Listen to the discussion of etiology of the concept of fact and the scientific foundations of the revelation introduced in the Foreword, a definition of terms. Increasing literal interpretation of the revelation should be the experience of its longtime students. The 5th ER is not a new mythology for our time.

Also listen for the discussion of how to approach the idea of divine wisdom and divine faithfulness when applied to the three existential Deities as explained involving the 4th fact of the Paradise Trinity. It is through the Paradise Trinity’s wholeness encompassment of experiential existences that divine wisdom has its existential foundation; and divine faithfulness describes the existential Father’s cooperative subordination to this Paradise Trinity.

Law is the fact of God. Law is life itself and not the rules of its conduct. Recognizing the threefold functional reality of matter, mind, and spirit it is obvious that the physical laws of matter-energy are to be considered part of God’s law, discoverable through the first of the insight gifts of the Holy Spirit. Widespread acceptance of the scientific dictation of obviously illogical concepts as the big bang by so-called scientific authorities of today do not bode well for progressing civilization. The presence of the revelation in our lives is eloquent evidence that we are expected to approach the quest for God scientifically, and having been gifted and accepted the revelation we are most certainly expected to bear much fruit. From him to whom much is given, much will be expected.

As preface to our diving into [Paper 8] The Infinite Spirit, some considerations concerning the name “The Infinite Spirit”. Firstly, the name is consonant the with the three persons of the Trinity of Christendom (Father, Son, and Spirit). Technically in the 5th ER the term refers to the non-personal aspects of the third Person, whereas the personal aspects are frequently designated by the term Conjoint Actor although the revelators do designate the Infinite Spirit as “He” on numerous occasions. Also later in the text the authors introduce the term The Infinite Mother Spirit. In a very advanced mode our author is speaking to a very advanced coupling between the two non-personal facts of the Paradise Trinity and the Infinite Spirit. This coupling produces an entire reciprocal system of beings to come into existence. There are instances where the authors use the Infinite Spirit terms to suggest these systems of beings, e.g. the beings who are involved in universe reflectivity and others. Thus, the term Infinite Spirit may be used to intimate these systems of beings.

Paper 8 The Infinite Spirit

The temporal narrative of the theoretical origin of the Infinite Spirit discloses a logical sequence of relationship among the three eternal Persons as seen in their representation as personalized Deity:

  • Thought-God,
  • Word-God, and
  • God of Action.

Such are the revelators’ concessions to our time-bound minds. The eternal and absolute oneness of the Father and the Son requires an agent-mechanism for the execution of their united concepts in reality. As with the 2nd Person, the function of Mother Deity enables engagement with experiential reality on the part of the 3rd Person to even a greater degree. The 3rd Person enjoys greater intimacy with us creatures than do the other two Persons because the Third Source and Center is the absolute Mind and we creatures are fundamentally and experientially mindal selves.

Without direct mention the function of the Paradise Trinity is suggested in the reference to the three Persons as co-ordinate on supreme (finite), ultimate (absonite), absolute, and infinite levels. The very threefoldness of the Trinity limits the number of existential Deity persons to three.

8:1 The God of Action

The temporal narrative continues following the arrival of the Infinite Spirit. Here is the creation story, the Urantia version of Genesis. The Creators are in place, the stage is set, now the story of creation follows. Anthropomorphisms and temporal portrayals aside the narrative is pregnant with scientific specificity of a highly complex and technical nature, involving facets of Deity of the Father, functions of the Trinity and Mother Deity and much more.

The Paradise Trinity finds direct mention in this section and thus begins the creative manifestation of the Father’s purpose through the personality of the Eternal Son and the execution of the God of Action. Note it is the coupling activity of the Infinite Spirit with the Paradise Trinity, the means of engaging the totality of reality which enables the God of Action to act.

The hypothetical origin of the material universe of Havona is concurrent with the function of Paradise gravity. Next comes the presence abroad of spirit, grasped by the spirit gravity of the Eternal Son. With the two energies now extant, the soil of life is prepared for the consciousness of mind through the intelligence circuits of the Infinite Spirit. A reminder, the Paradise Citizens and Havona Natives are Trinity-origin beings. Thence does the Father act in the bestowal of creature personality, initiating the Paradiseward pull on all things and beings. In deitizing with the birth of the Havona worlds, the three Persons function as the

  • Universal Creator,
  • Cocreator, and
  • Conjoint Actor.

Having given this top-down sequential logic of the hypothetical origins of the three Persons, the authors remind us of the reality and eternity of the other four members of the Seven Absolutes of Infinity—the Isle of Paradise, and the Unqualified, Universal, and Deity Absolutes. And then they proceed to portray a bottom-up paradigm for us creatures to find our place and way in the cosmos beginning with parent-child relationships growing to the family as a whole. Extending beyond family relations come relationships to the community, race, world, even to include the universe (local), superuniverse, and finally the universe of universes.

Notes by Brad

  • Can you demand a science of your religion? If not, don't expect to be anything other than a primitive religionist at best, certainly not one of the religionists of philosophic attainment.
  • "Law is life itself." [48:6.33]
    • If you have not law you have not eternal life.
    • Truth is the basis of science and philosophy, presenting the intellectual foundation of religion. [56:10:10]