Episode:Existential Deity—The Paradise Trinity (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Reality is unthinkable without the Trinity. The Paradise Trinity effectively provides for the full expression and perfect revelation of the eternal nature of Deity. The Trinity is Deity unity, and this unity rests eternally upon the absolute foundations of the divine oneness of the three original and co-ordinate and coexistent personalities, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.

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Keywords: Urantia, Personality of Infinity, Father Personality, Absolute Personality, Conjoint Personality

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Brad Garner.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Familiarity with the idea of transcendence is essential for engaging the 5th ER truthfully. Transcendence does not imply dominance from above as a point-to-point micromanaging influence upon that which is below. It can be considered a holistic simultaneous engagement to multiple points below. An example given was the transcendent influence our mind exerts over our bodies, where points of mind “touch” the body at all points. This is not a part-like linear dominant controlling mechanism.

Another immediate example of transcendence is found in the pursuit of truth from the starting point of words. The 5th ER of truth to our world consists entirely of words. How then, in the face of the statement therein that truth cannot be defined with words do we find truth? We can think of words as a gateway to truth via the transcendent transmutation of facts to knowledge to wisdom to realization as these levels are identifiable in the human activities in the domains of science, philosophy, and religion. Transcendent mechanisms usually do not yield understanding to scientific analysis, but we have Holy Spirit encircuitment which allow us to attain a philosophic recognition of the operation of such influence, without which even the most fundamental understanding of universe phenomena is out of reach.

As we are about to discover, the Paradise Trinity (the whole) is the transcendent interface through which Deity influences reality (the parts).

Our commentary concluded with a discussion of the observational perspectives of individuality and unity and the necessity of their simultaneous utilization thereby enhancing cosmic consciousness. In the administration of the superuniverses the simultaneous application of individuality and unity influence is observed in the creative diversity (individuality) of the Seven Master Spirits in partnership with the uniform directorship of the Trinity origin Ancients of Days.

Paper 10 The Paradise Trinity

Previous reading in this arc in [6:7.1] describes the Father’s liberation from personality absolutism via trinitization through the personalization of the Eternal Son. Here the same liberation is depicted from the Trinity perspective.

The Paradise Trinity is the single interface between Deity and Reality. All of Deity finds reality manifestation through the Deity unity of the Trinity. We spent some time parsing the bottom-up perspective of the Trinity being the supersummative consequence of the three Persons and the top-down perspective of the Trinity appearing as the coordinate influence on the three original coexistent personalities. A holistic concept frame for the Trinity requires that we hold these two perspectives simultaneously.

The Universal Censor author goes to some length in making the point that reality itself is inconceivable without the Paradise Trinity. The cosmos is only comprehendible in any degree not as a collection of parts but as a coordinated whole. The Trinity is a cosmic inevitability.

Even at the level of evolutionary mortals, our very personalized self is a level of deified reality. Personality (spirit pattern) is the individuated deity influence which identifies with the self, enabled by the Trinity. Further complexities for our consideration: the Trinity touches all reality, but only existentially. It falls to Mother Deity to “experientialize” it.

The Trinity allows for I AM separation into reality absolutes while maintaining Deity unity.

10:1 Self-Distribution of the First Source and Center

Note the emphasis on the Father’s self-distribution and delegation as the Universal Creator, all the while keeping in mind the Father’s obedience to the Trinity Deity behind him. Once the separation of the I AM into the Three Persons takes place, further separation continues into myriads of other things and beings in the cosmos, unity being maintained all the while by the Trinity.

Listen to the archive for further details concerning the specifics of how the “personality of the infinite” is prevented from becoming God the Infinite through the coordinate functioning of the Trinity in the existence of the other two Persons.

Creator Son bestowals on evolutionary worlds provide a downstepped relativity whereby the nature and character of divine personality can be apprehended by mortal man.

10:2 Deity Personalization

The is another version of the story of the unpacking of the I AM in the theoretical origins of the three existential persons, this time effected by the technique of trinitization, the functioning of the Trinity. Of the three Persons only the Father is purely existential. The existential representation of the 2nd and 3rd Persons are the Eternal Son, and the Conjoint Actor. The experiential nature of the 2nd and 3rd Persons is signaled by the use of the frequently encountered term Mother, as in Eternal Mother Son and Infinite Mother Spirit.

Here we find:

  • the First Source and Center as the infinite father personality,
  • the Eternal Son as the unqualified personality absolute, and
  • the Infinite Spirit as the conjoint personality.

The Three Persons are each unique and original. They are portrayed to us in terms of their coordinate function and identity in their triune relationships. The Father is father by virtue of being parent to the Son, but knows no ancestral antecedents. The Son experiences sonship and the joint parenthood of the Spirit. And the Spirit is conscious of his twofold ancestry but is not parent to a coordinate Deity personality. Here the personalization of the existential persons finds completion.

Our author knows the Trinity as unified Deity. He further knows the Father, Son and Spirit in their definite personal capacities. He is also aware of their personal and collective acts as well as their coordinate performances in various groupings, such that they function in seven different combinations causing realities of the universe to appear in seven variations of values, meanings, and personality.

Notes by Brad

  • Transcendence is a core principle to interpreting The Urantia Book in truth.
    • The Supreme can work with any set of facts to lead to good, not because it's a puppetmaster, but because it's transcendent.
    • Each point of your mind touches every point of your body simultaneously. And your mind also has many points.
    • The Paradise Trinity is transcendent of reality.
    • Truth has a transcendental relationship to fact.
      • You must transcend the words of the 5th ER to access truth.
      • So truth is not an easy concept. Quid est veritas?
    • It makes sense to a human mind. But not an animal mind. You must take delight in cultivating... an ability to know certain things, despite all appearances to the contrary.
    • It's not magic. It's transcendence.

  • The Paradise Trinity is not some other part. It is the whole. It is not a part.
    • You cannot understand it through the material intellect.
    • Has your (mis)education disrupted the unity of your mind? Too individuality like? Too disrupted to know the truth? Likely. Let God help.
  • The Paradise Trinity is the one and only facet of Deity that directly engages reality.
    • All Deity engages reality through the Paradise Trinity.
    • Reality is an avatar of the functioning and fact of Deity.
    • Without the Paradise Trinity, reality is unthinkable.