Episode:Existential Deity—The Paradise Trinity (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

The First, Second, and Third Persons of Deity are equal to each other, and they are one. “The Lord our God is one God.” There is perfection of purpose and oneness of execution in the divine Trinity of eternal Deities. The Father, the Son, and the Conjoint Actor are truly and divinely one. Of a truth it is written: “I am the first, and I am the last, and beside me there is no God.”

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Keywords: Urantia, Supremacy, Ultimacy, Absoluteness, The Father-Infinite

Opening thought: The Lord reigns for ever; he has established his throne for judgment. He rules the world in righteousness and judges the peoples with equity. The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalms 9

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Commentary conversation started with an observation that social interactions in a religious context of today are often characterized by aversion to contention and conflict as if all is harmonious, and to acknowledge disharmony is somehow irreligious or ungodly leading to an “it’s all good” attitude. We noted the material-comfort era tends to breed an aversion to taking up the rugged challenges of transmuting kindred spirit feelings into kindred mind mobilization in solving the manifold problems of advancing civilization. Our discussion was framed in the interplay of the inner life and the outer life and their relation to spirit gravity and material gravity. The distracting allurements of the outer life have the effect of strengthening the influence of material gravity and a corresponding weakening of the influence of spirit gravity in the inner life. Deliverance from the flesh does not terminate the action of material gravity, as the story of the system rebellion demonstrate.

The revealed existence of the universe courts should make clear the fact that disputes and differences of viewpoint exist at the highest levels of the superuniverse government. Further, the presence functioning of the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy in the perfect Central Universe, revealed in the previous section of this paper as one of a group of ten personalities the Stationary Sons of the Trinity whose job it is to apply the judgment of the Paradise Trinity, should give us all pause when we ponder the nature of perfection on high.

No being finds eternity of existence outside of righteousness (conformity with the cosmos). And since the 4th ER this righteousness does not have to be approached in fear, notwithstanding Proverbs 9:10. Jesus came with the invitation to enter the kingdom of heaven (the inner life) and, once established, this kingdom of heaven becomes a impregnable and "absolutely unassailable" citadel of the spirit.

10:7 The Overcontrol of Supremacy

Through the use of Old Testament scriptures (Deuteronomy 6:4 and Isaiah 44:6) the author of our paper portrays the Trinity in a bottom-up recognition of a fourth fact in absoluteness. The Trinity is a literal organic fact of the three Persons together as one, an indivisible phase of Deity relative to the three personalizations. We know that the truth of monotheism is transcendently revealed in the oneness of Deity. In the physics of reality this unitary Deity is encountered in the separate reality avatars of the three Persons, and beyond to include all 700,000 individual Creator Sons. Note the Old Testament writers were ignorant of the detailed specifics of the 5th ER, yet their writings are imbued with the truths of Deity and reality.

To finite level mortals both the Trinity and the Supreme Being appear to only be concerned with the total, be it planet, universe, superuniverse, and grand universe. Recall the Paradise Trinity is the Whole while the Trinity of Supremacy is the whole of the finite, not the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is like (but less than) the Trinity of Supremacy with respect to the finite, transcendent of the finite and engaging that which is below in whole-like fashion. But it is also other than the Trinity of Supremacy in that the Almighty aspect of the Supreme Being is a bottom-up summation. Consider this likeness (reflection of attitude) of the Supreme Being with the Trinity of Supremacy as a likeness in the sense of the individuality of the whole bearing a likeness to the Whole. Remember: God the Supreme as God the Mother comes down from the Trinity of Supremacy as the individuality of the whole.

From the bottom-up, the Supreme Being has not yet actualized. Thus, the three Persons as persons do not function with the Supreme Being. However, existentially the three Persons do function with the Supreme Being as the Trinity of Supremacy, not experientially with God the Mother. These same relationships can be transcendently elevated to describe relationship of the Trinity of Ultimacy and God the Ultimate as God the Mother.

Again, recall that from the eternity viewpoint there is no evolutionary bringing into existence the Supreme Being and God the Supreme. The Supreme One has existed from eternity. So the mind-boggling question becomes what are the Supreme One and the Ultimate One divorced from evolution and eventuation?

In speaking of the overcontrol of Supremacy being unpredictable the uppercase “S” dignifies the function of Deity on the Supreme level, which we are told is not wholly predictable due to incompleteness of the Supreme himself and incompleteness of finite reaction to the Trinity.

In the face of the catastrophes of evolutionary life we ask, "is God the Supreme functioning?" Recognizing the distinction between the Supreme and the Trinity of Supremacy both facets of Deity functioning on the Supreme level the revelators confess ignorance of mechanisms but declare that their observations over time disclose that these so-called catastrophes always work out to the good. It is here that we can derive the idea that in supremacy, there are no coincidences. Philosophic certitude is available through logic and is available in the absence of the certainty of scientific analysis and reason.

10:8 The Trinity Beyond the Finite

As previously mentioned, the Trinity relationships in the finite can be extrapolated, albeit transcendently, with some accuracy into the absonite-Ultimate space. The parallel is not a trivial one but nonetheless qualifiedly valid. Consider the following parallel statements:

  • “The unification of the grand universe is the evolving act of the Supreme and is probably reflective of certain, but not all phases of the finite overcontrol of the Paradise Trinity.”
  • We can say the same thing applied to the Ultimate: “The unification of the master universe is the eventuating act of the Ultimate and is probably reflective of certain, but not all phases of the absonite overcontrol of the Paradise Trinity.”

There are complexities involved with this parallel, but it is still valid.

Considering the absolute level finding a similar parallel is most problematic. Remember supreme and ultimate levels are evolutionary. On the absolute level the time perspective must be modified to the top-down “end from the beginning” mode.

The remainder of the paper and of the broadcast was taken with attempting to engage the complexities of transcending the finite and absonite levels to absolute functioning of the Trinity. There is revelatory speculation about such things. In the culmination of the Paradise ascent, finaliters will have attained perfection in all that pertains to the will of God and will thence go in quest of the superfinite Father. The revelators express uncertainty as to the finaliters’ success in this endeavor, but they go on to confess downright doubt that they will be able to attain the superultimate levels of absolute Deity.

And going beyond even absoluteness to infinity, they tell us only infinity can disclose the Father-Infinite!

Notes by Brad

  • Inner versus outer life
    • Consider the Amish. Their technique of keeping the inner and outer lives definitively separated is to bound themselves away from as much outer-life temptation as possible.
    • Perhaps for a time that's appropriate in your life if, as a child of God, you are especially genetically or otherwise predisposed to being tempted by the outer life.
    • But this is not sustainable. We are clearly called to be in the world, but not of the world.
      • After all, Jesus took his apostles down from the mountain and back into the world.
    • You can't avoid the outer life forever.
    • Someday you must grow up. On your own you must acquire the strength to withstand any quantity of outer-life temptation.
      • You are not liberated from material gravity on the mansion worlds.
    • So there is material gravity the body experiences (jump off a cliff) and material gravity the mind exists (depression)
      • And this mindal material gravity is transcendently more powerful that physical material gravity.
    • Think it's hard here and now? Recall that this is what happened to Lucifer, a creature created by Gods and had lived for billions of years.
    • So better to start now, while the stakes are comparatively low!
      • Use this life well. Have a soul in this life that will serve you well in the next life.
  • What the religionists have called "temptation" of the world, we might just call "mindal material gravity." Just a little more scientific precision.

  • Conflict avoidance: is it popular for you?
    • You are quite likely experiencing that old chestnut: religion as escapism.
      • To the extent people still do this, the atheists have a point.
      • This is sentimental foolishness.
      • If you're here, almost surely you'll be disillusioned about this by some crisis this escapist philosophy can deal with.
  • Thinking that the next life will be free of conflict, judgment, and other "ouches" things?
    • Were that the case, none of those being made for justice administration would exist.
    • In the innermost circuit of the sacred spheres of Paradise, there are the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy. Judgment is there.
    • And on Paradise, there is the Trinity of Absoluteness completely encompassing the three persons of Deity. Judgement is there.
      • The three persons literally exist in righteousness—justice.
  • Righteousness must be dealt with.
    • Can be dealt with through fear. The animal-origin self only understands this. Love cannot tame the animal in you, any more than love would tame a T-Rex dinosaur.
    • Can be dealt with through love. If you love God enough, you will do whatever it takes to be righteous.

  • Good news: there is an inner domain that is "absolutely unassailable" [100:2.7] from fear and the outer life's problems.
    • This inner bastion loves righteousness. If you consecrate it properly with your freewill choice.
    • A religious domain, a salvable domain, a liberated domain.
    • Don't accept a bubble of escapism in the lower domain as a substitute for this.