Episode:Experiential Deity—Bestowals of Christ Michael (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The bestowals of Michael as a Melchizedek Son, then as a Lanonandek Son, and next as a Material Son are all equally mysterious and beyond explanation. In each instance he appeared suddenly and as a fully developed individual of the bestowal group. The mystery of such incarnations will never be known except to those who have access to the pertinent secret records on Sonarington.

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Keywords: Urantia, Second Bestowal, Lanonandek Son, Third Bestowal, Material Son

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The Michael bestowals are a seven step process whereby he is acquiring Supreme Deity. Listen again to our discussion of how each bestowal in synchronized with the specific will of a particular Master Spirit, such that the bestowal manifests the nature of the will of each Master Spirit in experiential reality. Reading ahead we see that Michael’s Melchizedek bestowal was revelatory of the divinity manifestation of Master Spirit #7, the united will of the Father, Son, and Spirit. This synchronizes with the fact that Master Spirit #7 acts as the voice for The Supreme Being prior to actualization. The first bestowal establishes an essence of wholeness of the Supreme, with the substance following in the other six bestowals.

Further discussion revisited the issues of the use of the term Son and Father with respect to the father function as initiator and the son’s inheritance of the initiator role through the function of personality, irrespective of maleness or femaleness. Additionally, considerations of maleness and femaleness were explored in the different roles performed in terrestrial family units, with females providing place-like influence while the male acts in a directionizing role. In so doing they express the deity function of Mother and Father, respectively. Go back and listen for further details.

We take Michael’s declarations prior to each of his bestowals, that his absence from universe headquarters is for the purpose of doing the bidding of his Paradise Father to mean he will again put himself in cooperative subordination to the Paradise Trinity. And he does this to qualify for universe sovereignty, to rule in the manner of the future rule of the Supreme Being, as we read in [120:0.3]. This implies that the addition of experiential nature on an existential origin represents an attainment above and higher than the purely existential. The Father thus functions as the initiator and foundation for all experiential reality in subordination to the Paradise Trinity. We have been told that the two “sides” of the Universal One of Infinity are the Paradise Trinity and the First Center (a facet of the Deity of the Father).

The Paradise Trinity is the existential gateway to the experiential for all other existentials, the singular interface fact. Mother Deity stems from the Paradise Trinity and is the overarching fact of experiential Deity. All other experiential Deity comes under this and all experiential reality comes under that.

Note how it is that Immanuel, a Supreme Trinity Union of Days acting as Paradise counselor to the Creator Son is the only being in Nebadon who does not acknowledge subordination to Michael. He a representative of the Trinity and in a certain sense represents the Father to the court of the Creator Son.

119:2 The Second Bestowal

The first bestowal was as a Melchizedek Son assigned to twenty-four missions of universe emergency. In this second bestowal he serves as a Lanonandek Son succeeding the deposed rebel System Sovereign, Lutentia, setting a theme for future bestowals as redemptive, remedial, and rehabilitative efforts in response to rebellion and default. We also note that at the time of this bestowal and the next one as well Urantia had not yet evolved eukaryotic life forms. With the first inhabited planets in Nebadon dating from 200 billion years ago, we surmise that many planets would have progressed deep into light and life at the time of this second bestowal, and all without the Spirit of Truth.

Some of the similarities between bestowals we noted are the noontime appearance of the incarnated Michael occurring three days after his disappearance from Salvington, and his appearance in the company of a lone assistant, in this case a tertiaphim. In addition he is bearing credentials from the Ancients of Days and certification from Immanuel. The three standard day interim period between his vanishing and appearance incarnated as the bestowal being actually represents some 36 plus days of Urantia time, suggesting that the back door incarnation process is complex and not a magical instantaneous occurrence.

We all marveled at Lutentia’s remark upon the departure of the celebrated Lanonandek, “Just and righteous are you in all your ways”, and yet Lutentia persisted in his rejection of Paradise rule.

119:3 The Third Bestowal

This bestowal has Michael incarnating as a Material Son, yet acting as a Planetary Prince on a world of secession, ensnared in the second systemwide rebellion in Nebadon history. This emergency Material Son was able to redeem the defaulting Planetary Prince and his entire staff. This time Michael reappeared on Salvington on the third day following his conclusion of the third bestowal. With the completion of this bestowal it became evident to all Nebadon why Michael engaged in these bestowals in the likeness of some subordinate creature. Each bestowal confers more of the substance of Supremacy on Michael.

Our author reminds us that the mysterious and inexplicable aspects of these episodes will forever be known only to those beings with access to the inner circle of records on the sacred sphere of Sonarington.

Even though subsequent to this bestowal Material Sons or Daughters in Nebadon have never been tempted to complain of their assignments or find fault with the difficulties of their missions, we Urantia inhabitants know only too well they are not immune to the deception and sophistry of higher types of rebel personalities. We tried to imagine how these progressive local universe episodes raise the experiential foundations for all subsequent administrators and ascenders.

Notes by Brad

  • Being a serious student
    • Paper 119 is an "easy read" on its face. Cool. Many papers are not. So it's easy to pick it up most anytime.
    • Can you accept the challenge of slowing down and trying to synthesize it into your holistic understanding of the 5th ER as it stands at that time?
    • Can you read Paper 119 and relate it to the geology papers, for example? We give some example of that here...

  • Why is the first bestowal revealing Master Spirit #7? (Father, Son, and Spirit)
    • To achieve a measure of supremacy, it's logical the this one would be the initiator of the bestowal process.
    • Lay out the wholeness, then fill in that wholeness in the remaining 6 bestowals.

  • What is "the bidding of the Paradise Father?"
    • Putting oneself in cooperative subordination to the Paradise Trinity, just as the Father did.

  • There's a lot more to being a biological father or mother than meets the eye
    • The 5th ER shows us the top-down view, and if we can get out of old wineskins we can see our true nature in a new light.

  • The second bestowal is not a non-sequitur
    • In the first, he was an emergency son as a Melchizedek
    • Here, in the second, is another crisis. the first systemwide rebellion in Nebadon's history.

  • By the time eukaryotic life was planted on our world, there already had been 3 bestowals.
    • It already was a different local universe than those previous worlds in our local universe.
    • A very different environment.
    • Our world was born into a different context--its nurture was different than those worlds that started 200 billion years ago.
    • This kind of thinking is what brings the 5th ER to life, allowing truth to flow in your life and mind.

  • Intriguing patterns of the cosmos not fully explained in the 5th ER other than their disclosure...
    • So many things happen at mid-day in the cosmos.
    • So many things take 3 days (standard days--to us that'd be like 18 days)

  • How was Michael "strange" when he incarnated as a System Sovereign?
    • Not part of the local universe system--as in extraneous.
    • Not in the more recent and popular "bizarre" sense.

  • Let your animal-origin thoughts play out: "Why didn't Michael save our system? He did it in Polonia in 17 standard years!!"

  • It's sad to record... that most people on our world today are like Lutentia.
    • "My self is more important than anything else."
    • "That guy seems cool, but I'm cooler."

  • Michael's sudden appearance is not the same as the phase change in biological evolution that causes biological evolution's suddenlys.
    • But in both cases, neither involves magic molecules or micromanagement by some ghost cult god.