Episode:Experiential Deity—Bestowals of Christ Michael (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The first appearance of Michael incarnated in the role of one stage of mortal evolution was an event which thrilled and enthralled all the universe of his creation. He appeared on the superuniverse headquarters as a fully developed and perfectly trained spirit mortal and, as such, continued his career up to the occasion of the advancement of a group of ascending mortals to the central universe.

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Keywords: Urantia, Bestowals Four Through Six, Supreme Seraphim, Third-Stage Spirit, Morontia Ascender

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We are reminded that inhabited planets progressing to light and life in a particular local universe prior to the Creator Son’s attainment of full sovereignty still receive a Spirit of Truth. This is a joint spirit of both Paradise Sons which differs somewhat from the Spirit of Truth of the Creator Son bestowed following his seventh creature bestowal. This joint spirit is universally upgraded following a Creator Son’s final creature bestowal in the flesh.

Following Michael's career from the time viewpoint, bottom-up, we observe Michael acquiring Supreme-type Deity. In preparation for understanding Michael’s final three bestowals we adopt the eternity viewpoint, with the recognition from this perspective Michael already possesses Supreme-type Deity and the narrative portrays its emergence and manifestation in time. We have attempted to entertain this perspective throughout this arc. This is the “end from the beginning” scenario. Enabled by our encircuitment in the Holy Spirit comprehending Mother Deity involves the same reciprocation.

Begin this journey first considering Deity and approach an understanding of Reality in its causal sequence relative to the functioning of Deity. With increasing facility at this new cosmic orientation comes actual daily life enhancements, “behold all things are becoming new!”

119:4 The Fourth Bestowal

The mention of the periodic millennial roll calls of Uversa attracted our notice. What might their significance be, accustomed as we are to thinking in a bottom-up manner? This led us to take a brief side trip in considering some of the particulars of universe time keeping vis á vis the Paradise-Havona day and its relation to the Julian and Gregorian calendars, being just seven and three-eighths seconds short of one thousand years of our present-day leap-year calendar. Listen for the full details.

The fourth bestowal was as a seraphim, attached to twenty-six master teachers as a teaching counselor. The first three bestowals were as descending sons, this bestowal is in a transitional, fulcrum or reciprocating position with the final three bestowals as an ascending mortal. As we understand, seraphim are designated by the female pronoun “she”, suggesting increasing Mother Deity expression. While this seraphim’s assignments do not specifically suggest they are emergency situations as with the first three bestowals, she is accompanied by a supernaphim, who are known to function outside of Paradise in extraordinary circumstances. Note the supernaphim who is our current planetary chief of seraphic hosts, and president of the council of the twelve seraphic chiefs of the planetary seraphic government, serving in place of the defaulting chief from the times of the Caligastia secession. Additionally, we see that Gabriel is in attendance for this, and all subsequent bestowals. Citing the etymology of the name Gabriel, “man of God”, and noting his nature, as like his creator parents save for their creator abilities, his attendance is notable inasmuch as his incarnation is not as a descending son.

This seraphim served for forty years of standard time, nearly twice as long as previous assignments. Logistical speculation led us to ascribe the extra time as compensation for the number of assignments and possible commuting constraints, also noting that the constellations of assignment being of a smaller numeric designation might indicate a shorter commute. With the increasingly lower forms of universe life on successive bestowals, Gabriel becomes much more active in liaison activities between the bestowed Michael and Immanuel.

119:5 The Fifth Bestowal

This time, a little over 300 million years ago Michael prepares for departure to Uversa beyond the borders of Nebadon. He is now in the likeness of an ascending third-stage spirit of mortal origin. Here is where we are challenged to adopt a top-down perspective. From the time viewpoint Michael has not yet bestowed as Jesus. But top-down we are witnessing the mortal ascender Jesus would have become. Remember, the same personality is present in all bestowals. Instead of this ascender Eventod having fused with a Thought Adjuster, we surmise he is fused with Michael’s fusion spirit previously discussed in our earlier arc on Jesus Faces Death.

The order of these final three bestowals apparently in reverse chronological order truly illustrates the “end from the beginning” perspective needed for logically understanding creature-Creator unifying Deity. Our author remarks on the heightened interest Michael’s bestowals and particularly the scheme of creature progression are attracting abroad in Nebadon now that Michael is in the role of an ascending mortal.

119:6 The Sixth Bestowal

As Michael prepared for the sixth bestowal as a morontia mortal at the courts of the Most Highs of constellation #5, he also unveils his intention to make his seventh and final bestowal in the likeness of mortal flesh. And as we have mentioned earlier, details of his exploits are sadly lacking due to revelation mandate restrictions.

Universe administration of Nebadon had been gradually reflective of Michael’s increasing acquirement of creature viewpoint with successive bestowals, but this and the final bestowal made this viewpoint much more apparent.

Termination of this sixth incarnation was marked by a grand reception on Salvington, attended by millions upon millions of being from all the constellation headquarters of Nebadon. Remember, concomitant with the completion of these bestowals, the universe status of Nebadon advances.

So it is with these 5th and 6th bestowals we have at least a sketchy picture of Jesus’ ascension from material mortal to spirit status preparatory to the Central Universe experience.

For clarification, Endantum, the location of the 6th bestowal, should be interpreted as the name of the headquarters sphere of constellation #5 and not the name of the constellation itself.

Notes by Brad

  • We speak of Creator Sons from the time viewpoint (chronologically)
    • But recall they have an end from the beginning quality. There is the eternity viewpoint.
    • From the eternity viewpoint, he has all Supreme-type deity from the beginning. You just begin to see it manifest in time.
    • You need this perspective to understand the final 3 bestowals properly, as they appear to be done in reverse order.

  • A millennial roll call of Uversa--what's that?
    • Every time the innermost circuit goes are (one Paradise-Havona day), that comprises a millennia for the superuniverses.
    • A millennial roll call is not a bottom-up dispensational resurrections here. It's not like the others!
    • See [Paper 14] for more on this. "A day is as a thousand years" etc.
    • How intriguing how close 1,000 Urantia years is to one Paradise-Havona day.

  • The fourth bestowal is the middle bestowal.
    • And it's a seraphim. Which is more female-like as explained throughout the 5th ER.
    • And it's right in the center. And is a linkage/connection between the descending and ascending bestowals.
    • Michael "turns" to the remaining 3 bestowals in [119:4.6]. More language suggesting fulcrums and centrality.
    • Another pattern of Mother deity playing itself out?
    • Why being accompanied by a supernaphim? They hang out on the Isle of Paradise, after all
      • Well, they deal with rehabilitation circumstances. So maybe Michael is doing "emergency" work again?
    • And Gabriel accompanies him on the non-son bestowals (those after #3)
    • Maybe constellation 3 is closer to Salvington, and in a denser part of space
      • Why? Otherwise, in just 40 years he could not have traveled to 22 different worlds if they were far apart.
      • As a seraphim can only travel 3x the speed of light
  • Michael's "secretary" role was very elevated--this way beyond an executive secretary.

  • Jesus as a third-stage spirit
    • His "onetime mortal origin" is not just a clever forgery. It's end from the beginning stuff. He hasn't been Jesus yet, chronologically, yet he encompasses that already at this time.

  • Where "the whole" is involved, it isn't linearly calculable through parts
    • You must just trust.
    • Even high beings in a local universe did not have the 7 bestowal scheme's overall arc "dawn on them" until bestowal #5. It's very back door, from the whole.
    • We speak often of the back door versus front door analogy in this paper. We've also called this through the looking glass in this arc.