Episode:Experiential Deity—Bestowals of Christ Michael (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Michael was born a creator, educated an administrator, trained an executive, but he was required to earn his sovereignty by experience. And thus has our little world become known throughout all Nebadon as the arena wherein Michael completed the experience which is required of every Paradise Creator Son before he is given unlimited control and direction of the universe of his own making.

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Keywords: Urantia, Seventh Bestowal, Material Mortal, Postbestowal Status, Master Son

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

To clarify, the periodic millennial roll calls of Uversa referred to [119:4.1] occur each Paradise-Havona day, which happen to very closely coincide with a thousand years of Urantia time, hence are known as millennial roll calls and are a superuniverse event.

Michael’s fourth bestowal as a seraphic teaching counselor, a position subordinate to the master teachers of his attachment, underscores the humbling nature of the entire bestowal scheme conducted in cooperative subordination to the Paradise Trinity, thus qualifying him to rule Nebadon in a manner characteristic of the sometime future exalted rule of the Supreme Being.

119:7 The Seventh and Final Bestowal

Listen to our discussion concerning terms and phrasing used by the revelators to stimulate reader reflection and synthetic logic in seeking a deeper understanding of the text. In this particular case, the author remarks that “for tens of thousands of years we all looked forward to the seventh and final bestowal of Michael.” With approximately 150 million years between bestowals, why do they say for tens of thousands of years they all looked forward? Rather than dismissing incongruities in the text, we are challenged to subordinate ourselves to the revelation’s authoritative elimination of error and question some of the fundamental assumptions of our current cosmic concept frames. Is this not part of cultivating courageous and independent cosmic thinking?

We note that as the bestowals proceed, they are accompanied by less and less secrecy, such that by this time Urantia was publicized as the theater for the final bestowal. Even so, the incarnation of Michael as a helpless babe born of woman was not a certainty until the Bethlehem birth was announced. Why a birth announcement instead of the conception? Personalities are registered by the personality record keepers on the universe records at the time of birth [37:3.7].

To what manner of risk does our author refer when calling this the most precarious step in all of Michael’s career? Surely it is not a matter of physical safety. We suspect it is due to the relatively lengthy period prior to his reaching adulthood and stability of personality control coupled with the planetary conditions prevailing as a result of the Lucifer rebellion which would confront him in the humble form and likeness of mortal flesh. Again, we see a trust in the stability of the cosmos.

We are again reminded of the mysteries of the incarnation of Deity—one of the secrets of Sonarington—which will remain forever beyond the reach of all save those who have undergone the bestowal experience.

The author gives some of the backstory not included in Part IV concerning the only supernatural event associated with Jesus’ birth, wherein seraphim in liaison with midwayers notify the Chaldean priests, the three wise men of biblical fame, who in turn visited the newborn child in Bethlehem. Listen to the discussion of Vevona, introduced in [37:5] onetime associate of Adam and Eve, who led the seraphic serenade at Jesus’ birth.

119:8 Michael’s Postbestowal status

The joint pronouncement from Paradise of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son declaring Michael sole sovereign of Nebadon caught our attention. Such a pronouncement would appear to be at odds with the purely existential nature of the Universal Father. We time-bound creatures struggle with attempts to reckon eternity events in consonance with our natural past, present, future concept frame when imagining the pronouncement in eternity manifesting at a particular point in time. Included in the pronouncement was a recall to Paradise of the Trinity Sons of counsel, i.e., Immanuel, the Union of Days, and the Faithfuls of Days serving on the constellation headquarters throughout Nebadon. But Michael would not consent, and his request for their permanent assignment to Nebadon service was granted.

The very fact that Michael was required to earn sovereignty by experience, and that experience entailed the education and training of such a high being (personalized Deity) of origin in two of the three Paradise Deities testifies to the cosmic value of experience in augmenting God’s existential perfection.

The bestowals served to provide Michael with intimate knowledge of various natures of creature personality as well as personalizing the divinity manifestations of the seven differing natures of the Seven Master Spirits; the synthetic unity of which is the will of the Supreme Being.

As a Master Son, Christ Michael continues to reveal the will of Supreme Deity, and as a member of one of the divine corps constituting the first experiential Trinity is anticipated to be collaborating with the Supreme Being in the universes of outer space in some kind of absonite function.

The paper and our arc conclude with Jesus’ promise to sometime return to our world, the World of the Cross.

Notes by Brad

  • Being a serious student
    • Work with one of the books "little laboratories"
      • Read a sentence like "for tens of thousands of years..." and your mind says "that's an error in the book. It should say millions."
      • But you have an untested assumption. Your concept frame needs adjustment
      • Sit with this for awhile. Get above it to know it, and see sentences like this anew. Let your by-grace encircuitment in the Holy Spirit pull you back. Humbly!
      • Seek the feeling you've never felt. The thought you've never had.
      • An analytic quest down in the horizontal plane will not yield success. You must look up.
    • How can you expect to deal with Total Deity if you can't deal with little experiments like this?

  • Deductive reasoning on high, generally speaking, is very conservative.
    • "But we really do not know" is quite a catchphrase in the 5th ER.

  • Jesus was put on the personality registers of the universe when he was born, when he separated from his mother.
    • The potential for an individual personality is there as soon as the baby is independent of the physical system of the biological mother.

  • You can trust. even in the lowliest material system, there is integrity.
    • Jesus incarnating as a "helpless babe" is his living lesson exemplifying that trust.

  • [119:7.6] very nearly belongs in Part IV, as it fills in several facts not relayed in Part IV about Jesus' birth.

  • This arc's heavy material humbled this author!
    • Experiential Deity can hardly be understood scientifically by us mortals, but can (and here have) attempt to approach it philosophically, from the top-down.
    • Michael became a Master Son. That's a deep appellation, not just some romantic or flowery notion. There's the Master Universe, after all...