Episode:Experiential Deity—God the Supreme (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

Man does not unite with the Supreme, the cosmic oversoul, and submerge his personal identity; but the universe repercussions of the experience of all men do thus form a part of the divine experiencing of the Supreme. "The act is ours, the consequences God’s." The progressing personality leaves a trail of actualized reality as it passes through the ascending levels of the universes.

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Keywords: Urantia, Oversoul of Creation, Finaliter Transcendation, Spirit of Truth, The Ultimate Father

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

SoS discussed the phenomenon of optical focalization in a crude attempt to understand the Mother as focalizer in the evolution of the Supreme Being.

With an optical image which is not focused, the parts of the elements of the focused image are smeared out over the entire visual field creating a blur effect. This is not equivalent to a decrease in partwise digital resolution. It is a more holistic dispersion of the information of the parts spread over the entire image. Thus the original acuity of the image is not restored by enhancing the resolution of parts of the elements.

Analogizing to the cosmos, the meaning of the Whole is not built up part by part. The summation aspect of the evolving Supreme is enabled by the holistic focalizing of the elements which are spread over everyone and everything coming together (focused) as relatively completed parts in the full summation. So our portion of de-focused cosmic meaning has a synchronization potential throughout the cosmos. Reciprocally elements of each being and experience can become synchronized with other beings and experiences across the entire universe of universes. Each of us is participating in the cosmic creativity of all others. We are intimately dually connected with God, with our Adjuster (Father), individually and in relation to the Whole (Mother). Herein is the basis for true morality, duty to the cosmos. We are each a part of an intimately and reciprocally related cosmic system.

117:5 The Oversoul of Creation

The term oversoul harkens back in human history to Brahmanic philosophy where creature personality does not persist beyond the native sphere. Mortal death marks the return of a drop of water to the ocean (the oversoul). While this Brahmanic concept does approach the truth of the Supreme, “oversoul” used here speaks to the 5th ER idea of the cosmic oversoul of the grand universe described as the facet of Deity we call the Supreme and its influence in reality. As the paragraph continues, hopefully we are becoming more adept at recognizing the precision of terminology used by the revelators in their portrayal of the processes of summation and focalizing of the Almighty and the Mother as a unified evolution. Without stepping through particulars, note the significance of the use of upper and lower case “d” deity in distinction to “divinity.”

The second paragraph reminds us that we begin our journey as mindal selves emerging from the source of mind (Third Source and Center), as potentially personal. The post mortal destiny of a purely mindal self is in fact as a drop of water merging with the ocean. It is the cosmic fact of personality which prevents this diffusion into the whole. As mentioned copies of this self do find registration in the continuing Thought Adjuster and the Supreme, but the individuality of the original self is encompassed and maintained in personality. Unfortunately the Brahmanic philosophy never progressed to the soul saving persistence of a personal nature.

The third paragraph of the section takes us pilgrim ascenders to the threshold of ultimate destiny. The mysterious experience of finaliter transcendation upon our muster into the Corps of the Finality is explained to us as a new engagement with the spirit-gravity circuit of the Eternal Son, whereby the spirit-gravity pull which has drawn us unceasingly Paradiseward on our ascent to perfection, Father-seeking, somehow changes polarity (spirit gravity reciprocation) and draws us as finaliters outward from the Isle to the fullness of the cosmos infinite, Supreme nature acquiring and Supreme seeking, all the while 6th stage spirits. Then, the 6th stage spirit finaliters receive a spirit fragment of the actualized Supreme Being, becoming 7th stage spirits and transcend the finite! Listen carefully to the detailed discussion wherein these momentous transactions are described. Be certain to pay special attention to the involvement of the Mother and the Paradise Trinity. To summarize post-finaliter experience-“Your journey is founded existentially on the Paradise Trinity and proceeds outward to the fullness of the cosmos infinite through endless cycles of eternity, drawn outward and everywhere by the reciprocal spirit gravity of the Coabsolute Upholder reciprocated in a process called finaliter transcendation.”

Our path as a finaliter, God the Supreme seeking and God the Supreme nature acquiring, followed in the absonite (following actualization of the Supreme Being) by God the Supreme revealing, find parallel in Jesus as Father revealing in his final bestowal. We shall reveal the Supreme Father to absonite beings.

We find a second citation of an oft quoted passage taken from a human source. “The act is ours, the consequences God’s.” Listen to our discussion as to how this passage in truth is referring to the Supreme and not God the Father, as if the changeless father could experience consequences at the hands of his creatures. Here is another example of a human source speaking beyond his recognition.

Progressing personalities, being co-creative modify the threefold reality of cosmic environment. The Supreme’s registration of and reaction to these acts constitutes progress. Progress towards a purposed end.

Even our Mighty Messenger of high universe attainment confesses uncertainty as to the specific mechanisms whereby the manifold circuits of cosmic ministry register the meanings, values, and facts of evolutionary experience in the Supreme. He traces such mind meanings and spirit values as transmitted through the Sevenfold to the Supreme.

Listen also to the discussion dealing with the explanations as to why and possibly how the spiritual influences of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth are extended beyond their local universe sources to continue ministering to ascenders even to Paradise.

Further, a reminder that in our engagement with our Thought Adjuster we only directly interact with the experiential nature of the Adjuster and not the existential core. Such experiential nature also finds registration in the evolution of Supremacy. We are further reminded that the impersonal consequences of our use of the qualities and quantities of the finite do not become our possessions, but remain a part of the living cosmos, the Supreme person. However, the ascender does accumulate the character consequences of having used these quantities and qualities of the finite.

Even though as an individual we finite creatures will never have more than a limited experience contact with universe reality, the Supreme will eventually compensate for such limitation. When all creatures attain the final level of finite existence and after the manifestation of God the Supreme as an actual divinity presence creatures will attain contact with total experience. And the quest for the Father as Ultimate begins.