Episode:Experiential Deity—God the Supreme (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

The soul of an evolving mortal is really the son of the Adjuster action of the Universal Father and the child of the cosmic reaction of the Universal Mother. The mother influence dominates the human personality throughout the local universe childhood of the growing soul. And as a finaliter, the mother inheritance of the Supreme seeks full finite synchrony with the Adjuster inheritance of the Father.

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Keywords: Urantia, God the Mother, The Mother Supreme, The Universal Mother, Mother Love

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Discussion immediately following the summary explored the phenomenon of synchronicity, a coincidence of events appearing to be meaningfully related but with no apparent causal connection. The 5th ER’s cosmic concept frame allows for meaningful interpretation of these events as the fact of the Providence of the ubiquitous Mother who enwombs the whole as well as the end from the beginning. And this discovery underscores a sub-theme of our study, that time is not a reality, but an appearance.

Time appears, viewed from a particular vantage point. From the eternal viewpoint time does not exist and the eternal viewpoint is not a construct but a real viewpoint. This all leads to confronting a major challenge to students of the revelation, to recognize how our earliest concept frames of reality are projections of this appearance from a self-centered perspective. Remember that it is our encircuitment in the Holy Spirit which opens the door of possibility to attaining genuine objective consciousness.

We attempted a somewhat abstruse discussion of the parallel relation between the Supreme Being, Supreme Father, Ultimate One, and Ultimate Father. We even touched on the absolute and infinite aspects of the Father, their complexity and possible reasons for the revelators not capitalizing these terms in relation to this material. Listen carefully for the network of logic relating them.

A technical point: reference in the previous episode to our Creator Son’s seventh bestowal as a revelation of the Father should be clarified. His entire bestowal career consisted in Michael’s revealing the Father, inasmuch as he shares Father type Deity with him.

SoS calls attention to the occurrence of the word total in the final paragraph of [117:5.14]. It is the Mother who brings the totality attitude into the present of the finite, and creatures can find synchrony with it (her).

Note that this section six, in which the Universal Mother, Mother Supreme, and God the Mother are formally introduced and named occupies a position twenty-one sections from the beginning of Paper 115 and twenty-one sections from the end of Paper 119, those papers being what constitute the “Supreme Papers.” So we venture that such placement by the author suggests Mother as the individuality of the whole of the finite. Even so, the revelation of the Mother is not so definitive and direct in an analytic way. For a truthful recognition of the Mother the creature must employ a synthetic approach enabling individual reflective recognition.

117:6 The Quest for the Supreme

The section begins speaking of the Supreme in an evolutional context utilizing what appears to be Brahmanic passages suggesting ancient recognition of the Supreme, not God the Father. From the 5th ER perspective we can see the Supreme as the within and without of all things and beings in terms of the Supreme Father without and the Mother within. The Brahmanic passages also liken the Almighty Supreme to the form or body of the Supreme Being.

The true desire to find God and his will, must also include consciousness of the Supreme. Here’s the first introduction of Mother. God is our divine Father and the Supreme our divine Mother, suggesting that consecration of your will to the will of God is to be accompanied by the consecration of mind to the Mother. Why the apparent contradiction in calling the Supreme your divine Mother then reverting to another ancient passage, “How universal is the Supreme—he is on all sides!”? The revelation has high expectations of its students! We are supposed to transcend the Brahmanic view of the Supreme as “he” and recognize the Mother within and the Father without.

To help abstract the Supreme Father from the Universal Father, the author cites Michael of Nebadon in relation to his local universe in parallel manner with Supreme Deity’s function as conduit of Father’s love flowing outward and as the great path for ascenders seeking the Father. Note we find the Father beginning with anthropomorphic notions and transcending them. The Mother is to be found through abstracting the Mother as an individual from a top down Deity presence, not through a series of bottom-up, evermore refined, or even transcended anthropomorphic concepts.

Notwithstanding the use of specific nomenclature which includes the word Mother, the fourth paragraph of the section is the most direct explicit description of the Mother the revelators give. This strongly suggests restrictions placed upon them by the revelatory supervisors for more direct explanations of the Mother. We synthetically discover the Mother referred to as “some unrevealed but ubiquitous force of co-ordination, probably the functioning of the ever-enlarging action of the Supreme Being,” which is said to react to the cosmic value and universe meaning resulting from an individual creature’s act of choosing to do the will of the Father.

The following paragraph contains a passage often misread and cited by many as using the Universal Mother as another name for the Supreme Being. Careful reading of the sentence tells a different story.

The influence of the Deity parents begins with the mother influence dominating throughout the local universe. The mother-Father influences equalize during the superuniverse career and the Father nature become increasingly manifest through Havona culminating with admission to the Corps of the Finality. SoS identified those influences generally from the Father as initiation and directionizing. Mother influences were given as enwombing, focalizing, and upholding.

The author describes the continuing universe career as sixth stage spirits wherein the mother inheritance of the Supreme attains to finite synchrony with Father inheritance from the Adjuster. This is also referred to as the adult career of the ascendent and perfected mortal.

Going even beyond sixth stage spirit status to the seventh culminates in an eternal finaliter son of the Paradise Father and an eternal universe child of the Mother Supreme, qualified to represent both the Father and Mother in any activity pertaining to the finite administration of created, creating, or evolving things and beings.

The final two paragraphs of our evening’s reading, when unpacked elucidate the mechanism whereby a creature’s experience of the love of the Father (personal realization of divine fellowship) is dependent upon the Mother for capacity therefore and the pathway of bestowal to others. Fraternal affection may be the essence of the love of the Supreme, but the substance of brotherly love is the love of the Mother.