Episode:Experiential Deity—God the Supreme (Part 7)

From Symmetry of Soul

As a finite being, you will personally find the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, but not the Supreme; nevertheless, the Paradise ascent and subsequent universe career will gradually create in your consciousness the recognition of the universe presence and the cosmic action of the God of all experience. The fruits of the spirit are the substance of the Supreme as he is realizable in human experience.

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Keywords: Urantia, Mother Love, Supreme Seeking, Experiential Creation, Finite Destiny

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We reviewed the influences of the Father as that facet of Deity which initiates, and that which directionizes in distinction from the influences of the Mother as that facet of Deity which enwombs, that which focalizes, and that which upholds. More specifically, the directionizing of the Father of our path along a line was contrasted with the Mother’s focalizing quality. Focalization has an everywhere direction suggesting the coalescence of diffuse elements to an ordered whole. An additional observation of the midpoint location in [117] of section six reinforced Mother Deity’s Center and Source nature reciprocated from the Sources and Centers of the existential Deities. Mother Deity’s nature as revealed in the 5th ER is foundationally sourced throughout the entire revelation and explicitly centered in [117:6]. As noted the revelators do not mention the Mother in such straightforward a manner anywhere else in the revelation.

Turning our attention to Mother love, aka love of the Supreme, we see that in addition to mother influences, we find mention of mother inheritance. The mother influences of enwombing, focalizing, and upholding are not to be thought of as being inherited, but in terms of inheritance we find resonance in the Supreme of Paradise Trinity functions mentioned in [10:5.1], among which are totality attitudes, co-ordinate action, and cosmic overcontrol. These functions are inheritable from the Mother. An example of a child of the Supreme functioning in a cosmic overcontrol role in universe administration is a finaliter known in Satania as Tabamantia, chief of a corps of Nebadon directors of life modification worlds. More to the point, in reference to Mother love, her totality attitude is foundational. The implications for each of us now are far reaching. Father love is an exclusive inner-life experience. We truthfully apply this love of the Father through the totality attitude of the Mother. Both the love of the Father and the love of the Mother exemplify God as being no respecter of persons, but in reciprocal manner.

117:6.11 The Quest for the Supreme (cont.)

The Mother has been introduced formally and by name. Our author now moves on to the quest for the Supreme, as the Supreme, all the while tacitly demanding that we remember what we have read, reflected, recognized, and realized regarding the Mother. Such a quest now becomes presented in far greater complexity than we self-centered, bottom-up, animal-origin, finite creatures may have previously envisioned. We have spoken of our dual phase path to our finite destiny; God the Mother acquiring ascension phase, followed by God the Supreme nature acquiring phase as finaliters. Here we are reminded of other players in the drama of comprehending Supremacy in this experiential creation. We have the descending Paradise Citizens, who traverse the Havona circuits from the first circuit to the seventh. We of origin in the evolutionary universes are ascending through Havona in the circuit order seven to one. And thirdly we have the Havona natives acquiring their comprehension of the Supreme through contacts with the ascenders and descenders. This is truly a much more holistic process than we might have envisioned in our particular bottom-up path. Pause to consider, more than a time viewpoint is required. The top-down approach from the eternal realms to the finite must penetrate through absonity to reach Supremacy.

Think of the implications for the evolutionary universes that the actualization of the Supreme Being must await finaliters’ penetration to completion phase, which necessitates service in each of the other six non-native superuniverses. The inaccessibility of the Supreme depends not only on the individual ascender’s limitations but the collective incompletion of all creatures. Individuals can find God the Father, but all creatures are destined to find God the Supreme simultaneously.

Consider perhaps a new way of thinking about your ascension to find the Father, the Son and the Spirit. Instead of an experience in recognizing the personalities of the existential Deities as individuals in reality, imagine that such personality recognition occurs through synchronizing the mind with the Deity of each enabling discernment of the personality of each. Personality shares kinship with deity, and is the conduit of love. The recognition of the presence and action of God the Supreme is through the experience of the fruits of the spirit for these are the very substance of the Supreme.

Also consider that fusion with your Adjuster does not cannot reveal the infinite nature of God to a finite being, it does reveal the divinity and nature of God the Supreme, the Supreme Father. A challenge for those who would become adults of God, try engaging the deity perspective. As children of God we start with reality.

The Supreme is not infinite, but neither are we. We are destined to fully comprehend the Supreme Father, to extrapolate with a degree of certainty to understand ultimacy, but beyond this to say coabsolute levels, the introduction of the existential will require extrapolatory abstractions the likes of which we cannot now contemplate.

As mentioned, we can find the Father as an individual, but no single individual can find the Supreme until all find him simultaneously. The Father is found in the inner-life predicated on the truths of eternity not the facts of time. His relationship to each of us is changeless, from the moment of conception to attainment of seventh stage spirit status! The Father regards each creature as an individual, the Supreme regards all creatures as a single cosmic total, each being no respecter of persons in reciprocal meaning.

Do not forget that the actualization of the Supreme Being himself is more than the perfected self-realization by all personalities, thanks to the Mother, but includes the perfected matter-energy equilibrium throughout the universes, thanks to the Almighty.

Finding the Supreme is a long cumulative experiential journey of progression. Finding the Father is the supreme experience of finding the universe cause of this ascension journey. With our Father fragment as ever present companion on this journey the revelators challenge us to use our insight to recognize the very path we tread, the presence of the Supreme is indeed and truth the Mother!