Episode:Experiential Deity—Supreme and Ultimate (Part 2)

From Symmetry of Soul

The time unit of maturity is proportioned so to reveal the co-ordinate relationship of past-present-future that the self begins to gain insight into the wholeness of events, begins to view the landscape of time from the panoramic perspective of broadened horizons, begins perhaps to suspect the nonbeginning, nonending eternal continuum, the fragments of which are called time.

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Keywords: Urantia, Maturity, Time, Ubiquity, Omnipresence

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The facets of Deity of the Father are as follows: the First Center, the First Source, the Universal Father, the Universal Creator, the Universal Controller, and the Infinite Upholder. This is a correction from the summary of the 10/20/2020 episode.

The term “cycles of eternity” was explained as the revelators’ use of language in their attempt to liberate the concept of eternity from the notion of a linear never-ending-ness. As finite time bound intellects we adopt a quasi-linear sense of time going forward into transcended time (the absonite domain), and continuing to a future eternity end point. Pressing our conceptualizations still further into evermore transcendent extrapolations of sequence, we enter into experiential eternity, transcendent of all linear validity as cycles of ongoing-ness. Consider the cosmic material counterpart of the four increasingly gigantic yet sub-infinite outer-space levels, to suggest that the engagement of the infinite is something like sequential holistic endless cycles. Experiential eternity is reached by existentializing the experiential.

Attempting to grasp a way of thinking about existential eternity’s relation to time we explored an abstraction whereby eternity engages time as a punctual present moment of zero duration. In the shortest possible moment of time there are infinite punctual points of contact with existential eternity. The revelators in paragraphs four and five of [118:1] frame our cosmic maturity as proportional to the lengths of units of time consciousness. Past experience is evaluated through the lens of wisdom (insight), projected forward into the future (foresight), thus illuminating the meanings of the present which can be incorporated into the decision-action of the moment. Becoming more mature entails expanding the lengths of time consciousness which we subject to past-future insight and foresight to inform our present. In this process we find increasing liberation from the momentary present. This long long ever greater expansion of time units moves us toward experiential eternity. This path would be impossible were it not for the Thought Adjuster, which has an existential-eternal nature to which our personality can connect.

118:1.6 Time and Eternity (cont.)

Tiny paragraph six of this section is bigger than it looks. The revelators draw our attention to the practice of patience, a trait of enormous significance in our planetary history, e.g. Lucifer et al.,and Adam and Eve. And further reminding us that patience is transcended by maturity, forbearance born of real understanding. Follow the discussion of how patience and forbearance (patient restraint) are positioned in the hierarchy of the levels of meaning in the ascent to acquiring true cosmic character.

The author continues to expand on the idea of maturity based on the bringing of past experience into the present as an enhancement of the values of the future. Expanding the time unit of maturity is described in terms suggestive of the action of Mother Deity e.g., referring to a coordinate relationship of past-present-future enabling insight into the wholeness of events, leading to the view of time in panoramic perspective suggestive of time being fragments of a nonbeginning nonending eternal continuum.

From the absolute and eternal perspective reality is not distinguishable as either potential or actual. Ascenders who have made the eternal decision are reckoned by God as absolute to be Paradise finaliters already. But through the Adjuster fragments the Universal Father is able to participate in the full span of our creature ascent from the animal level to the Godlike.

118:2. Omnipresence and Ubiquity

Omnipresence and ubiquity represent two different aspects of everywhereness. From the etymology of the words we take omnipresence (all) to imply a transcendent everywhereness without. Ubiquity (any) implies an anywhere within. In this sense we can connect ultimacy with a transcendent omnipresence and the ubiquity of Deity to refer to the Supreme. By virtue of the Universal Father’s volition the three facets of experiential Deity, Supreme, Ultimate, and Absolute allow for the compensation, coordination, and unification of his ubiquity (think Supreme), omnipresence (think Ultimate), and universal and absolute presence. And in these functions we can find Mother Deity.

When considering Deity’s relationship to reality, in one mode we speak of Deity “substance” or as we have come to say a “Deity stuff.” In another aspect we speak of Deity’s influence on reality in the divinity-reality mode. Further, the association of ubiquity with space is easily represented in the idea of the space presence of the Mother with her various mind wombs. However, her ubiquity is not necessarily time conditioned as we observed when we employ the “end from the beginning” abstraction and renamed the Mother from the Immanence of the Projected Incomplete in the time viewpoint to the Immanence of the Injected Complete in the Deity perspective.

Paragraph two of this section depicts our ascension as a progression of the discernment of ever higher aspects of the Father beginning with the Supreme Father, then the Ultimate Father. However, when we get to the Absolute level we do not refer to the Absolute Father. Listen to the discussion and refer to [10:3.6] for why at this level of discernment the appropriate denomination for God is the Father-Absolute.

The final three paragraphs of the section elaborate more on the ubiquitous becoming of evolutionary Deity, God the Supreme in which we discern between the lines the working of the Universal Mother and the Almighty. This is followed by envisioning the eventual assumption of direct control of the time-space universes by God the Supreme under the overcontrol of the Ultimate with God the Ultimate becoming increasingly manifest. Note our discussion concerning the Mother and the Almighty in this progression transcending their time-space function to the realms of supertime and transcended space. Finally, reaching the limits of our revelators ability to forecast the future, they speculate on the likelihood of enhanced revelations of God the Absolute in the postulated universes of outer space, but conclude by admitting they really do not know.