Episode:Experiential Deity—Supreme and Ultimate (Part 8)

From Symmetry of Soul

Mechanisms do not absolutely dominate the total creation of the universe of universes; mechanisms are the products of mind, creative mind acting on and in cosmic potentials. Mechanisms are the fixed crystallizations of Creator thought, and they ever function true to the volitional concept that gave them origin. But the purposiveness of any mechanism is in its origin, not in its function.

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Keywords: Urantia, Universe Mechanisms, Deity Functioning, Creator Fathers, Creative Mothers

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The authors often conclude paper sections with soaring and uplifting phraseology. To ensure appreciation of the full cosmic impact and significance of these passages, engage them with both the individuality eye of precision and the unity eye of wholeness, simultaneously.

As an example, the phrase “Man even qualifies himself for the restraining garments of mercy when he dares to love his fellow men…” What is the precise meaning of this passage? Man’s love of his fellow men testifies to his transcendence of the lower levels of meaning, being just, fair, patient, kind, and merciful. Thus, from the sixth level of meaning, love, man is “qualified” to show mercy on the fifth level of meaning. Another example of this in the final paragraph was discussed. “A personality who knows God and desires to do his will, who has spirit insight, is divinely stable and eternally existent.” Binocular discernment of the passage reveals that for cosmic balance and admission to eternity both the consecration to doing the Father’s will, and sensitivity to the harmonizing influence of the Mother’s reality response are needed.

The deeper we progress in this arc the more apparent it becomes that for correct understanding of the revelation (and existence itself) we recognize Deity as the primary dynamic basis of Reality. This top-down approach is hardly natural but necessary to be grown into adults of God. With the evolution of the Supreme and increasing spiritualization of our minds comes a heightened desire for the realization of ideals, accompanied by an increased risk of acting unwisely.

118:9 Universe Mechanisms

Time and space are presented as a conjoined mechanism enabling the finite and domains in between like the absonite, coabsolute, and coinfinite to coexist with the Infinite. Conceptually time and space conjoin by way of motion. Time is the chronicity of motion and space is an element of motion. Much of our discussion undertook to correlate the Deity and Reality perspectives through precision of nomenclature. As we have previously discussed, the revelators were apparently restricted in their permissions to openly speak in the Deity mode. This makes for their reality based explanations of this difficult material rather tough sledding to decipher. We harkened back to the Foreword [0:11.13] where the contrasting pairs of finite and infinite realities are counterpoised.

  • In the reality perspective the Universal Absolute’s associative presence operates to enable this coexistence;
  • From the Deity viewpoint it is the Infinite Upholder which so functions.

Universe mechanisms function to liberate their higher creative sources while limiting the action of subordinates. Our discussion recalled man’s history of developing labor saving machines while noting the unintended consequences of increased dependence thereon accompanied by an atrophy of adaptive responses to environmental exigencies.

Even our life vehicle(s), material and morontial designed on high come with limiting functional boundaries. Only in the spirit stage of our ascension do we attain perfected control of our mechanism for personality expression.

The grand universe is described as a living mechanism. This reality avatar comes to be through Deity function. From our work in this arc we can see the mechanistic aspects to be associated with the Almighty Supreme and the organismal end to be connected with the Universal Mother, (Supreme Spirit reciprocated from the Central Universe to the Finite upholder) to find expression as power and personality (the Supreme Being). All of which is encompassed by the Supreme Mind. Good luck sharing this with friends.

Mechanisms are produced by creative mind. They can be thought of as crystallizations of Creator thought, an eternal expression of Deity. The purpose of any mechanism is derived from its origin and not its function. Again, to grasp the truth that all of reality itself is an expression of Deity is the challenge of this arc. Listen to our conversation about the most transcendent Deity context for Reality being the Trinity Infinite.

Listen to our discussion of the seventh paragraph of the section where we find the author is speaking in the Reality perspective while hinting at the Deity view in describing the evolving relationship of the synthesis of impersonal phases of Deity uniting with their volitional counterparts.

Paragraph eight of the section is a narrative of the creative union of the Father-Son via the Infinite Spirit as a parallel process to the Creator Sons and creative Spirits and their creative extension into the realms of the absonite in the outer space levels.

The section concludes with an overview of God the Supreme experientially synthesizing the beauty, truth, and goodness of manifold finite diversities into an experiential whole, in like manner as they are existentially united as absolutes in the Paradise Trinity.

Notes by Brad

  • This author doesn't mind that much of my life is machinelike... anymore.
    • Takes the pressure off. I'm not ready for full personality function. Let the mortgage payment be hunger and fear for now.
      • Stereotyped behavior, not archetypal behavior (though a psychologist telling you about your "archetypal" behavior tends to keep patients' egos more pleased.
    • Is this emergence of humility, one of the favorable conditions? "The contemplation of the immature and inactive human intellect should lead only to reactions of humility."

  • To know God, you must synchronize with Deity. Including mother Deity.
    • To have better ideas of God (personalized Deity), try starting with Deity.
    • That is, Try knowing God from the top down. Stop evolving the ghost-cult God forward from the bottom up.
    • The main evolutionary stream is out there and is what it is. The high double-digit papers in the the 5th ER describe it.
    • Can you develop a parallel stream where you build new and better ideas of God, personal ideas?

  • What does "Paradise" refer to, directly?
    • Not a synonym for the Isle of Paradise
    • It isn't merely a geographic location. It isn't merely the Garden of Eden.
    • Paradise-ness is some connecting thread between Deity and reality.
    • Is it a quality? A rarefied essence expressed into reality?

  • How can we prevent our machines from ruling our "subordinate intelligences?"
    • A vantage point from above, to observe the correct balance is needed.
    • Remember that our own bodies are mechanisms created by higher minds, and we are perforce subordinate to them in some degree.
    • The real "you" is your mindal self. Your body is a seating mechanism, including all that bacteria in your gut and stuff.
    • Even the mind energy is not "yours," but the self within that mind energy is yours.

  • The Supreme Spirit reside sin the central universe. Receiprocated into the universes of time & space, it is the finite upholder--the Mother.

  • The -ness suffix strongly suggests you're reading a philosophic text (purposiveness, Paradiseness, etc). What a rare suffix.

  • Note Paper 42 also has a section titled "Universe Mechanisms" like [118:9].

  • Mechanisms in reality are avatars--expressions of Deity. "in these very mechanics Deity has achieved one phase of eternal expression"
    • An oxygen atom is a mechanism.
    • Everything--every thing--is a Deity expression.
    • Don't be disturbed by this. This simply means reality has a predicate to it! It doesn't mean reality is an illusion.