Episode:Experiential Deity—Supreme and Ultimate (Part 9)

From Symmetry of Soul

Providential intervention with regard to any being is indicative of the importance of the function of that being as concerns the evolutionary growth of some total; such total may be the total race, the total nation, the total planet, or even a higher total. It is the importance of the function of the creature that occasions providential intervention, not the importance of the creature as a person.

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Keywords: Urantia, Providence, The Almighty, The Mother, The Paradise Trinity

Note: Justin Armstrong filled in for Andrea Barnes this week.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

Continuing the discussion about Deity being the foundational context for Reality, it was emphasized that while in some sense Reality can be thought of as derived from transcendent Deity, the seven Absolutes of Infinity are no less real, eternal, or absolute. Consider that personality and Thought Adjusters can be thought of as individuations of Deity. Reality is in nowise suspended in some void of nothingness. There is no boundary to Reality beyond which is void. Envisioning a dynamic Deity foundation to Reality logically leads to a concept frame in which the very universe of universes is motion.

If this kind of philosophic musing seems remote from personal experience, consider a creature’s attempt at synchronizing the mind with unity as the beginning of that creature’s never ending dance with Deity. Even the puzzling concept of Paradiseness, when tied back to Deity, hints at a transcendent dynamism of the stationary Isle.

118:10 Functions of Providence

The word providence derives from Latin providentia, literally foresight. In a religious context providence has long referred to bestowal of divine favor of temporal circumstances or material nature, for the benefit of an individual. Shedding our old wineskins of providence and reflecting on our improved ideas of God the Father as self-sequestered from time, what are we to make of this idea of providence? Reflecting further on our study we can see some validity to the idea of providence in the hands of God the Mother. Remember our rephrasing of reality-speak into deity-speak referring to her as the Immanence of the Injected Complete—experiential Deity able to foresee the end from the beginning.

Throughout this arc we have focused on the various parts or elements as the Almighty and the Mother combining to function in a holistic manner as the Almighty Supreme. Here we are challenged to regard these elements as already together. For example, considering the facet of Deity the Sevenfold. In the reality perspective the Sevenfold is a myriad of individuals functioning together. Listen to our discussion of the author’s interplay of Reality and Deity perspective nomenclature, as well as the function of the Almighty as lower case “p” providence, and the Mother as capital “P” Providence in downstepped relation to the Paradise Trinity.

Listen further to the explanation of how it is that we come to envision the experiential as transcendent of the existential. As the Trinity is transcendent of the three existential persons, the experiential (Mother Deity as derived from the Trinity) is likewise transcendent of the existential. This is very different from our customary and well-worn concept frame of man at the bottom, and the Father at the top. Here we put the Father (existential) at the center of an infinite sphere, and everything out from the center (experiential) as transcendent. We are being urged to think more in deity terms. Consider as antecedent the coordinator of reality (Paradise Trinity), thence that which is coordinated (the seven absolutes).

Continuing with the Reality-Deity modes of speaking, the often convoluted and complex writing of the revelators in the reality perspective is not without its purpose. The seemingly more direct deity narrative would be virtually impossible for us to translate into the reality mode. As strange as it might seem, the complexity of the reality perspective has to be given to us first, from which we must derive the deity side of the coin, enabling true cosmic binocularity.

Harkening back to [10:5.1] we find triune functions of the Trinity in addition to justice administration: totality attitude, coordinate action, and cosmic overcontrol. This triune function (Providence) of the Mother when personalized as God the Mother become three attributes, impersonally expressed in the Almighty as providence—a synthesis of finite matter, mind, and spirit.

The author thoroughly disabuses us of the old wineskin of Providence explaining that Providential intervention regarding any individual is due to the importance of the individual’s function in relation to the evolutionary growth of some total and not the importance of the individual as a person. Some Providential intervention could well involve great tribulation for the individual yet be benefiting the whole.

The author sees fit to soften the potential harshness of such intervention by reminding us that the Father as a person may interpose a fatherly hand in events should he so choose. How might the purely existential Father accomplish such action we ask? Think personalized Thought Adjuster or even a Most High Regent.

Further disabuse is delivered as we are advised to rethink what we might call providence in our lives, and consider it as chance. And speaking of luck, we are admonished that what we might consider good luck might in a longer view turn out to be not so good, and vice versa. Listen to the discussion about coincidence vs. providence.

Providence becomes increasingly discernable as the Supreme emerges as the actual unifier of finite universe phenomena and the perfecting ascenders’ attain capacity for perceiving the purpose of the evolving universes.

Our final paragraph, midway through this section emphasizes the contrast between the inner life absolute individuality attitude of the Father’s love, and the impersonal Almighty Supreme and Paradise Trinity functions are concerned with the whole—totality attitude.

Notes by Brad

  • The point of this is finding your cosmic place, even though that domain is boundless in its extents, spatially, temporally, philosophically.
  • Concerning providence
    • pro + vidence: forward+ sight (as in video)
      • Hence foresight is literally a synonym. God has infinite foresight.
    • But see it through a material bottom-up lens, and it's a rather silly old wineskin.
      • God the Father won't rearrange atoms to give you a golden path under your feet.
      • But what about God the Mother? She's down in time and space, interacting with molecules.

  • From the top down, the Supreme Being projected into the finite casts shadows into distinct phases.
    • These parts might seem individuated, they really are a coordinated phenomenon.

  • The Father, Son, and Spirit, functioning together are the first triunity, not the Paradise Trinity.
    • (?) However, one might say (more top-down) the Paradise Trinity functions as the Father, Son, and Spirit.
    • The Paradise Trinity functions as the facet of Deity known as the Mother.

  • providence: rubber meets the road. The Almighty engaging matter, mind, and spirit. An impersonal hand.
  • Providence: being providence is Providence. The personal-purposive side of Deity, the Mother.

  • Once you comprehend the Deity perspective, it's easier to think about some very advanced concepts.
    • But in the reality perspective (how most of the 5th ER is written), advanced concepts become convoluted with words (e.g., Paper 106)
    • Deity perspective: "The Sevenfold"
    • Reality perspective: an infinite list of beings beyond our numerical comprehension

  • The hand of the Father, down in time, would be something like a personalized adjuster, or a Most High regent.
    • That is an INTERPOSING fatherlike activity, not a motherlike wholeness activity.

  • All the pieces that come together at the end of the grand universe reaching light and life... occasionly these cast a shadow back into time and it is perceivable.
    • Things just come together.
    • Although not casting a shadow in totality, its essence is focalized to a portion of the grand universe.
      • via the Mother.

  • Providence might make like tough for you, not a bed of flowers. Because character gets improved in tribulation.