Episode:Experiential Deity—The Almighty Supreme (Part 1)

From Symmetry of Soul

Growth is the earmark of experiential Deity, and experiential growth implies creature-Creator partnership—God and man in association. The experience of every evolving creature personality is a phase of the experience of the Almighty Supreme. The intelligent subjugation of every physical segment of the superuniverses is a part of the growing control, the evolution, of the Almighty Supreme.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Almighty Supreme, God the Almighty, The Supreme Being, The Supreme Mind

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

SoS has noted that the existential sequestration of the Universal Father prevents his diffusion throughout all existence and thereby makes the existence of all other things and beings possible. A parallel is found in the Supreme Father’s relation to the finite. As the Universal Father is transcendent of experience so is his downstepped expression into the finite (the Supreme Father) transcendent of finite experience, being an absonite being thus allowing the finite things and beings to live and move and have our being.

The Supreme Being transcends the finite and from that vantage point provides the synthesizing function of the elements within the finite. Within the finite (in the reality perspective) we find the individuals of the Universal Mother (personal-purposive) and the Almighty Supreme (power-pattern). Even in individual mortals we can discern a parallel pattern. In the hourglass analogy of the human mind the down-welling personal purposive influence of the three spirit ministries (upper domain), as directed (purposed) by personality strives for synthesis (unification) with the upwelling material power pattern growth in the lower domain of adjutant mind. We note the cosmos consists of a well-nigh infinite series of hierarchically (fractal-like) repeated models, simple in essence, unbelievably complex in their particulars. It is this principle that is illustrated in the aphorism, “as above so below.”

We explored the somewhat atypical expanded reference to the Father found in [115:7.8]—First Father-Cause and Source-Pattern of all things and beings, first noting the parallel with our dual deity phenomenon of the Supreme Being, i.e. personal-purposive and power-pattern synthesis. Further, as first source pattern, think beyond the source of individuated will (spirit pattern), but prior to the separation of energy and spirit. This implies that in considering downstepped expressions of the Father from the top down, we consider a less bifurcated quality of reality. Only by transcending the absolutes can we find synthesis. So it is that experiential deity is that synthesizing function. Even on the finite level, the Paradise Trinity descends into the finite as the Trinity of Supremacy to bridge the separation between the absolutes. Pause to consider this concept frame given to us in the 5th ER is transcendent of any concept frame conceived by the greatest minds in all of human history!

So in our reciprocating mode, while recognizing the destiny of the Supreme Being as power-personality synthesized, we can be informed as to how to consider his pre-synthesized, or pre-integrated elements—the Mother, and the Almighty.

Paper 116 The Almighty Supreme

This paper begins with stark challenges to millennia of theological traditions of God as perfect, by referring to our Creators (capital “C”) as immediate supervisors, with finite attributes and natures, evolving and nonabsolute. With the implications of growth inherent in evolution we recognize that we are focusing on the Almighty.

Unfortunately, the recognition of the imperfections and unfinished quality of reality causes the philosophically lazy of us to throw out the idea of God altogether, rather than a more nuanced appreciation of universe levels.

What a concept? Cosmic growth, experiential creature-Creator partnership! Such is the nature of the grand universe. Notwithstanding our focus on the Almighty, the growth element of the Supreme, consider the Father, existential, changeless, and the Mother who brings an essence of the existential plus growth potential, thus bridging the existential-experiential, as mind bridges the gulf between matter and spirit.

Referring to the Almighty Supreme as a Deity of power and personality, and as “He”, could appear to imply the Supreme Being (post power-personality synthesized) and the Almighty Supreme to be synonymous, and in contradiction to our concept of the Almighty being only the power side of the power personality synthesis. But remember we are seeking truth not merely fact.

The final paragraph of the preface contains the single reference in the revelation to God the Almighty. Again, we have a challenge to our developing concept of the two elements of the Supreme Being with the Mother as personal purposive and the Almighty as power-pattern. How then can we personalize the Almighty as God the Almighty? Without explicating each logical step our guide for this journey discloses that we can think of the two modes of the Supreme Being’s personal-purposive functioning in the Central universe and the grand universe as the Supreme Spirit and God the Almighty respectively, both can be referred to as the Universal Mother. Why a personality of power? The summative function of the Almighty includes the summation of personalities which failed of cosmic identification with a mindal self, apparently enabling the purposing of energy (power).

116:1. The Supreme Mind

It is the Supreme Mind which is accomplishing the synthesis of the power and personality that is essence of evolutionary growth of unity in the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being (an absonite being ) does not grow as such, that is the province of the Almighty Supreme. Completed evolution of the Almighty Supreme will result in a unified and personal Deity. Whereupon the two individuals known as the Almighty Supreme and the Universal Mother will be integrated into the Supreme Being as one.

Our discussion of the final three paragraphs of the section included disclosure of the Infinite Mother Spirit as another designation of the Infinite Mind. Also, that the Supreme Mind is actualizing in coordination of the grand universe in association with the attainment of God the Sevenfold.

Also introduced was the idea of the hierarchy of various wombs of mind, or cosmic mothers. At the superuniverse level we have the Reflective Mother Spirits of the Master Spirits, above which is the collective superuniverse level, the Creative Agencies of the Ancients of Days. Finally at the entire grand universe level the Universal Mother (the Finite Upholder).

Finally, whereas the physical growth potential can find completed growth, and spirit may achieve perfection of development, recognition of the innate mindedness of Deity tells us that the Supreme as an experiential Deity never can be expected to achieve completion of mind attainment. Consider the transcendency of mind, that it isnot a substance, but functions relative to the substances of matter and spirit. In parallel manner the transcendency of Deity functions relative to Reality.

Notes by Brad

  • Through the looking glass. A reciprocal concept frame is being encouraged yet again.
    • Subtle language to condition your mind well
      • [116:0.2] "perfect, infinite, and absolute" and "subabsolute, preinfinite, and other than perfect" are flipped mirror image lists.
      • [116:0.3] "creature-Creator" and "God and man" are reciprocated.

  • This Paper 116 will focus on growth. And the time viewpoint.
    • And how you can make sense of a universe of time and growth.
    • That makes sense, given its title. "The Almighty Supreme" is the upwelling fact of time that is half of God the Supreme.
    • Everything in the finite domain is to be "intelligently subjugated."
      • Comets, galaxies... us.
      • Subjugate is not a popular word these days. Here's that controversy if you can't properly interpret it.

    • The Supreme Being is not a synonym for The Almighty Supreme
    • The Supreme Being is transcendent of the finite. Its growth is completed (in a nonlinear sense of time)
    • The Almighty Supreme is in the finite, upwelling, and evolving in time. Still growing.
    • And yet our authors sometimes treat them as synonyms in the context of a paragraph.
      • That's reasonable enough for us, since we're down in time and it's easier to conceive of The Almighty Supreme.
      • Similar to the substance of "you" is an upwelling phenomenon, with an essential top-down personality imposed from above.
      • Being a serious student requires you considering the context of a paragraph relative to the whole section, paper, and book.

  • Transcendent phenomena express in the finite in downstepped ways
    • The Supreme Being expresses in the finite domain as:
      • The Universal Mother. "She." Personal-purposive essence of The Supreme Being. Downwelling. The Finite Upholder.
      • The Almighty Supreme. Power-pattern essence of The Supreme Being. Upwelling
      • Energy pattern (power) and spirit pattern (personality) are two sides of the same coin. If they weren't somehow related, they couldn't be synthesized.
      • These are not a synthesis themselves, but they are synthesizing together in the finite.
      • The Supreme Being (aka The Supreme Father) is that synthesis.
      • (note: The Supreme Being also functions in Havona on the 6th circuit, and there is denominated The Supreme Spirit).
    • The Paradise Trinity expresses as The Trinity of Supremacy in the finite domain.
    • Transcendent beings such as these must exist outside the finite.
      • If they didn't, we couldn't exist!
      • Including the Universal Father. He cannot grow, progress, adapt, change, etc. So he can't be directly in a domain where those things happen.
      • "In Him we move and live and have our being." This is only true in essence, not substance.
    • The Supreme Mind (a 3rd function of The Supreme Being) is an absonite entity who also casts a shadow into the finite.
      • But it's a latent phenomenon for now in time. It's pregnant with potential for future universe ages.

  • God the Mother is the way
    • No your position in the ascending career, the next infinitesimally small way forward is provided by God the Mother.
      • Different than God the Sevenfold, where the next step (meeting out Creator Son) is a long way off.
    • But God the Mother won't speak to you about what to order for lunch. No trivial minutiae.
      • Like God the Father, God the Mother also is a top-down, big-picture fact.
      • You must make decisions, decision, and more decisions. No magical parking spaces provided for you.
    • For prayers, The Father is the will, The Mother is the way.
      • But in all cases, the answer to all prayers is big picture.
      • Humble prayers supply favorable conditions so you can be grown. To the point someday of knowing the answer before you even ask.
    • She herself does not grow, yet she can know growth and is experiential Deity.
      • She bridges a huge gap. She touches existential at one end, and pure experiential at the other end.
      • Hmm. Just like mind bridging the gap between spirit and matter. That's not a coincidence.

  • Our universe is "subabsolute, preinfinite, and other than perfect." Just as it should be.
    • Atheists have a point when they note all the imperfections in it.
      • But their conclusion is false (throwing in the towel on any Deity)
      • The proper conclusion is there must be some form of Deity other than existential (perfect) Deity.
    • "Our immediate supervisors" are finite beings who claim to rule by divine right and are our overseers.
      • As it was designed to be: finite, potentially fallible overseers.
      • Though that's what Lucifer didn't like so much. He saw them as arbitrary usurpers.
      • But you ought to like it. You like grace, don't you? An absolute God with no evolving component could not extend grace.

  • As above, so below.
    • A few basic aspects/phases/elements in the cosmos are repeated hierarchically.
      • In the most fundamental sense, therefore, the cosmos is not that complicated.
      • The complication arises from the endless levels on which the patterns are repeated.
    • You, me, even galaxies.
    • Pattern is imposed from a transcendent level, so it must manifest at all scales down in the finite.
    • Our minds express a pattern as well: downwelling and upwelling.
      • Spiritized mind. The personal-purposive that's downwelling spirit-based.
      • Adjutant mind-spirit mind. The power-pattern that's upwelling, matter-based.

  • Reason versus logic. Not synonyms!
    • Logic is the higher, more holistic of them.
    • Logic provides a spherical concept frame, a context for reason
    • The first of the three cosmic intuitions can take the wholeness of that sphere and bring its essence to a point on that sphere—logical acumen.
      • Acumen literally means sharp point. Delightful word.
    • From that point one can pursue a line of reason, radially inward.
      • Reasonableness is what lies along that line of reason.

  • Are you reading human philosophy books chock full of impenetrable, dense verbiage?
    • Could indicate a brilliant author trying to compensate for their thimble-sized concept frame that can't hold such big ideas.
    • If there's truth to a thought, it can be expressed simply.
    • The Urantia Book's presentation is clear and direct, unlike (say) Hegel's writings.
      • Those without eyes to see will therefore dismiss The Urantia Book.
    • The Urantia Book is what 2600 years of true philosophers have been wishing for—true metaphysics, authoritative elimination of error... a revelation.
      • Why hasn't the mind-body problem even been solved before the 5th ER? The solution is super-absolute and requires revelation!

  • Mind is a whole hierarchy
    • Each superuniverse has a womb of mind.
    • The Creative Mother Agencies of the Ancients of Days incorporate all 7 superuniverses.
    • The Infinite Mind [116:1.3] is a designation of the Infinite Mother Spirit.

  • Deity is inherently minded. "No off switch." And never a completion of development.
    • Your mind is not a substance, so much as it is a function relative to substances (matter and spirit)