Episode:Experiential Deity—The Almighty Supreme (Part 3)

From Symmetry of Soul

The mind circuits emanating from the hierarchy of intelligence focuses represent the cosmic arena of creature choice. Mind is the flexible reality which creatures and Creators can so readily manipulate; it is the vital link connecting matter and spirit. The mind bestowal of the Third Source and Center unifies the spirit person of God the Supreme with the experiential power of the evolutionary Almighty.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Almighty, Paradise Deity, Cosmic Mothers, The Supreme Whole

NOTE: The Experiential Deity of the Supreme Creators, within the power-personality unity of the Sevenfold, expressed in Supremacy is the Deity of the Almighty. We are challenged to parse and comprehend this sentence through this study arc.

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

The Supreme Creators in the unity of their power and personality are essentially the Deity of the Sevenfold. Recognize that the word “unity” in this context of power and personality is not to be confused with the unity we reference in the individuality, associativity, unity triplet. The unity that is deity is far transcendent of the threefold foundational qualities of cosmic reality. SoS often employs the term continuum-ness in describing the unity quality of Deity. The various facets of Deity have different “flavors”, but should not be thought of as individualities. The continuumness of the Sevenfold is characterized as power-personality together as one. This is reflected in the parallel hierarchy of the Sevenfold Creators and Sevenfold Controllers who will be coming up for our consideration in a future broadcast.

We wondered about the source of a Creator Son’s experiential Deity, inasmuch as his immediate progenitors are existential in nature. Could Sevenfold Deity be involved in the origin of the Supreme Creators? Further, we are told elsewhere in the revelation of the kinship of the Creators Sons with the Eternal Mother Son, suggesting a contribution of Mother Deity in their creation. In each case experiential Deity could be imparted to the Creator Sons.

As longtime students of the revelation we marvel at the elementary level of our initial explorations of its contents, confessing to being oblivious to the deeper complexities of Deity and Reality. Inasmuch as reading and understanding the 5th ER is not necessary to obtain the grace-gift of salvation, why do we study it? It is not to bolster a belief in God, but to know the real God and have insight into the workings and purposes of the cosmos, liberated from the accumulated old wineskins of our deep past. Attempting to grasp Experiential Deity enables a more truthful perspective of daily life. Destiny illuminated enriches the present and imbues the mundane with enhanced meaning in the context of having your feet planted in eternity and hands free to attend to temporal tasks.

116:3. The Almighty and Paradise Deity

This section addresses the engagement of the Almighty with the three existential members of God the Sevenfold. Recognizing from the title of the section, the involvement is couched in deity terms and not as individualities. Also, notice the alternating language referring to Paradise Deities acting (as if individualities), when we are used to Deities functioning, then in the same sentence referring to functioning “...through their various agencies and other manifestations...” Here is another example of the revelators trying to condition our minds to employ both reality and deity perspectives simultaneously.

The Third Source and Center mind focalizations literally hold the finite reality domains of the Almighty together. These hierarchical finite reality domains are served in this fashion by the mind wombs we have come to call the cosmic mothers. Listen to the archive for more specifics on the hierarchy of mind wombs of the cosmic mothers peculiar to each domain—the Creative Mother Spirits, The Reflective Mother Spirits, and the Unrevealed Agencies of the Ancients of Days, at the local universe, superuniverse, and collective superuniverse (grand universe) levels respectively. Above the level of the collective seven superuniverses, it is the Supreme Mind (the mind bestowal of the Third Source and Center) which unifies the spirit person of God the Supreme with the experiential power of the evolutionary Almighty.

The Second Source and Center personality revelations in the form of the bestowal incarnations of the Eternal Son and his Paradise Sons actually fuse divine Creator nature with evolving creature nature. Recall during our previous arc on Jesus Faces Death we worked through our speculations as to Jesus’ soul fusing with Michael’s fusion spirit. So it is that the divine nature of the Creator thus becomes enhanced with creature nature, potentializing the creature for divine attainment.

The First Source and Center through the indwelling fragments (presences) of the Universal Father actually unify evolving creatures with God on Paradise. Here we are presented with an elucidating parallel when the revelators tell us, “The Mystery Monitors are to human beings what the Paradise Trinity is to the Supreme Being.” The creature and Supreme Being each thus have absolute foundations upon which accumulating experience evolves. And lest we feel we have our cosmic context nicely packaged and complete; we are reminded that what with unrevealed Father presences and undisclosed coordinate and subordinate Sons, we must admit that there are more things in heaven and earth than are revealed in our 5th ER.

116:4. The Almighty and the Supreme Creators

We read only the first two paragraphs of this section. I will summarize the section and our discussion in its entirety next week.

Notes by Brad

  • Mind encompasses. Mind unifies.
    • Creature and creator can fuse together because of the context of mind.
    • Do Paradise sons incarnate on world and show creatures the path to divinity attainment? You bet.
    • Do Thought Adjusters draw creatures toward the Universal Father? Certainly.
    • But all of this takes place in the context of encompassment. Enwombment. Of mind and mother.
      • "By virtues" of these can all other activities take place.

  • Use both eyes: deity and reality.
    • So you can read a sentence where The Paradise Deities both "act" and "function."
      • Gee, I thought SoS said Deity only functions? Well, from the Deity perspective, yes. But action is in the reality perspective.
      • Acting is tied to the Father. Functioning is tied to the Mother.

  • The Sevenfold, a facet of Deity, includes 3 existential Deities
    • Their membership in the Sevenfold is not as individuals, but as facets of Deity.
    • Yes, existential Deity is in what is referred to as "creature-approachable Deity." The physics of this is quite remote.
    • The Conjoint Actor. The Absolute Mind (or less personally, The Third Source and Center or The Infinite Spirit)
      • From this, a hierarchy of mind descends into the experiential domain--with a parallel hierarchy of mothers that isn't always overtly written about.
      • Local Universe: Impersonally, the Infinite Spirit downsteps to the Creative Spirit out in time. After the primary eruption of a local universe and the appearance of mother Deity, this becomes the more personal Creative Mother Spirit that offers both mind and spirit to a local universe. A cosmic mother on eye level with a Creator Son.
      • Superuniverse: The Infinite Spirit downsteps to Reflective Spirits out in time (7 for each superuniverse) paired with 1 of 7 Master Spirits. There is one cosmic Mother at this level, too.
      • Grand Universe: What's the Mother mind womb at this superuniverses-encompassing level? SoS Unrevealed Creative Mother Agencies of the Ancients of Days (disclosed but not explained at [30:1.104] and [39:9.12]). And The Sevenfold Spirit (disclosed at [16:3.16] with reference to The Paradise Trinity) is the spirit womb at this collective superuniverse level.
      • Do we need a womb of mind at the grand universe level? Yes! Ancients of Days need it. And we (someday) finaliters need it since we will be able to travel between superuniverses at will.
      • There always must be mind encompassment and mother deity of whatever you're thinking about.
    • The Eternal Son. A hierarchy of sons descends into the evolutionary universe.
      • "Coordinate" sons are Creator Sons (they, too, are creators as the Eternal Son is).
      • "Subordinate" sons, for example Magisterial Sons, are creature and not creators.
    • The Universal Father. Thought Adjusters descend to our level.
    • The Paradise Deities participate in many, many, many initiating ways with their existential nature.

  • There's no such thing as magic. How can a Creator Son be down in the experiential trenches with me?
    • Isn't he created by purely existential beings: the Universal Father and The Eternal Son?
      • Father-type Deity and Son-type Deity glued together as Father-Son type Deity is still purely existential Deity.
    • And yet he's out here in time and space with me. How can existential + existential beget experiential?
      • No magic allowed. There must be more to the story.
    • Sevenfold Deity logically must be the context within which a Creator Son is created.
      • The Universal Father is one member of the Sevenfold.
      • The Eternal Son is a member of the Sevenfold, not as the purely existential Eternal Son, but as the fullness of the eternal Mother-Son.
      • So mother Deity also is involved, and mother Deity extends all the way down into the experiential.

  • Being a serious student
    • Remember: one's reality response must be cultivated.
    • Eliminate all magic from your mind. Accept nothing less that full physics of how things are.
      • This author reports decades in the shallow end of the pool, magically accepting Creator Sons as having been created because "that's just the way it is."
      • Don't just accept "First Source and Center" as a quasi-poetic sequence of words. Know why those words are in the order they are and as they are, from a physics perspective.
    • The 5th ER is written in crisp, precise, minute modes, yet also uses the flexibility of language.
      • Humans don't encounter this kind of writing often, if ever before.
      • No: "Is it bendy language? Then it's fuzzy and mystical. No need to focus."
      • No: "Is it dead and precise? Then a machine can parse it and there won't be depth."
      • Remember that mind is a "flexible reality," so yes, you too (as a human) can use language flexibly.
    • Plant your feet in eternity, so your hands are free to do the work of today.
      • Can you "speedily acquire a long-distance view" by reflectively studying concepts like experiential Deity?
      • Perhaps then you can pleasantly go about the work of this world, instead of despairing about how small and non-Havona-like the work is.
    • To believe is really nothing. To really know is everything.
      • Believing is an illusion of a beginning; it's bottom up. You don't need The Urantia Book for this.
      • We all start out believing in God. But a reflective life leads to a startling recognition: "In merely believing, I know nothing. I haven't found God. I haven't even really begun to search for him."
      • Are you a "timid soul" holding onto the "false illusion of success" of thinking you've found God just by believing in God?
      • Can you stop being self-righteous (and a real bore at parties) by self-righteously asserting "To believe is to know"?
      • Can you let go, trust, and not be satisfied with illusions of God anymore?
      • Note: not many people today want to hear, "My whole life thus far has been based on nothing; I must start anew."

  • We're all born into the world with 2 paths under our feet: the righteous and the self-righteous.
    • By sight alone, they appear to be exactly on top of one another.
    • It takes insight to truly discern which one you're pursuing.
      • Good news: you're given capacity for insight at age 6, long before this two-path thing starts becoming a problem around, say, age 20.
      • Quality parenting and education cultivate your ability to wield insight skillyfully.
      • Lucifer lost the ability to wield insight. But you don't have to follow his path.
    • Don't be upset about these two paths; they're among the most marvelous features of our evolutionary universe.
      • A Havona native only ever has the one righteous path under their feet.
    • Have you recognized you're on the wrong of the 2 paths?
      • Jesus told us to back up, humbly, to the point where the paths first diverged—"as a little child"—and enter the kingdom of heaven from there.
      • Are you brave enough to do this? Are you willing to disavow a lifetime of flawed thoughts? Or will you become insincere and double down, like Lucifer did?

  • The 5th ER is a replete cosmology, but not a final/complete cosmology.
    • There are 6 other entire ascension schemes we don't know any details about!
    • The are more classes of creatures of the Infinite Spirit than we have numbers for.
    • There are many more God fragments/presences than Thought Adjusters that relate to creature mind.

  • Why is Paper 115 titled "The Supreme Being" but rarely mentions The Supreme Being?
    • Don't say this: "Well, revelators title papers in mysterious ways."
    • So you're saying they made the first paper in this arc about the being that exists at the end of this universe age?
    • So you're saying they refer to The Supreme Being in the present tense despite his fullness being far in the future?
      • As if this was written in "the end from the beginning" mode?
    • Yes, the authors appear to have written in reverse order, to help us form a reciprocal frame of mind.
    • Remember that time is an appearance, despite our present inability to comprehend this.
      • "...the Supreme is resultant from, and productive of..." would be impossible for them to write otherwise (effect and cause at the same time)
      • The unity that's there at the end is also the unification that was there at the beginning. And vice versa.

  • Note the word arena. A (sandy) place of conflict... a domain of effort, struggle, conflict, etc. A domain of cosmic progress.
  • Deity has contiuum-ness, another word we use for unity.
  • The 21 Ancients of Days are the same flavor of Deity in each of the 7 superuniverses.
  • The Sevenfold creators represent personality. The Sevenfold controllers represent power.