Episode:Experiential Deity—The Almighty Supreme (Part 4)

From Symmetry of Soul

Coordinated in the Sevenfold with the Master Spirits of the superuniverses are the triune rulers of these supercreations—the Ancients of Days. These personifications of Trinity justice-judgment in time and space are the field fulcrums for the mobilizing almighty power of the Supreme, serving as the sevenfold focal points for the evolution of trinitarian sovereignty in the domains of time and space.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Almighty, The Supreme Creators, The Reflective Mother Spirits, Majeston

Summary by Kermit

116:4. The Almighty and the Supreme Creators

Leading off this section we encounter the term Supreme Whole (Universal Mother) and are thereby encouraged to think more holistically about the Universal Mother, an individuality in a very transcendent way. The individuated aspects of the Mother are brought down and executed by others. We are reminded that even the Ancients of Days are not able to engage the Universal Mother directly, but must do so through the Reflective Image Aids.

We notice that in reference to the actualization of the Supreme the revelators suggest a curious simultaneous reciprocity of phenomena when they say “...the actualization of the Supreme is resultant from and productive of”, unifications of the finite parts. In paragraph three of the section they make reference to the Supreme Being functioning creatively, resulting in the appearance of Majeston early in the projection of the superuniverse scheme of creation, as if the Supreme Being has attained a fullness of existence prior to evolutionary experience. And in other statements they express a reciprocity of phenomena in language perhaps designed to gently wean us from our ingrained time-based thinking in the reality perspective, thereby encouraging our cultivating a deity perspective.

In this journey to understand experiential deity, we are directed to recognize mind in our own individual experience and with respect to the cosmos as a whole. As individuals we are experiencing mindal selves, engaging matter substance and spirit substance indirectly through the ministry of mind. Creators may have somewhat more intimate interaction with each substance, but the only facet of Deity which directly interfaces with total Reality is the Paradise Trinity. We as individuals as well as the three Paradise Deities connect with aspects of reality in relation to the whole and through the individuality of the whole. Listen to the archive for an extended discussion of mind in relation to our study.

Note the parallel of mind and the continuumness of Deity. In our ascension we advance level by level to different mind wombs of the hierarchy of the cosmic mothers. In this light attention is called to the mind womb above the individual superuniverse level, the collective superuniverse level (grand universe) where the deity unity of the seven Master Spirits functions as the Sevenfold-Spirit, and as such has a functional resonance with the Paradise Trinity. Master Spirit #7 is able to speak for the attitude of the Sevenfold-Spirit-union regarding the attitude of the Threefold-Deity union (the attitude of the Paradise Trinity). It is in this intra-superuniverse domain (Universe of universes) that finaliters, utilizing the mind womb of the Creative Mother Agencies of the Ancients of Days, promulgate their revelations of God the Mother in the service of the Paradise Trinity.

Our trek becomes increasingly complex as we walk through the details of the nature of the functioning of the Supreme Creators in the process of creating the Almighty Supreme. Emerging in our journey is a recognition that in the culmination of evolutionary Deity is a Trinitarian sovereignty, not the sovereignty of any one or all of the three persons.

Our study demands that we approach the nomenclature of Deity very precisely if we are to find correct understanding of these cosmic facts. Listen carefully to the broadcast archive for the discussion wherein our professor demonstrates this precision in substituting equivalent designations for the deity and reality characters with respect to mind in our story. Rudimentary reflection on the following equivalencies can facilitate the modifications in our thinking which may enhance our progress toward the correct understanding we seek, e.g. [116:4.2] In mindal terms:

  • the Supreme Being is the Supreme Mind,
  • the Conjoint Actor is the Absolute Mind, and
  • the Infinite Mother Spirit can be called the Infinite Mind.

Due to the demanding complexities of our topic and the content of our discussions I will not attempt to walk through the subject of reflectivity, and Majeston, chief of reflectivity, except to call attention to them as key elements in our quest for understanding the Mother. We are promised that with persistence in pursuing the deity perspective this quest will yield recognition of an integrated system wherein mysterious and unrevealed cosmic characters as the Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme, the Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate, the unnamed liaison reflectivators of Majeston and others find logical placement in the grand cosmic picture. Also do not neglect the discussion of the spirit wombs complemental to the hierarchy of mind wombs which have been previously specified.

At the level of the Ancients of Days we see the mobilizing almighty power of the Supreme in its purpose of evolving trinitarian sovereignty. At the level of the Creator Sons and Creative Spirits the actual foundation of the Supreme achieving deity evolution is being laid as the mind experiments, galactic adventures, divinity unfoldings, and personality progressions are cosmically totaled. Here even the Creators evolve.

We are so very fortunate to have our trailblazer guide to call our attention to hints given by the authors to help unlock the deity perspective. Hints I might add, that are usually only discerned after the student performs a more holistic, top-down synthetic reasoning, after which an analytic approach can be used to validate (or not) our conclusions.

Notes by Brad

  • Being a serious student
    • Your animal nature wants to read Louis L'Amour. Your human nature wants to read the 5th ER.
    • Can you stop projecting your sequence of experiences onto the entire universe (time is an appearance)?
      • The sequence of your experiences is not the foundation of reality. Appearance has time, but reality does not.
      • Stop saying: "I can't experience the Supreme Being right now, therefore he doesn't exist. I define what exists and doesn't exist!"
      • Sorry, 2-year-old toddler, but the universe is just fine without your sequence of events.
      • Strive to think less in temporal terms, and more in genuine experiential terms.
    • There's no such thing as magic. Avoid mystical thinking, aim for the physics (the nature) of reality.
      • Don't say this: "Why did the Supreme Being function that way? I dunno, because he did and he can do whatever he pleases."
      • Remember even The Supreme Being is in cooperative subordination to the whole. There are physics at play; he can only do what the system allows.
      • Liberty in law is how the universe of universe operates. This isn't Lucifer's anarchic universe.
    • Synthesis over analysis; waiting for the a-ha.
      • Sincerely and patiently study the 5th ER and it will synthetically come together as a whole in your mind. First in the superconscious, then hopefully in the conscious arena.
      • The little hints scattered throughout the book will come into focus.
      • It all comes together in a tight, logical system that needs no hand-waving.
      • It only does so much for Dr. Chris to talk about it here. Grasping it for yourself is the key.
    • When you're ready, synthetically posit some details and try to falsify them by reading the 5th ER.
      • If you are contradicted by what you read, back up and try again.

  • Mind is your arena.
    • Can't make a self out of matter or spirit. Only out of mind energy.
    • You are a mindal self. Today a lowly mindal self and someday a high mindal self, yes. But always a mindal self.
    • You never will engage matter or spirit directly. Your are a creature, not a creator.
    • Mind is unity.
      • Hence, mind is always on loan to you. It's continuum-ness must remain unbroken.
      • Your individual body (be it matter or someday spirit) is your possession, but your mind is on loan from a mother.
    • Someday your body will be spirit (as today it is matter). And your body will be your own. But you'll still have a mindal self.
    • How does mind engage a being that is only spirit, if there's no matter to mediate with?
      • Remember: Deity is innately minded [6:6.2]: "The equivalent of mind, the ability to know and be known, is indigenous to Deity."
      • A pure spirit being has mind because of a top-down shadow being cast by the essence of Deity stuff.
    • Only the Paradise Trinity embraces and engages the totality of reality in wholeness.
      • You always will depend on the Paradise Trinity and mother Deity for your engagement of reality.
      • The Paradise Trinity has a closeness to The Sevenfold Spirit and the seventh Master Spirit.

  • Mind wombs from the mother descend downward through a hierarchy of mothers.
    • i.e., there's always a foundational caretaker of a domain.
    • The Infinite Mind. Another name for The Infinite Mother Spirit.
    • The Absolute Mind. Another name for the Conjoint Actor
    • The Supreme Mind. Another name for Supreme Being. An absonite being
    • The Supreme Whole. Another name for the Universal Mother, or the finite upholder out in time and space, is the largest mind womb for the grand universe.
      • Includes some aspects of Havona, the central superuniverse.
      • So this is top-down, very transcendent mind. Includes absonite features.
    • The Unrevealed Creative Agencies of the Ancients of Days. The mother mind wombs for all 7 superuniverses.
      • aka The universe of universes: A summation of all the local universes from all 7 superuniverses.
      • Finaliters use this for their mind (they can travel between superuniverses, but are still finite beings).
      • Symmetry of Soul has synthesized this from various places in the 5th ER.
      • Majeston ("the grand one") is at this level, serving as chief of the 49 Reflective Mother Spirits.
      • Reciprocal pairs: Majeston on the one hand, the 49 Reflective Mother Spirits on the other.
      • The Paradise Trinity brought these 49 into existence, so they have a mother flavor.
    • The Reflective Mother Spirits. are the source of the mindal and spirit wombs for each of the 7 superuniverses.
      • Reciprocal pairs: In a given superuniverse, one Master Spirit is the source-center spiritual womb, and 7 reflective spirits are the center-source mindal womb.
    • Local Universe.
      • The creative mother spirit is both the spiritual womb and mindal womb at this level—a spirit-mind womb.
    • Proper understanding of [116:4.2] hinges on discerning the above synonyms.
      • It's this hierarchy of mind that compensates "the incompletion of evolutionary Deity."

  • The Paradise Trinity is the key.
    • Everything is in cooperative subordination to the Paradise Trinity.
      • Hence, "trinitarian sovereignty."
    • Havona already is the sovereign domain of the Trinity, hence it is the pattern for what happens in the superuniverses in time through evolution.
      • It's not about expanding sovereignty of the Universal Father, but that of the Paradise Trinity.
      • This is not a vast, micromanaged domain of the Universal Father. No. It's the exact reciprocal of that.
    • The parts existing within the whole. The whole is sovereign.
    • The Mother stems from the Paradise Trinity.

  • Mother deity: you can know it by insight, not sight
    • It's Deity (not individual).
      • Mother Deity is not a wood nymph.
      • Eyeballs cannot behold mother Deity the way they can behold a Creator Son.
      • Don't look for a female individual frolicking about the orbs of space.
      • Or some goddess on Salvington mystically projecting a presence the size of Nebadon.
    • Yes, mother Deity does possess personality and an "individuality of the whole."
      • But approach it from the top-down, not anthropomorphically.
      • The seventh Master Spirit, for example, knows the Universal Mother as an individual person by virtue of his holistic nature (father-son-spirit)
      • The other 6 Master Spirits? No.
      • The Ancients of Days? Not without the help of their Reflective Image Aids!
      • Yes, The Universal Mother is too transcendent even for an Ancient of Days to know her individually!

  • Time is an appearance
    • [116:4.3] says the Supreme Being functioned back in the early days of the superuniverses. Yet he won't be complete until the end of this universe age!
      • Recall previously reading "resultant from" and "productive of" at the same time.
    • The end from the beginning

  • Reflectivity: a way in which that which appears to be separated... isn't.
    • From a transcendent vantage point, that which is separated in time and space, is not separated.
    • Reflectivity is the "cosmic presence of the Supreme Mind." Mind and mother is in play with reflectivity.
    • Majeston is involved in it.
    • The physics are transcendent and deeply related to Deity, highly complicated.
      • But delightfully complicated, because it's patterned.

  • High beings can associate together collectively, of function in a more holistic "organic" fashion.
    • The Seven Master Spirits function associatively and create beings like power directors (quasi-material beings)
    • But they function organically as the Sevenfold Spirit and created the Seven Circuit Spirits (spirit beings)
    • Analogous to the three persons of the Trinity acting associatively, and the Trinity itself functioning.

  • In our experiential universe, experience is key.
    • Descending beings gain experience on the descent.
    • Ascending beings gain experience on the ascent.
      • In another universe age, we'll be able to reveal what we gained through experience: God the Mother.
      • In this age, we listen to "this is the way." In another universe age, we will be able to reveal to others "this is the way."