Episode:Experiential Deity—The Almighty Supreme (Part 6)

From Symmetry of Soul

In a human being the mechanism of physical life is responsive, in part, to the dictates of (personal) mind. This very mind may, in turn, become dominated by the leadings of purposive spirit, and the result of such evolutionary development is the production of a new child of the Supreme, a new personal unification of the several kinds of cosmic reality—living matter, mind, spirit, and personality.

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Keywords: Urantia, The Cosmic Organism, Spirit Dominance, Purpose, Personality

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

We briefly clarified some details from last week’s summary concerning the pairing of the items in the Sevenfold Creators list with the list of Sevenfold Controllers. The logic of pairing Ancients of Days with the Supreme Power Centers is found in recalling the center point field fulcrum role the Ancients of Days fulfill in the Reflectivity service. The transactions of the power beings are not detectable by our astronomers or scientists because the energies they manipulate are sub-electronic, which we neither know about or are able to measure. These things are revealed to us because with such revelation we can more correctly interpret those phenomena we can observe and measure. And there is no way we can discover these facts on our own.

116:6. Spirit Dominance

The physical phenomena of the evolutionary domains when studied apart from any personality overcontrol disclose an apparent dominance of energy-matter. From our study we recognize two types of purposing in the finite domain. Energy-pattern or pattern purposes energy to become universe power. Spirit-pattern, inherent in personality causes spirit to strive for mastery of energy-matter through the mediation of mind. Consider the difference between the more overtly recognized personal spirit purposing and the less discernable pattern purposing in elemental matter. Elemental electronic matter of which we are aware and can measure embodies a stability and purpose not overtly perceived.

From a personal frame of reference we can recognize the causal chain of events in experience, where our personal spiritual choice purposes a mindal intention to control matter e.g., our very utterances. Thus, in relation to personality, do physical systems become subordinate, mind systems coordinate; and spirit systems directive. From an existential perspective, temporal sequential incongruities can be reconciled.

The responsiveness of energy-matter to directionization by controller beings directly demonstrates mind dominance of both energy and mass. Directive spirit in volitional personality through mind and mind activity achieving mastery of energy-matter discloses the potential unity of all finite creation. Such unity is actually a tri-unity of the cosmic realities.

The further we progress in our journey to a correct understanding of Evolutionary Deity the more we find the author interchanging the reality and deity perspectives, that we might develop our faculties to entertain both modes simultaneously.

116:7. The Living Organism of the Grand Universe

The grand universe is likened to a living organism analogous to a human being. The author extends the analogy on the physical, mind, spirit, and personality levels, culminating in Adjuster fusion, attainment of eternality on the individual level. In like manner does the Supreme everlastingly depend on the absolute stability the Paradise Trinity. Recall how the Trinity’s relation to the Supreme is likened to the Thought Adjuster’s relation to the individual mortal.

As an immortal soul evolves to resolve the cosmic tension created by the individual’s striving for God attainment and Paradise perfection, so does the collective striving for God-attainment and divine perfection of the universe of all creatures and Creators resolve in the synthesis of the power of the Almighty with the spirit person of the Supreme Being (Mother).

Notes by Brad

  • Being a serious student
    • Section 7 is poetic in its tone
      • Let it work on your poetic sensibility, sure, but don't go all mystical.
      • You are in the image of the cosmos. A child of the Supreme. But in very concrete and literal ways. Think about it with a physics.
      • There are umbilical cords connected to you in a million ways, but not in any anthropomorphic, gross bottom-up sense.
      • Can you read this section without jumping back to mysical forms of thoughts from the pre-Renaissance middle ages?
      • Notice small attempts to precisely ground you by invoking "identity and personality," demanding you consider how these are not synonyms.

  • The cosmos is actively managed. It isn't directionless and purposeless.
    • Power Directors are on the Isle of Paradise. They overcontrol all power from there.
    • Out here in the field of time and space, there is a power distribution grid.
      • The nodes of the grid are Power Centers.
      • And there are those that lay out the branch lines and function at the ends of it.
      • There are 10 major sectors of the Milky Way galaxy, and 7 superuniverses, laid out in a very managed fashion. We just can't see this from our vantage point.
      • That's why it must be revealed to us in the 5th ER. We need better initial assumptions for our future science.
    • But this management is at the sub-electronic level; today we can only measure & detect the electronic level.
      • And the dust and hydrogen in our vicinity is (at present) unmanaged, and blocks our view of managed elements much further away.
    • Remember: today's popular science articles all derive from a false concept frame. The Big Bang theory doesn't mention power centers, power directors, force organizers!
    • Layers and layers of purpose in the cosmos. Even mechanisms in the cosmos were purposed from a transcendent vantage point.

  • Physics! Consider physical systems at the universe scale
    • Energy in the finite domain, when purposed/patterned, is denominated power. Power is purposed energy.
      • At the electronic level, power appears very individuated. We call that matter and we often use billiard balls to model it.
      • The word pair energy-matter in [116:6.1] is invoked to emphasize this individuated, purposed level of energy, as opposed to just general undifferentiated non-purposed energy.
    • Back door: irrespective of personality, energy-matter itself is purposed.
      • An oxygen atom is purposed! It has exceptionally convenient properties the serve purposes.
      • We build mechanisms out of atoms, but it's a revelation to consider that atoms themselves are purpose built.
      • We take an atom's purpose for granted, because it just came to us that way.
      • Knowledge of the sub-electronic level and primordial force charge of space offer us a contrast; these are not purposed.
      • Power beings micromanage the sub-electronic level. But they are not part of the Father's personality circuit, so the Father is still not down in time and space micromanaging us.
    • Front door: Personality, through spirit and the mediation of mind, purposes energy-matter
      • Very known to us. "There's a man with a purpose!" You can point to it happening.
      • Memorize this important ordering: Personality can influence spirit. Which can influence my mind. Through that mind I can form an intention with a motive (purpose) behind it that then plays out in matter (mind dominates matter).
      • Control your tongue! Using personality I can struggle for mastery over matter. Including my own body. I can attempt to give my tongue greater purpose—"control my tongue," a deeper statement than we might have known.
    • In either case, the universe is pattern-purposed—mind-made and personality managed. The purposing is the master.
      • The front door purposing will "subjugate" the back-door purposing.
      • Regardless of any emotional response to the word "subjugate" and its slave-master implications, this is how the evolutionary universe reaches light and life.
    • Mass "can be stabilized" by power beings.
      • That's good news for us! Life needs a rock-solid foundation of matter and mass upon which to function.
      • Materialist scientists would reject this, because they assume mass is fundamental (rather than the construct that it really is)
    • All patterning is a Deity influence (be it front door or back door), far transcendent of our time and space domain in its origins.
    • (Spirit also is purposed/patterned, but we focused on energy and power here).

  • Precise suffixes for the verb direct.
    • -ed: subordinate and subject to direction. Physical systems are directed.
    • -ive: inclining toward. Potential. Spirit systems are directive.
      • Spirit is potentially divine, not innately actually divine.
      • Motive: inclining toward motion
      • Purposive: inclining to purpose.
    • -ing: mind systems are directing, superadditive consequence of directive and directed.
      • How very fitting for a dynamic universe of motion. Mother Deity is related to this.
    • -or: And over all of this, unifying it all, personality is the director.
      • Father Deity is related to this; not down in the motion of the experiential universe.
      • Spirit's directive inclination is put into motion by personality, the director.
      • Our true free will is here. With personality we can encompass the matter, mind, or spirit placed in our hands. It's the only place we can do this! We have no sovereignty over the external world.
      • But use free will humbly. Observe the triune harmony of the system, so you harmonize with it.
    • This all represents a line of direction, descending vertically down through the cosmos.
      • In essence it begins in personality. But in substance, it begins in spirit.
    • Don't assume directive and directing are synonyms (the dictionary probably does).
      • Use the tension between the words to gain insight.
      • And think less from a time viewpoint, more an existential "what is being juxtaposed". Time is an appearance, not a reality.
    • By analogy, Havona is a perfected pattern, so the evolutionary universe can be perfecting.
    • A mindal intention can have a motive behind it. If so, then it's a purpose.
      • That purpose is a purposing phenomenon that can produce purposed material phenomena.

  • But for personality, we would be subsumed by the magnitude of the universe—immeasurably small drops of water in the ocean.
    • But for personality, we'd only ever be fancy animals, never really human beings.

  • "the dictates of (personal) mind" in our lives as humans
    • That's Father and Mother, both parents, in one compact phrase.
    • Consecration of your will to the perfect will of God the Father.
    • Consecration of your mind to the universal harmony of God the Mother.

  • Every part must put itself into cooperative subordination to the whole.
    • The whole is the Paradise Trinity.
    • The Mother is Deity that stems from (downwells from) the Paradise Trinity.
      • Mother Deity is the context in which all matter, mind, spirit, and personality is coordinated.
      • The etymology of the word matter is mother. It's not a coincidence!
    • subordinate, co-ordinate: these words have the words "order" in them. That order is the order of the universal harmony of God the Mother.
    • From the very "beginning" in eternity it's been this way; the very first being put Himself in cooperative subordination to the whole.
    • There is no such magical thing as some part that is outside the whole; it's not logical to imagine there is such a part. Being apart from the whole is oblivion.
    • "The living organism of the grand universe" is a rare instance where an -ism is not a problem. This is a complete lifestyle solution!
    • All is patterned.
      • Just as their are superior influences above you, there are superior influences (existential influences) above the grand universe.
      • Just as tension between the imperfect and perfect evolves one's individual soul, the cosmic-scale tension between the perfect and imperfect evolves the oversoul.

  • Feelings are still important. When we have a direct, objective recognition, we "feel" it.
    • A shadow is cast onto our level of feelings.
    • Despite all the issues we take with the word "feel" (don't our thoughts lead us Godward?), it's the only word expressive of this phenomenon when it occurs to us.

  • True liberty exists in the context of absolute law.
    • The Ten Commandments were an echo of a revelation that first showed us this; we exist within a context of law.

  • The Isle of Paradise is the absolute of matter and also the absolute of pattern control
    • Havona is the pattern universe, but it is controlled by the Isle.
    • Out in time and space, this one pattern appears to be two patterns.
      • Energy pattern. aka power (purposed energy)
      • Spirit pattern. aka personality
    • In Havona these two patterns "dance" perfectly together. Out here, we have to evolve that perfecting dance.
    • Be patient. Our minds just cannot really understand all this right now. But we can envision a concept frame we someday will have that will enable understanding!