Episode:Experiential Deity—The Supreme Being (Part 5)

From Symmetry of Soul

Any consideration of the origins of God the Supreme must begin with the Paradise Trinity, for the Trinity is original Deity while the Supreme is derived Deity. Any consideration of the growth of the Supreme must give consideration to the existential triodities, for they encompass all absolute actuality and all infinite potentiality (in conjunction with the First Source and Center).

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Keywords: Urantia, God the Supreme, The Universal Mother, The Almighty Supreme, The Supreme Creators

Summary by Kermit

Commentary after Review

For myself and I suspect many others who follow our weekly episodes, in this current endeavor to achieve a correct understanding of experiential Deity one of the more formidable and demanding tasks is to find a nonlinear mode of thinking whereby reciprocal concepts can be explored simultaneously in a holistic concept frame. Throughout these sections of [Paper 115], the authors provide numerous such examples of concept pairs including, but not limited to, part-whole, finite-infinite, extensive-intensive, temporal-eternal, unity-diversity. These reciprocal and contrasting pairs are leading us to a conceptual discovery of a fundamental recognition of a non-thing stuff, the signal contrast Reality-Deity, or thingness/non-thingness. Remember that non-thingness not nothingness, but a non-thing stuff, literal but intangible. Try giving non-thingness form in your mind.

Try exploring wholeness apart from parts. For only in the domain of non-thingness can a relatively true approach to Mother Deity take place. Considerations of Mother Deity through the reality (thingness) perspective produce false conclusions. Prior to being given the 5th ER, Urantia’s history of epochal revelations have only given us truths of the Father (the individuality of the parts).

Evolutionary mortals are invested with an urge to seek the intangible. Lacking a reliable and authoritative factual foundations, mankind has attempted this quest in the realm of figment. So it is in the 5th ER we find ourselves in the uncomfortable and unfamiliar space of attempting this non-linear approach to discovery of experiential Deity, with the added admonition to avoid mystical tendencies in conceiving of the Mother.

115:4. Sources of Supreme Reality

Our discussion of this section consisted of sorting through various terms. The Supreme as a catch-all term for experiential Deity embodies two aspects, The Almighty and The Mother. God the Supreme (transcendent of the finite) is a top-down term from the unity perspective. In reciprocal fashion the bottom-up perspective (individuality) yields the Supreme Being. It was suggested that prior to the introduction of the term God the Mother [117:6.6] the revelators are using the term God the Supreme.

Further sorting of terms we explore the origins and growth of the Supreme. The Paradise Trinity is the origin of the Supreme and the existential triodities, actual and potential are the source of the evolutionary growth of the Supreme. The downwelling spirit person of the Supreme, the Mother takes origin in the Paradise Trinity, the upwelling evolutionary growth of the Supreme (summation) is the Almighty. However, in our thinking of the Mother as the individuality of the whole, how do we envision her personal-purposive spirit presence or existence? This is not a part-like individuality, but a transcendent individuality.

We next encounter more demand for reciprocal reasoning in first envisioning that the infinite triodities can function on the finite level, and then satisfied that infinity must encompass all things from qualified finite existence to unqualified absolute realities, to try to envision how they so function. The proof offered of such functioning is the example of the fragment of infinity, the Thought Adjuster which lives and works within the minds of the lowest and least of all universe will creatures. The how of such functioning is the Mother, the milieu in which such diverse realms are enabled to interact. This is the essence of the passage [112:1.17] “This distinction is vital, for in a cosmic system the individual members are not connected with each other except in relation to the whole and through the individuality of the whole.” The experiential Mother is thus connected with the existential Paradise Trinity. The Paradise Trinity as the existential whole enables the association among the Seven Absolutes. And this individuality of the whole casts a shadow of descending experiential wholes down to superuniverse and local universe levels onto the experiential level of totality.

The remainder of the section introduces the Supreme Creators and the Architects of the Master Universe in their roles in factualizing the finite domain. As previously noted, the spirit person of God the Supreme is of origin in the Paradise Trinity. The growth piece of the Supreme, the Almighty, is factualized first through the maturing of qualified potentialities of the three potential Absolutes by the Architects of the Master Universe, out of which emerge the Supreme Creator Personalities, who in a sense can be said to create the Almighty.

Our trail-blazer guide Dr. Chris has distilled this for us: The experiential Deity of the Supreme Creators within the power-personality unity of the Sevenfold expressed in Supremacy is the Deity of the Almighty.

115:5. Relation of the Supreme to the Paradise Trinity

We note repetition of concept here with an interesting reciprocal reference to the First Source and Center, wherein the source of the spirit person of God the Supreme, the Paradise Trinity is referred to as the center-source of perfect and infinite stability around which the evolutionary growth of the Supreme progressively unfolds.

Our final paragraph alludes to the Trinity of Supremacy, in its functioning in the finite and moving away from its creator functioning in Havona to the creative acts of the Supreme Creators in the superuniverses.

Notes by Brad

  • Being a serious student
    • Do you still have mystical tendencies?
      • (Don't fret, this isn't sinful. It's natural. We're designed that way.)
      • Do you think mountains talk to you like this author once did? Are you using your mind mystically?
      • Does hearing "truth, beauty, and goodness" bliss you out into a mystical state instead of focusing you into a precise factual frame?
    • If so, you might not want to try to understand The Supreme along with us.
      • There's no doctrine here, few guardrails here, easy to slip...
    • Disabusing yourself of mysticism--emptying your mind wholly of it--you'll feel you've lost something, an apparent hole in your mind.
      • But stay with it--that hole will be filled with stuff instead of illusion.
      • This author reports feeling this hole regarding Sedona, Arizona--it's not mystical to him like it once was. But it isn't a bleak feeling in its place.

  • Deity is non-thing-ness made stuff. This is non-thing-ness made into stuff.
    • Can we even contemplate such matters, or is this study arc hopeless?
    • Yes we can contemplate non-thing-ness! We can give non-thing-ness form in our mind.
    • Innately we are designed--programmed!--for this; after all, we come from Deity and we are oriented back to it.
    • By analogy, we understand how to give nothingness form in our mind
      • For a million years fear has caused us to generate fancy illusions ("the facts of so-called religion") in our minds that are about nothing (e.g., ghost cults)
      • We can close our eyes and imagine a tree that doesn't exist.
      • Mind can have forms based on both things (sensation) and nothing (imagination).
      • The tooth fairy and Santa Claus are interesting, but are pure imagination and are nothing.
    • In the mind, between forms that are things and nothing, there is room for those forms that are non-thing.
    • By analogy, mind appears to be non-thing-ness relative to the thing-ness of a boulder rolling down a hill.
    • If I can contemplate thing-ness, logically I can abstract the reciprocal necessity of non-thing-ness.
      • Until you do this, you cannot discuss The Mother; if you try, you'll just rehash false concepts like goddess cults.

  • Consider the Midwayer.
    • They really aren't anything like all the descending sons of God!
      • Seraphim, Lanonandek sons, Melchizedeks, etc, they all seem to have a linear beginning analogous to our own beginning.
    • Midwayers coalesce out of everywhere. They seem to distill out of Diversity.
      • Yes, procreators are there but they seem more like catalytic agents, stimulating the everywhere-present plenum.
    • And high beings don't understand why they come into being, calling them an "apparent accident." They struggle with this, too!
      • But in supremacy there really are no "accidents of time."
      • What's behind their existence? Can it be understood without invocation of magic?
    • Contemplating parts is easy. Contemplating the whole is our business in this arc.

  • Go through the Looking Glass of the philosophic Original...
    • We are familiar with starting from UNITY (God the Father) and deriving a part-wise conception of reality.
      • Past epochal revelations (and The Bible) have dealt only with reality, never before the non-thing-ness that is Deity.
      • Yahweh the volcano God was a fearsome, smoking part... not the whole.
    • But we want the reciprocal view. Starting from DIVERSITY (God the Mother).
    • Instead of the beginning from the beginning, we are asking about the end from the beginning.

  • There are 2 sides to The Original (aka the Universal One of Infinity)
    • The Original is the foundation for both the Father and the Mother.
    • The Father and the Paradise Trinity are two sides of the coin of The Original.
      • Remember: the Original is a philosophic concept only, it's not a personality such as God the Father
    • One side of the Original: the foundation for The Father, the First Source
      • Universal Father is the source and center (center is the foundation)
      • All of the parts (things) we find out in reality are found on this side.
      • The individuality of the parts. The Seven absolutes of infinity are on this side.
      • We're relatively familiar with this side.
    • The reciprocal side of the Original: the foundation for the Mother, the Paradise Trinity
      • The Paradise Trinity is the center and source (source is the foundation for the Mother)
      • The individuality of the whole.
      • The Paradise Trinity is not the same as the first triunity! No! It is not the association of the 3 infinite persons.
      • The Paradise Trinity is certainly not the same at Christianity's notion of the trinity.
      • For now don't think of it as an individual standing somewhere. It is non-thing-ness. A facet of Deity.

  • The Supreme encompasses the Almighty and the Mother (and God the Supreme is a personalization of The Supreme)
    • Follow God the Supreme DOWN into the finite as God the Mother
      • The end from the beginning.
      • A "personally volitional" focalization
      • This top-down downwelling begins with original (i.e., The Original) Deity, from the Paradise Trinity.
      • God the Mother may appear remote to us. But no, no, no, this isn't your grandfather's Pantheism
    • Follow God the Supreme UP from the finite as the Almighty Supreme
      • The summing/culminating of all parts. The becoming. The upwelling. The growth.
      • The Actual and The Potential (the two triodities) encompass this.
      • The Supreme Creators are involved in this (Creator Sons, Creative Mother Spirits, Ancients of Days, Master Spirits... bottom rungs of God the Sevenfold ladder)
      • They're the conduit for helping create the Supreme through this upwelling
    • Note: The Supreme Being is a specific individual, who exists in the domain of things.
      • It's the absonite summation of two personalities: The Universal Mother (the spirit personof God the Supreme) and the Almighty Supreme.
      • aka the Supreme Mind. Encompasses all of the finitie.

  • Mother Deity is HOW the high is linked to the low, and vice versa.
    • My Thought adjuster isn't mystically/magically related to me. No mystical conduits! The Mother, a functioning "stuff" that links all together.